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Aug 12, 2013

P.U.P. Women want Finnegan to Resign

Myrtle Palacio

The raw comments made in the House of Representatives last Wednesday by Finnegan went viral as soon as they were uttered. This morning, Baldermos-Garcia, flanked by women in the People United Party, said she was so affected, she even considered not going back to the House. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.


Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Did Brian ‘Yellow Man’ Audinette drink in public? And after the alleged incident, did he expose his private part in a public area? Those questions are at the center of a controversy during last week’s House Meeting when Minister Michael Finnegan asked Area rep. Dolores Balderamos Garcia if she saw Yellow Man’s private parts. Today, the P.U.P. Women called a press conference to denounce Michael Finnegan.


Myrtle Palacio, Secretary General, P.U.P.

“The abuse of power by this U.D.P. government has extended from chastising and criticizing judges’ decisions to flouting or ignoring the law; and now, using the House of Representatives to make threats and crude innuendos against members of the House and members of the community who disagree with the government. The press, members and supporters of this great party, this is a press brief; it is the beginning of our activity as women members of the P.U.P., this is only our first activity to putting an end to this kind of behavior in the House. And this is called by the women of the P.U.P. to demonstrate today the grave dissatisfaction with the behavior of leaders in the House as demonstrated on Wednesday, August seventh 2013…particularly, the uncouth attack and threat by Finnegan on the only woman in the House and one of our own, Honorable Dolores Balderamos Garcia.”


The P.U.P. Women are championing the cause of all abused women.


Wendy Castillo

Wendy Castillo, President, UWG

“We represent the many women out there who have been verbally abused, emotionally abused, sexually assaulted; all the abuse that have taken place to our girls and women of this country. The Women of the P.U.P. condemn the vile verbal assault directed by Michael Finnegan, member for Mesopotamia against the Honorable Dolores Balderamos Garcia in the National Assembly on August seventh, 2013. The member for Mesopotamia unleashed an unprecedented barrage of viciously crude and explicitly sexual innuendo on the floor of the National Assembly during a special sitting against the honorable Dolores who is the only female member of the House of Representative. To add injury to insult, Finnegan also hurled a repugnant threat directed at the honorable member and her husband. We note in particular that the Speaker of the House of Representative failed utterly in his responsible to curb or even address the scandalous personal attack.”


Sylvia Flores

Sylvia Flores, Former Speaker

“I must say to you honorable Dolores that it is with great respect and appreciation for your service to our country and people that I am here this evening. I was not asked to be here but I felt I needed to be here to render that support and great respect that I have for you. Ladies and gentlemen, it is sometimes difficult for us to understand how as public officials we can behave in the manner that we do in a so-called honorable House of Representatives and we behave so dishonorable. What took place on Wednesday last was more than an assault on the integrity of honorable Dolores Balderamos Garcia. It was an assault on the integrity and the sanctity of the House of Representatives.”


Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Belize Rural Central Area Representative

“By tongue in cheek, I want to say to you today for the record is what I did say I saw personally was the sergeant at arms being inebriated in the House. And for those who don’t understand that word, they can go and look it up. What I do want to say ladies and gentlemen, I believe that it was and is a matter of concern to this nation, the conduct of the sergeant at arms because the sergeant at arms is the speaker’s representative who holds out the authority and dignity of the House. It was nothing nice. Up to now I feel hurt. Right Honorable Said can tell you that I called him to say that I do not feel like ever returning to that House, but on reflection and seeing the strength of the women of our party and the women of our country and our men who stand behind us, I say today that I am more than ever determined to represent..”


After seeking refuge in the former PM, Balderamos said she would not accept an apology from Finnegan.


Dolores Balderamos Garcia

“We have gone so far as to call for his resignation and we are not going to retract that call and that is how I will answer that question. Always end my interventions like this…P.U.P. all the way.”


Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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10 Responses for “P.U.P. Women want Finnegan to Resign”

  1. Rod says:

    This problem has been caused by the pm of this country who never once stood up and corrected his minister instead stood silent like the coward and impotent individual that he is no wonder this country is in the dirt box because you lay with flees and you will wake up with them resign finnegan resign judas barrow you are both the scourge of this country .

  2. Jackie says:

    not only is it an “assault” on Dolores- it should be taken as a n assault on women in general. If Finnegan, being a MInister and serving in the capacity as Minister at the time he uttered his vile words he should be held accountable for being disrespectful and in another part of the world; where these situations are not tolerated; it would be a sexual assault on a woman.

    Where is your cry for accountability JUDAS BARROW? you who have a big mouth and condemn the PUP from your highfalutting stand are much worse than what we have ever seen yet.

  3. Linda Hodge says:

    I beleive it is time for our country to have a women in office to Lead Belize.
    Looking back an over ones that have been in office have not done or will do a good job.
    There are more women here in our country of Belize go figure they have the power to elect a women.
    I am not just bringing this up just for the sake of what went on last Wed. at House of Representatives. Men here in Belize disrepect Belize women but not all men are that way.

  4. Gerald Underwood says:

    What’s the big deal you all should stfu if it was the other way around it would have been dealt with differently she is. The only woman in the house who cares she choose to run for election that’s on her look who talking. Myrtle palacio lol

  5. Eye in the Sky says:

    Sad thing is that 99% of the women in Belize do not care or even know what has happened. They are too busy eating Chinee fry chicken and getting pregnant fro different man.

  6. history minded says:

    Rod and the PM – I wonder if Rod isn’t MUSA?

    Speak to the issues on both sides.

    This utterly dissatisfied but every time I see Rod – I see his complaint’s about the PM. The political mess is not just about the PM or Opposition leader. Its so much deeper than that.

    If Rod can’t see beyond the PM – I consider him a poor last soul – agitating without real and genuine cause.

  7. P3 says:

    It is ridiculous, to turn this to an “Against Women” issue. If a man had raised the issue it would have been dealt with the same way. Finnegan is wrong to speak in the house this way but let’s correct him from that angle, regardless of gender.

  8. P3 says:

    It is ridiculous, to turn this to an “Against Women” issue. If a man had raised the issue it would have been dealt with the same way. Finnegan is wrong to speak in the house this way but let’s correct him from that angle, regardless of gender.

  9. Lava gyal says:

    The matter is they shouldn’t even be carrying on in such a manner in the house of representative, all party has their wrong doing but the Udp is just a whole set of hooligans and who elected them? Not once but twice ? Thank god not me.these are the people tha make up our government , u c why Belize the pa ddle up sh@&t creek without a paddle……;(

  10. moses EX PC says:

    Hood rat. no doubt. I did a forensic study of the picture He was drinking a beliken, and the reverse angle of the piss picture clearly shows that he was urinating. What a disgrace to have the sergeant of arms behaving like a hood rat, all with the protection of Ministers. My advice to the UDP is to immediately suspend him pending a independent investigation. The axiom that one’s penis, or cock in creole, will always get them in trouble is true. I see now da tru, tru. Combine that with liquor and nothing good can come out of that. Whats up withe the cops in the background of the picture? All the ladies them that are sleeping with Yellow man regardless of size or for money or for good times are disrespecting themselves and other women of Belize.

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