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Aug 20, 2013

Belize Can protests Gender Policy in front of National Assembly

This morning, a group of about one hundred persons held a twin protest in the nation’s capital – against the government and against the University of Belize. The group included members of Belize Can as well as pastors and supporters of various evangelical churches. They want the gender policy and all its interpretations and implications put in the deep freeze until all discussion and change is completed. Early this morning these anti- Gender Policy crusaders gathered on the steps of Independence Hill, and that’s where Mike Rudon caught up with them.


This group of pastors and supporters led by self-styled crusader Patrick Menzies stood on Independence Hill in the pouring rain this morning…and they prayed. The numbers were small, but the prayers were many and fervent. Unlike the previous anti-gender policy rallies, there was no sign of pastors Scott Stirm or Louis Wade from Belize Action. Menzies attributes the small turnout to a misunderstanding of the intent of the protest.


Patrick Menzies, Belize Can

“There is a lot of misunderstanding – I was in the US and I just came back – and so a lot of misunderstanding was circulated. Some people were told that we were going to go to UB so that I could get the students to get their money that was ripped off. It has nothing to do with that. They were told that we were going to UB so that I could get my job back. Nothing to do with that! This is 100% to do with two basic things – the gender policy and victimization.”


But the lack of support also has a lot to do with the churches deciding to give the process of discussion and negotiations on the gender policy a chance…and Menzies has a big problem with that.


Patrick Menzies

Patrick Menzies

“The problem is that while we are waiting for the PM to decide what he will and won’t accept…during that time the policy is being implemented. And if in six months to eighteen months it is already entrenched and then it’s decided – guess what guys, we’ve already hired all these people, they have a five year contract so we really can’t change these things. So then the policy is in. What we’re saying is that we want a retraction of the policy. PM if you want to save face, fine. Don’t retract…freeze it. Freeze it and fix it. But don’t implement any part of it.”


All the pastors lined up in the rain to send prayers directly toward the National Assembly, but we’re not sure that the message was heard by those in power. But that’s okay…Menzies says that they won’t stop sending that message until the PM freezes the gender policy and fixes it.


Patrick Menzies

“The Prime Minister never said – when you submit your changes, I will accept them. The problem is this…if the Prime Minister said today – I will freeze every section of the gender policy until we have looked at it and decided with the people concerned what we will do, there will be no more marches that I will be a part of. I will accept that. If that is a declaration by the Prime Minister and the government – we will freeze and work on it while it is frozen – without that it makes no sense.”


With showers pouring down, Menzies prepared his small group for the march on the University of Belize. Mike Rudon for News Five.


Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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10 Responses for “Belize Can protests Gender Policy in front of National Assembly”

  1. Marcos says:

    All I can say is that it’s a shame that belize doesn’t modernize and realize we are living in 2013 not 1890. Getting an education simply means opening your mind. why do churches have to always get involved? once again its a shame. There are many gender studies here in the US its simply part of someones’ education. please don’t be so ignorant.

  2. Democracy says:

    back way thinking at it’s best.

  3. Meandi says:

    These people cant be serious. First they are against the Gender Policy, now that they have an opportunity to go in and learn and educate themselves about gender and gender identity they dont like it either. They want to stay in the dark, they want everybody to remain uneducated about Gender Issues. come on now!

  4. Nesher says:

    this dude looks like the pastor from the movie “Poltergiest” lol

  5. moses EX PC says:

    Sorry to say but the reaction to this gender policy is out of the dark ages due primarily to the bible written for the jews by the jews aqdopted by Caucasians and forced upon the African slaves and indigenous indians. All the pstors, ministers, imans, and whoever else cannot pray the issues of modern society away. Craziness. The purpose of the bible has outlived itself. Jehovah God was given to the Jews after they robbed and escaped from the pharohs. Moses went up to the mountains and came back with so called God’s comandments. It served its purpose. NOW we face reality. There is no God. If there was a God we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now. Sorry. All we have now is our individual and collective minds to figure out what life is all about. Forget the bible. If one argues from this prospective…story end. Its like arguing with your wife .. You kian win.

  6. Jane says:

    A court in the United States has ruled that a Christian photographer MUST photograph a gay wedding even though it conflicts with that photographer’s religion.

    Don’t think that can’t happen in Belize.

  7. Jane says:

    A court in the United States has ruled that a Christian photographer MUST photograph a gay wedding even though it conflicts with that photographer’s religion.

    Don’t think that can’t happen in Belize.

  8. Scott says:

    In the America State of California, they are allowing men into women’s bathrooms if the men “identify” themselves as women themselves. They don’t even need to have the removal surgery.

  9. General says:

    The Gender Policy is a one of a kind policy in Belize that is not afraid to include sexual orientation and gender identity. This is the main issue with the churches because it goes against their morals. Educated minds however know that this is important in solving many problems are are faced by men, women and transgendered persons of diverse sexual orientation.

    Human Rights NGOs are simply trying to create the necessary instruments to move the country forward but the churches only wish to hinder that path and decare that the only right way is their way, which is total crap.

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