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Oct 4, 2013

Girlfriend talks about GSU operation and how she was scammed

Sandra Thompson

While Smith was charged by Police, today his girlfriend Sandra Thompson says the GSU made a deal with her, and then didn’t keep their part of the bargain. According to Thompson, she was on the scene and the GSU beat Smith before going to the lot where they found the drugs. She claims that she was also manhandled by the GSU before she, her boyfriend and two other men were taken to the Police Station. She says it is there that a GSU officer made a deal with her that if she brought in a gun from the streets, her boyfriend would not be charged.


Sandra Thompson, Provided Weapon to GSU

“They ker ahn ina wah lee deep part of the bush weh part wah big canal swamp deh. And all I hear he start bawl out and di bawl out fi me. So after that I jump up from weh dehn have me and I run out of my slippers to weh part the next two GSU deh with my bwai dah back deh. And I di ask them please do not kill him because I know how dehn do their work because they noh do their work like ordinary police. So I tell the police please unu noh kill ahn. Then the next one Nah say you want come and have the same treatment? That dah weh he tell me and I just gone because I neva expect he mi wah touch me. And he grab me around my neck and when he grab me the next one stomp me down pan my foot and buss open wah stitch—I have wah stitch on my foot weh I get like wah week ago—and this officer buss back my foot open. And ih di fight with me and struggle with me di tell me if I want the same treatment weh my bwai di get. Then ih hail the police officer lady fi me weh I run left. Ih say come fi she yo know. When dehn come fi me, dehn handcuff up my hand tight, tight.  Yo could see the bruise and all on my hand. When dehn done handcuff up my hand dehn say go back to weh the next two bwai deh. And dehn got Richard back there and dehn di beat up ahn. One spell I hear ih knock out like ih just gone from ihself. Dehn knock out ahn, dehn bring ahn back and dehn di beat. After a while after that; this happen like wah two hours now dehn gone dah wah next abandon house way around the lane—you have to walk like wah whole block around the lane. And when dehn gone deh, dehn gone by wah big high fence weh dehn see wah high house; an abandon house. The police dehn gone dah back with Richard and dehn left we one dah front ah the house. And when dehn gone dah back, dehn find wah lee parcel of weed. When dehn come out with the weed, dehn say that the weed dah fi we; all ah we wah get charged fi di weed. Although I gone there and meet them, dehn say all ah we wah get charged fi di weed. Anyway, we gone to the station and everything. Dehn start treat we like dog, we noh eat from morning; nobody noh wah deal with we…dehn noh want nobody see we. So I just go through with the procedures because seems like dehn dah di jefe of the town right now. Seems like dehn could chance yo and do anything and yo just have to keep yo mouth shet. So I just gone through with dehn procedures and everything and meanwhile after three, Nah come and tell me I wah let go unu—three ah unu I wah let go. I wah hold Richard yah—this dah di one weh dehn beat up and duck ina di water—this dah my baby pa. Dehn say dehn wah hold he. So I say I gwen. Then Nah hail me and say I wah make wah deal with yo. I noh wah abstract yo bwai fi this weed weh we find around the curve, but the only way we noh wah abstract ahn dah if you go buy wah gun and come back and bring it. And mister I gone dah my ma and I borrow fifteen hundred dollars and I gone pan di street and I gone and I find was Luger gun and I make wah young man ker it buy the station and call dehn and tell dehn weh part fi go fi it under a vehicle. And you think dehn lego my bwai? Dehn still charge my bwai and abstract ahn fi something weh dehn find two lane around the lane.”


Today, head of the GSU, Marco Vidal sent out a release stating that quote, “the GSU has never and will never negotiate with any perpetrator of crime, and more so when that person is already committing an offence,” unquote. Vidal claims that when Sandra Thompson realized that Smith would be charged for possession with intent to supply a controlled drug, she volunteered information to provide a firearm. Vidal closes by stating that, quote “our mandate is to apprehend criminals and present them before the court for the offences they have perpetrated, not to negotiate and exonerate offenders from criminal liability,” unquote.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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6 Responses for “Girlfriend talks about GSU operation and how she was scammed”

  1. Hatari says:

    Kick their butts a little harder! Criminal are criminals and should be treated as such! Until we clean up the mess that is Belize City, the rest of the country and all of our people will continue to suffer. Hunt them down like the animals they are!

  2. jessica says:

    The problem is that the GSU is kicking innocent people as well as criminals, constantly abusing their power and legal mandate. Dont yuo all know that breaking the law makes you as criminal as the fellow criminal you are arresting? The only difference is that you wear a uniform and are protected by GOB indirectly.

    Fighting fire with fire has not worked and will not work. It produces short term results but generates more violence in the long run. One of these days some GSU officers will end up dead in retaliation for all the brutality they impart unto members of the society. A spoon of their own medicine. Take heed, your families will miss you.

    As for ordinary citizens be careful because this is a first step in repression of the masses: using the police to abuse its citizens and play blind and dumb.

  3. easy says:

    that a straight up lie Marco Vidal u should be ashamed I seen it done many times bring wha gun or some weed and the let the bwiaa they go I think we should get camaras that the police wear in the u.s.a then all the abuse and I bet you they would treat people but i bet you they would do that because the believe they are the law the dont enforce it SHAME SHAME SHAME I see them run into people house sray them and walk on there backs is that humane!!!

  4. Al says:

    I hate to say it about that lady Sandra, cause I know she done it out of love for her man, but meeeinn. You really thought they would have kept up their end? Really? Really?

  5. Bzean says:

    The GSU should kick Hatari butt and then lets hear what you have to say about that. Hypocrite and judgmental people like you is what have our country the way it is. Belizean need to learn how to respect each other. If it was a Chinese man or woman on the news complaining I bet you comment would have been different.

  6. cecil says:

    this is absurd..why do the Gsu keep on mistreating people like that..its not the first offence that they have done like that beating up people and almost killing them…what Mr. Vidal fail to recognize and see is that everyone in this country are corrupted all the way up to the ministers..i personally dont like the way theses people were treated…I would very much like to know why don’t they do the Ministers that commit criminal offenses the same thing they are no different than any one else…Damn corrupted security that we have….

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