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Oct 4, 2013

Cayo North East gets ready for a recall of Elvin Penner

Elvin Penner & Orlando Habet

Elvin Penner is recovering from hypertension for which he was admitted at Medical Associates on Thursday. Since then, he has been visited by the P.M. who says that his condition has improved. But P.U.P. Leader Francis Fonseca has given the Cayo Northeast Area Representative until Monday to resign or be recalled. That offer is still on the table, but on the ground the P.U.P. isn’t waiting around to see if Penner folds under the pressure. In fact, News Five has confirmed that there will be a massive operation in Cayo Northeast on Saturday, as the P.U.P. collects signatures as the first step to a recall. Orlando Habet, who lost to Penner in the 2012 General Elections by a mere seventeen votes, is gearing for the recall. One party spokesperson today told us that the campaign tomorrow will be technical, precise and focused. The party plans to divide the constituency into divisions, and with assistance from the Western Caucus, will be going door to door in each area. There will also be a base set up in each village of the constituency where villagers can go to sign their names on the petition to do away with Penner. It’s a big job, but the P.U.P. is convinced that they can collect more than the sixteen hundred signatures needed by next week. So will Penner resign and go quietly into that goodnight? Well apparently not. At least, not according to his wife! Responding to a text sent to Penner’s phone asking if reports of his intent to resign were true, we received the answer, quote – “Let it be known that my husband has no intentions of resigning. Not now not ever. He continues strong on his quest to serve his Cayo Northeast Constituency and his allegiance to the U.D.P. party,” unquote. And earlier today, the prime minister said that the U.D.P. stands behind Penner.

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6 Responses for “Cayo North East gets ready for a recall of Elvin Penner”

  1. sickntired says:

    Penner need fi learn how fi use udp greediness to his advantage. The pm grandstand and string ah out but now when they realise de no wah lose di seat de weh pet ah up. He need fi learn fi shet up and wait see what de do.

  2. RedBwai says:

    As i see it, Penner will be recalled, the PUP candidate will win Penner’s constituency…and the Barrow government will be up $%&*’s creek without a paddle…its about time someone brought them down off their high horses or thrones i should say…The UDP knows Penner is a dead weight and a liability but see they cant afford cut him loose because he is keeping the balance of power in the House. If the PUP takes over Penner’s seat…we are set to see fireworks in the House for the remainder of this term…looking forward to it!

  3. beano backs up UDP says:

    >The UDP knows Penner is a dead weight and a liability but see they cant afford cut him loose because he is keeping the balance of power in the House.

    UDP is the dead weight, Penner is the dingleberry. Why would Penner sign undated official documents? Who would tell him to do that? Why would any official of GOB accept an undated official document?

    These are the small questions, the real question is which members of UDP are not corrupt. How small is that list?

    As for Penner, if they do not circle the wagons and protect their guy, in addition to losing the seat, he might rat them out if he feels “he alone will take the fall and go to jail”. But this is unlikely, as Beano said, no crime, no criminal investigation; therefore no trial.

    But if …. How would Penner handle the general population?
    How would Penner survive in Hattieville?
    Would they welcome him with open arms, a comrade or as scum?

    Sounds like a new UDP docu-drama. Will he get special treatment? Will he be on his knees serving a new master? Solitary confinement? Will Beano and the Cabinet visit? Will UDP send a Xmas basket if he holds his tongue? Will he be going to the infirmary a lot for hypertension and beatings? Will Bubba like Penner, or will Bubba whup him daily to watch him beg?

    Yes UDP has brought Belize a lot of interesting crime stories, full of mysteries and backstabbing.

    circle those wagons, its UDP’s last stand.
    And guard your gold and treasure from each other.
    They say there is no honor amongst thieves.
    Hang together, or your are all going to jail.

  4. North east resident says:

    let it be known that Penner has not been doing his duty of representative for the cayo North east constituency- he is FIRED from that job by the people!

    We will not tolerate him to come now begging for votes- gone to the dogs that one!

  5. Concern says:

    PM have created a new investment company for his bunch of thieves called BIL, headed by no other than the highly honest bunch of criminals, we have parading as ministers.

  6. concern Cayo says:

    Let us send a list of all the area representative that we need to recall and i will join with u.
    Said Musa who sold us along with Fonseca
    Let us start with the Leader of the opposition who sold us along Said Musa
    Mr. Mai arrested in chetumal
    Julius Espat who benefited with a lot of land and houses
    Max Samuels who should be jailed
    then let us include the UDP representatives, the same stick to all.

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