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Oct 7, 2013

New allegations surface of illegal passports authorized by Elvin Penner

The passport scandal that started to unravel on September nineteenth is not going to go away anytime soon. Tonight, former Minister of State Elvin Penner is out of the hospital after being treated for hypertension. But after getting wind of tonight’s news, he might be checking back in shortly. And as they say, if there is one, there is two. That’s because there are now allegations that more than one hundred and fifty nationality applications bearing Penner’s signature have been leaked out of the Ministry of Immigration. The man making those allegations is attorney Arthur Saldivar, and he also claims to have the documents in hand. He says he got hold of them just before they were destroyed as part of a cover-up to protect Penner and others who are involved in the scandal. Today, Saldivar had only one document to tease the media, but says he will be releasing all one hundred and fifty until the Ministry of Immigration folds and a criminal investigation is launched.


Arthur Saldivar

Arthur Saldivar, Attorney

“These are not allegations or accusations; we have facts. We have original documents showing that the ministry of immigration presently is undergoing a purging of files—a systematic and deliberate destruction of files that was signed by Elvin Penner in his tenure as minister of state with responsibility for immigration. This is ongoing presently. In fact, as recently as yesterday, a group of four young men—not associated with the immigration department—were actively burning hundreds upon hundreds of files. We were able to put our hands—and I say we because myself and my associates were able to put our hands—on a hundred and fifty files. And we will be releasing these files in a timely manner until the immigration department; its nationality section, its passport section is closed down effectively for a complete and comprehensive investigation of what is taking place. Presently, I have with me a copy of an original document, nationality certificate, for a Chinese national. His name: No-Jie Shau. Mister Shau is reputed a resident of Las Flores Area, Belmopan. His nationality certificate was issued on the twenty-second day of May 2013 signed by then minister or minister of state, Elvin Penner. What is most disturbing about this document is that the receipt for application for nationality was not received until the tenth day of July, 2013. So in essence we have a situation where the nationality certificate was prepared long before the application was even made which is prima facie evidence of wrongdoing. How is it that somebody could be Nostradamus to know that this man would be coming to apply before he actually does?”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “New allegations surface of illegal passports authorized by Elvin Penner”

  1. citizen says:

    i am glad to know we still have a few concerned patriotic citizens in Belize who are not afraid to stand up to these corrupted politicians and high ranking officials.Thank you Mr. Arthur Saldivar for making a start to stop corruption in Belize..

  2. Joe Blank says:

    No surprise here. Duh. When all three branches of government having been reconciled under one man, Dean Barrow, what do u expect? Dean Barrow is PM, Leader of the House, and Chief Judge. And Civil Society? What of them? The Church, nothing. The Unions: tepid response; if it was a PUP gov’t, tires and lamp posts would be burning; the Chamber: nothing. This is exactly what politicians want. They destroy the checks and balances that are there to preserve the integrity of the system. And we are very complicit because, right: We are afraid and Don’t Want to Get Involved. U are telling me the PM of Belize knows nothing about this? Simple: Incompetent or Corrupt! Take your pick! Let me hear from the apologists! I am waiting. What excuse do they have now?

  3. Fred says:

    I always hoped for the best for my child and hoped that he would grow up to be a doctor or some sort of successful and high paid professional but now I am not so sure about that. I now think I want him to be an attorney who turns into a politician because hey if you going to aim aim high. That seems to be the only profession in Belize where you can make millions overnight and still be considered an honorable gentleman. You can sell your country out and then ask the people what the f#$k you going to do about it now you hand to mouth peasants? He will have the support and respect of all his peers and they will aid and abet him in his treachery because they will have no choice in order to save their own selves. All I have to do is to start teaching him that bad really means good and a criminal and traitor is a good person and it’s what the Belizean people look up to. He will know that every illegality that he perpetrates will be covered up by the next illegal scandal down the pipeline and if that doesn’t work throw the fools that you rule over a crumb from the buffet table and all will be forgotten. I am still looking towards a future for him that is just like today’s reality because the criminals in power are grooming their clones/children to be just like them.

  4. ABC says:

    I so agree with Fred. And around election time they pay off the peasants again so he can continue his doings.

  5. James says:

    What about contreras and saldivar? They were involved. What about the dereservation of national parks in cayo? Who owns the hundreds perhaps thousands of acres of lands??

  6. Belize land of the free says:

    time that Belizeans enforce a law will stop the selling of our passport, and so our identity.
    all the Chines, Indians, Asians want a peace of Belize but time to stop the invasion, handsomely
    loved by both UDP and PUP, it as it puts money in there banks, and there by bringing in international criminals, terrorist into Belize and could use it as a base to carry out criminals activities to our friends in the North.
    This I know because I have seen it myself.
    I hope that the USA gov. is watching because it could go back to them, in ways we would not want.

  7. Al says:

    The only part I don’t agree with fred, is the “Belizean people look up to.” Please, don’t throw all of us in the same boat. Majority of belizeans don’t look up to these corruptors. But when you have oppressed people who have no one to turn to (the police are just bodyguards for these officials). The church? They selectively use the line of state matters and church matters for their own convenient agenda. Never hear their views on what really counts for the masses of the general population and the relative uplifting of the poor. As you can see by the pole, 94% agree citizen Kim paid for his nationality. While 2% believes he actually lived here for 5 years. Holding onto my fellow belizeans credibility, I really hope those 16 votes were sarcastic votes.

  8. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    Maybe citizen Kim marry Penner wife. That is how penna know him.

  9. more Beano says:

    who told Penner to sign the undated documents?

    Does Cherie Nisbit set the deals up in Taiwan?
    Is the Taiwanese Ambassador a co-conspirator?
    How many in UDP are in the passport business?
    are there corrupt ambassadors from other countries involved?

    Who gets the money?

    Are they destroying documents now, because their end is near?

  10. passports for sale, terrorists welcome! says:

    I call on the US government to hold up Belizean passports and visas for further review.

    The faith in the government of Belize is worthless.

    Their passports are in violation of international treaties, and have become travel instruments for criminals and terrorists.

  11. Al Rich says:

    This truly amazing. If as the PM says that there is no crime committed why is there a race to destroy documents. This truly an open act of treason. Treason is defined as a “Betrayal of Country a violation of the allegiance owed by somebody to his or her own country, e.g. by aiding an enemy.” Based on the definition of treason, I believe this Penner should be prosecuted to the fullness of the law, and all those who are in bed with him should also face similar prosecution.

    This is big, how many people have reached the US with false documents such as Belize Passport and claiming to be Belizean illegally.

    The PM is as guilty as the rest of them since he is trying to cover this up, he should be removed from office and his licence to practice stripped. Sorry I realized there is not one in a legal capacity watching the hen house, so the fox is free to roam, how sad for my people, there is no one to fight for them.

  12. tito says:

    I agree U.S should hold n visa and check everybody good and put the guilty one in prison

  13. m.price says:

    Checkout this site Belize passport for $10,000 us…Smh

  14. Concern says:

    If Hulse is in charge of Immigration, how on earth can people be burning and destroying Immigration files. No one can just walk into immigration Office to destroy evidence, which are held under lock and keys. Have you become just as corrupt senor Hulse?

  15. Toth says:

    2 parties,UDP, PUP , each get 4 to 5 years to walla in corruption. Soon it will be the next party turn
    to ride in like the great savior of the day, then! you know;corruption, and more corruption,
    and the wheel just keep on turning. Democracy; the best money can buy. It’s like get rich or
    die trying, men in expensive suites convincing people that they have the answer to all their problems,promising to give to them, that which is not their to give; Justice, Liberty, and freedom.

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