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Aug 12, 2013

Finnegan’s comments in the House that went viral

Michael Finnegan

Comments laden with sexual innuendo which were aimed at member for Belize Rural Central Dolores Balderamos Garcia have resulted in a fiery public outcry outside the House. Mesopotamia’s Michael Finnegan was defending sergeant at arms Brian ‘Yellowman’ Audinett when he lashed out at Balderamos-Garcia, insinuating that he should have asked her the size of Yellowman’s private parts.  We preface today’s coverage of the repercussions of Finnegan’s folly with those less than distinguished words from the senior U.D.P. minister.


Michael Finnegan, Mesopotamia Area Representative

“To get up and to say that she saw the chairman of arms urinating out there, then I nearly wah ask…like dah weh emm. You understand me Mister Speaker? If she see the sergeant of arms di urinate, dah weh size? Mister Speaker she is asking for it. I know that the sergeant of arms is a man of many ladies so she could have answer that question to me all the while weh I mi wah know. You understand.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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20 Responses for “Finnegan’s comments in the House that went viral”

  1. Beachman says:

    Completely disgraceful! He is no gentleman, nor is he Honorable.

  2. Billey says:

    Look at Gapi smiling as Finnegan is talking. Totally distasteful! Instead of these people managing the country’s resources so the country could grow and prosper, they ACTUALLY don’t have an iota between their airs to do serious debate that can actually help us, but they think this kind of gutter talk will MAKE US HAPPY! People open your eyes and take a G O O O D look at what we have parading as ministers. Come election time, they will buy the poor people vote again!

    One thing we can be sure of…THEY WILL ALL BE RICH, because they are not hiding their hands, and only the whift of corruption man with the two sided machete cannot see it! lol The people think he would have too many heads to chop off including his own, THAT WON’T HAPPEN!

  3. Concern says:

    Are you guys kidding, the PM will do the right thing! LOL A have FAITH eena d man!

  4. Uncle Benji says:

    Calling on all Cruffies at home and abroad. Finnegan has disgraced you. This uneducated, foul mouthed gopher is nothing but a lowlife Cruffy.

    Here in Belize City, this vermin grew up riding the coattail of the Estephan brothers, then he became a stooge for Dean Lindo. Today he is a flunkie for Barrow and Lara. In return, he is allowed to hustle Belizean voters.

    Rise up Cruffies. How low can you go? Finnegan has got to go. Bring back the Shubu mentality. Burn, break and destroy anything and everything until Finnegan is forced out of office, Wear your Cruffy colors with pride.

  5. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    Finnegan u need to be flagged in public and made an example to our nation. U r disgusting. When a person DONT accept his wrong, that tells u that he will not change. He is a DISGRACE. How can he say that she look for it. She was commenting on yellow man behavior which was inappropriate in public. If yellow man is a public figure…..Sergeant of Arms…..he should be disciplined. We cant have people in high profile places acting inappropriately. U have to carry urself with dignity. And that speaker of the house need to be fired becaz he is not doing his job. Lastly….FINNEGAN u need fi resign…all u do when u are in d house u make an @§§ out of urself. That tells me that u are really from the ghetto with no kind of education.

  6. luis says:

    that is the type of leadership that barrow brings including patrick faber vega, and the primitive finegan

  7. GrigaMan says:

    Like everything else in Belize, this will blow ‘ova like wah lee breeze’, because Belizeans won’t stand up for anything until it is too late. What will it take to get Belizeans to demand better from their government?

  8. al says:

    I don’t understand what’s all the fuss about Finnegan. Aren’t we asking for too much by expecting a primate to conduct himself as a civilized human being?

  9. Rod says:

    He is a disgrace to the human race and watch vega how he the laugh these men are nothing but thieves and gangsters put in place by the biggest gangster of all judas barrow all unu belizean women you are being mocked by the ministers in this gov. And if unu let this animal get away with this then unu deserve it.

  10. sickntired says:

    This yer minsta da wah disgrace to belizean men. All them mi have to say is that them mi weh deal with the staff memba appropriately. Fi he constituents might think he funny but the country look bad and disrespectful to women. We must remember we mothers sisters and daughters are women and we must protect them no disrespect them.

  11. venus says:

    Not surprise, Finnegan did it to the farmer speaker of the house and it blew over. He does not care as long as he is finance by rich corrupt money from big corrupt financers. His strgady of giving out small quantities of money, ham and sand has work well for him and he thinks it will continue to do so regardless of how much noise we make. What is needed is a way to cut off his financing but some PUP is doing the same thing. Somebody needs to start do a door to door education campaign of Mesop. Where is the women’s commission?

  12. Jackie says:

    you cannot expect any less from this gang of thugs! How can the speaker of the house allow such nastiness in the House?

    Such a complete decay in moral values all over- no wonder Belize stand like this..our leaders publicly disgracing themselves for use of such expressions. he should not be even holding such position in government.

    Thugs all of them from thug dean barrow to vega all of them-no change at all and they can condemn the PUP- at least they have not gotten to that degree yet and hoping they never will.

  13. alleycat says:

    This was juvenile and tackless but vulgar language used in Parliaments around the world is nothing new. What surprises me is that the 3 top stories are about this, while Cop beaten to death is number 4, commuter run over by bus is number 5 etc…

  14. Buju says:

    But Dolores fired a low blow at Audinette when she tried to belittle him by saying

    He wa convicted of harming a woman in 2006

    Women all over the world is in a fight for EQUAL RIGHTS therefore if you could diss a man

    then you will have be be woman enough to take it!!!

    Look at Murtle the turtle palacio – she da di same one weh run eh husband out ah eh house now eh wa di stand up fi women’s rights

    Before we look at others we need to look at ourselves

  15. simone says:

    This is a new low for the House Sittings ever. Michael Peyrefitte, get a hold of your house and control the outburst. Are you not decent? I know you have his daughter working for you but you should show unbias or resign if you cant strike a balance.

  16. XMON says:

    if e treats women like this in public imagine his poor wife at home

  17. Eye in the Sky says:

    While those vulger sexist remarks were spewing from Finigans mouth . . . look at the grin on the face of the Deputy Prime Minister of Belize.

    He is so proud of his fellow dis-honorable minister.

  18. CUNBZ says:

    Finnigen is an arrogant @$$!@#$… HE is a complete shame and disgrace to all belizeans… but then again the udp have him there because that is exactly how they are… all arogant… is this what we want to represent us as a nation?

  19. Young Voice says:

    ….and these are our leaders…disgraceful…simply disgraceful…and these are the guys that we are supposed to get assistance from (scholarships and so forth)…could see why our country isnt going anywhere. SAD!

  20. Liberty & Freedom says:

    The world has now seen what the GOB really is – a true third world government. Mr. Finnegan needs to apologize to Ms. Garcia for his foul mouth and crude remarks. Step up to the plate Dean Barrow and censure Mr. Finnegan. You are no better they Finnegan since you found his remarks funny. Are you the leader of Belize or a low life like Mr. Finnegan.

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