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Aug 12, 2013

Finnegan wants Dolores to apologize

Michael Finnegan

Following the P.U.P. Women’s Press Conference at Independence Hall, News Five headed over to Michael Finnegan’s house. Far from cowering from the pressure of the P.U.P. Women’s Group, Finnegan was in fighting form. He as you have guessed will certainly not resign. And when it comes to giving an apology, he believes one should be given but not to Dolores. Finnegan insists that Dolores Balderamos Garcia should apologize to Brian “Yellowman” Audinette.



“Do you have any apology to make to Dolores Balderamos Garcia?”


Michael Finnegan, Mesopotamia Area Representative

“What I did that was wrong?”



“You talked about yellow Man’s penis…if she saw it?”


Michael Finnegan

“I will get philosophical. That was tantamount of asking for the proof. But let me go further, she lied on Yellow Man because she never saw Yellow Man urinating or as Creole woulda say, di piss in public. She, like her party leader, is a congenital liar. And I repeat, she never one day saw Yellow Man pissing or urinating in the public and she never once saw Yellow Man with any beer bottle within the precinct of the National Assembly. She was disrespectful and threatening to Yellow Man. She needs to apologize to Yellow Man. Yellow Man could not answer for himself. Yellow Man was not in a position to answer for himself. Yellow Man is out of the hood and out of the great constituency of Mesopotamia. So I answered for the poor man that was out of the hood.  Man Jules, this politics is a big man game and Jose you are big men in this game. What do you expect? Don’t you see there is a play on…there is a P.U.P. play talking about disrespecting women. I have never one day disrespect nobody. And I neva disrespect no women by attacking Dolores Balderamos Garcia for attacking Yellow Man who could not answer for himself. I neva mi di attack no women, I mi di attack she, Dolores Balderamos Garcia as a representative in the national assembly. And talking about women, from I get married twenty-seven years ago, I have never had a child out of wedlock like some of those who were sitting at the press conference this afternoon in their approval for the women of Belize. And let me tell you further…I sleep in my house every night.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “Finnegan wants Dolores to apologize”

  1. Rod says:

    You are a total disgrace to the people and this country and you are disrespecting women in the worse way now you say you have done nothing wrong that is the worse part you actually think you’ve done nothing wrong you are so offensive that if I was standing close to you I’d vomit on you and judas barrow what a disgrace you are finnegan.

  2. Karim says:

    The House of Representative is where government show that they are debating serious matters that will help the people of this country. No where does this kind of offensive gutter talk belong in this house. Finnegan you are disrespecting this Honorable House, the people, the women and the country of Belize. To make matters worse you were doing it on television for the world to see. You are a total disgrace and shame to the Nation. Women take heed, these are the kind of people we elected to run our affairs, and by the rest being quiet, they are all the same! We do not take this in any happy way, and will never give it our support!

  3. Jose Acosta says:

    Three birds were caught with one stone…in the video all Belize saw that not only Finny, but also Barrow and Vega condoned his actions as they laughed and giggled in agreement with him…What a shame. What Misogynists that support, glorify, justify, or normalize the objectification, exploitation, or victimization of women. In all of this where Ana Marie William McDobnald?

  4. Bzean says:

    There are pictures on Facebook of the said “Yellow man” urinating in public and drinking a beer in public. Proof positive that he did do those things. The vile way Finnegan attacked Ms. Garcia was completely unwarranted.

  5. juan gongora says:

    Mi lee bredda, I think you reach the bottom a di stink hole. But you betta check your change when you say that you married fu 27 years an YOU no have children out of wedlock, Mi lee Bredda if da mi your wife you woulda mi ask a di size? I no think so! weh kind a example you di set fu your own son? I think you only speak words fu mek people think you smart but you da wa idiot.

  6. juan gongora says:

    Mi lee bredda I think you reach the bottom a the stink hole. what kinda example you di give your son on the respect of women? If the mi your wife, you woulda mi ask her about the size? come to think about it maybe da YOU want to know!! Check you change mi lee bredda !! Stop mek noise in a di market. Idiot.

  7. gapi says:

    This friggin man deserves to be hung. He has no respect for the people (women mostly). What type of minister is he? He should take his crooked hand and push it in his mouth maybe that way he can stop talk !@$$ and disrespect women…

  8. Jackie says:

    “I have never one day disrespect nobody. I neva mi di attack no women, I mi di attack she,”~ say what you mean finnegan ; in 3 sentences you have not only contradicted urself but said exactly what you wanted to you are getting personal with all of them, they did not attack your persona but you have to get defensive and attack the women’s integrity now? show me a man in that crowd and i’ll take my hat off to them. not in the present udp administration. they are just full of egoistic and nasty little cannot call a man man when he behaves such as you Finnegan.,

    you all have let the egoistic leader fill your head …

  9. Linda Hodge says:

    It is a shame how men can say things and think it is right when in all they really screwed up.
    In this case Finnegan did just that. Put his mouth in his Foot.

  10. Concern says:

    Yellow Man in the house is an ethical issue. The moment one is being charged with a crime, they are put on suspension and half pay, until they prove otherwise. The house of Representative is suppose to be the highest and most exemplary place where serious issues affecting the nation is discussed. It is only logical that someone who have been charged once, and who actually participated in beating up a person, who was not provoking him, should not be in the house at this time. Just saying, ‘See wa PUP deh, and actually help beat up that person, does not make his action right just because he is a UDP. Condone this kind of action and you open the door to all UDP thinking that it ok to beat up all opposition. I think this is too much information for the Finney one and the other tugs in the government to understand. This is a NEW LOW!

  11. Love says:

    Typical UDP response. They have learnt well from their leader, who never know anything and nobody did anything wrong!

  12. Gerald Underwood says:

    The man simply as a question. What is so disrespectful that Dolores should stop complaining about someone talking a piss but instead concentrate on the betterment of Belize and stop the faggotts from doing what they want like he mention Rod she was questioned as a member of the house why you all got to put some Gender BS in it seems politically motivated for certain people convenience ask him to resign he said the right thing he won’t. Why not as musa to resign for what he did when he was the Pm what Musa did was pertaining to the country what Finnegan said was directed to one individual now Rod you tell which one concern you the must you are PUP to huh lol I can proudly say am none pup

  13. Sherlette Gentle says:

    Wow! Michael! Very disrespectful. You need to apologize to the whole country. For you to say such. Nasty things and thinks its ok, there ‘s something wrong with personally attack women like that is disgusting and viel. Question for you how many people have you screwed over since you ‘ve been a minister, I know a few personally so dont go there. Not only did you disrespected the football. Team now this. What the hell have you done to better the peoples lives in your. Area. After all they put u in there and as far as what I’ve. Seen. Its not much. You are a male hog. Shame on you.

  14. Initiate says:

    The PUP is certainly making a mile out of this one.

    And the biggest challenge in the House appears to be being able to shut up!

  15. moses EX PC says:

    Gerald: you are on to something. This stuff is all politics. Yes perhaps Finnegan could have used a little discretion. His question to her was one that would be asked in a court of law by the accuser. “if you see the man the piss, what size was his penis”. I am sure the honorable lady and many other ladies have seen penises before. Is it disrespectful to ask women if they have seen a penis. All BS politics. Secondly, calling for the Fins resignation for asking the penis question…what is most egregious Musa and Ralph stealing the people money, millions of $s and that whole social security thieving fiasco. I give you Barabbas, let the Fin be. Politics, I tell you. I am not defending Yellowman, he sounds like a ghetto hood rat. I don’t understand how he has so many ladies. What’s up with that. It must be the size. No wonder Finnegan wah know.

  16. Gerald Underwood says:

    She ask for the BS why is it important for her to mention about someone urinating or drinking beer isn’t the house a place where parliamentarian discussed important issue of Belize was urinating and drinking beer important she started it now she want sympathy including using gender and politically bs for her gain

  17. Initiate says:

    And Finnegan is supplying the road material

  18. moses EX PC says:

    Hood rat. no doubt. I did a forensic study of the picture He was drinking a beliken, and the reverse angle of the piss picture clearly shows that he was urinating. What a disgrace to have the sergeant of arms behaving like a hood rat, all with the protection of Ministers. My advice to the UDP is to immediately suspend him pending a independent investigation. The axiom that one’s penis, or charlie or peter in creole, will always get them in trouble is true. I see now da tru, tru. Combine that with liquor and nothing good can come out of that. Whats up withe the cops in the background of the picture? All the ladies them that are sleeping with Yellowman regardless of size or for money or for good times are disrespecting themselves and other women of Belize. Only in Belize will a penis take presidency over the well being of a country. All jokes aside, not really, yellowman penis make history and join the other penises like Bill Clinton.

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