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Aug 8, 2013

Finnegan gets nasty with Dolores in the House

There were thirteen motions raised in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, two of any significance. One was passed, and the other fell on the floor. But those procedural House matters have taken second place to the very heated debate which characterized the session. And a vicious attack on Belize Rural Central Area Representative Dolores Balderamos-Garcia has dominated the airwaves today. The representative who responded to Balderamos Garcia over complaints of Brian “Yellow Man” Audinett was Mesopotamia Area Representative Michael Finnegan, who is well-known for his unedited and unadulterated debating style. Still, he outdid himself on the floor on Wednesday. Mike Rudon has that story from the House.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

As the session of the House neared closing on Wednesday, member for Belize Rural Central Dolores Balderamos-Garcia rose to make her presentation on decorum. Her target was Sergeant at Arms Brian ‘Yellow Man’ Audinett, who is currently before the courts on assault charges, and not for the first time.


Dolores Balderamos-Garcia, Belize Rural Central Area Representative

Dolores Balderamos-Garcia

“I believe that the sergeant at arms that we have now—not only has he been found drinking or harm to a woman back in 2006 and charged a hundred and fifty dollars, but I have personally seen the conduct of him being inebriated in these precincts, draining the bottle of Belikin outside of this House and his behavior and conduct out in public, urinating in public Mister Speaker and now we have a situation here. Mister Speaker.


Anthony Boots Martinez, Port Loyola Area Representative

“Miser Speaker, I have a point of order. When somebody’s standing orders say matters must be of national importance. What that has to do with a man di drink wah Belikin beer pr whatsoever the drink. Unu di get personal; that dah unu problem.”


Those comments resulted in swift and severe rebuttal from the other side.


Michael Finnegan, Mesopotamia Area Representative

“Is the lady finished? Yo dah wah crude; yo dah wah crude woman.”


Dean Barrow

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“To be uttering that sort of character assassination. Man, make a formal report to the speaker. The question of how this speaker governs the employees of the House is a matter for the speaker to raise this. And if she did that the speaker would no doubt show a fair play…natural justice where any accusation that you want to make can be put to the sergeant and the speaker will give him a chance to defend himself. To just get up and malign the man like that without him getting a chance to defend himself…You talk about mean; that is mean.”


And that’s when things got really nasty, and completely out of order.


Michael Finnegan

“To get up and to say that she saw the chairman of arms urinating out there, then I nearly wah ask…like dah weh. If she see the sergeant of arms urinate, dah weh size? Mister Speaker she is asking for it. I know that the sergeant of arms is a man of many ladies so she coulda answer that question to me all the while weh I mi wah know. You understand.”


Michael Finnegan

And Finnegan wasn’t quite finished.


Michael Finnegan

“And the things I know about fi you husband weh dehn tell me. You have ought to be very careful.”


House meetings are traditionally considered circus performances, but with the addition of sexual insults and personal threats, this one was more like a soap opera, a low budget one. Mike Rudon for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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38 Responses for “Finnegan gets nasty with Dolores in the House”

  1. Rod says:

    This man is a disgrace now you can really see the true colors of the black people just plain nasty insulting and dumb I bet he beats his women also he should be locked up for what he has said is this our gov. Or is this just a gangster leading a gang of murderers and thieves its disgraceful make me wa vomit pa this whole gov. Rise up belizeans rise up. When you have a pm that tolerates a man talking to a woman like that in gov. Then you know this whole gov. Is sick and a disgrace.

  2. madness says:

    mien, mien, look at the house meeting Wednesday and thinking that these are the men and woman, Who were elected to run the Country . Finnegan the talk about manhood size . everybody know who Yellow man is he should be dealt with by UDP untill the casein finshed which is the norm to do in a case involving a person like that, if it were the police who beat yellow man, I bet you, Barrow mi wah look fi the police man head or half pay.

  3. Stand Up says:

    Very very low budget and scuzzy

  4. sickntired says:

    If anybody associated with the house of representatives behave inna any vulgar way then the members have aright to bring it up. It is nationally embarrassing the somebody criminal is di sargeant at arms. We look like a bunch of criminals to the outside world and inside belize too. Unfortunately we must tolerate finnegan cause he get voted in but da people like him too mek outsiders think we stupid.

  5. maria says:

    and here is a reflection of our governors- the lowest level of coarseness -what can one expect of such man? Women of Belize, are you watching ?

  6. CUNBZ says:

    Michael Finnegan making the world thing Belizeans are true idiots, 1 interview at a time. This idiot needs to be removed from the house, he is such an embarasment for himself his party, and most importantly to the country. How much more ghetto can you be. But then again that’s why he wins his area cause its a ghetto area, they cant do much better, as far as his constituents are concerned Finnegan is as educated as they get from where he comes from. If not prove me wrong and vote against this, tacky excuse of a politician

  7. P says:

    These are the clowns and idiots and a#@## leading this country! What a shame and disgrace;

  8. Buju says:

    She dash wa low blow then couldnt take it afterwards – now unu wa feel sorry fi ah!

    If you could give it you have to could take it regardless if you are a female or now


  9. Lindy Hodge says:

    How dare you disrepect Dolores.
    Since when do you follow order of house rules.
    If she said this man is urinating and drinking on the job he needs to GO!!!
    Being Dolores is the only elected women there for I see no repect on her part. You have much as called her a lier. Clean your house.
    I for one would like to see a women run for primer .
    You men have screwed up this country long enoughit is time for a women to lead Belize !!!

  10. Da Undertaker says:

    Finnegan is a direct reflection of our Belizean society, and Belizeans at home and abroad. This lowlife is unfit to be a representative of the people; but he is. What does that say about the people represent?

  11. summer says:

    Mr. Finnegan you are tasteless and rude. I have no respect for you as a man.

  12. Orlando says:

    Finnegan Crossed the Line. He should apologize publicly to Dolores.

  13. Pelican says:

    Mike really messed up this time. How can he intimate what he tried to …. This is really out of order. But as I always say: “we are happy when people say we ARE NICE PEOPLE.” THAT IS HOW WE WANT IT. WE HAVE THE POWER CHECK TUNISIA, ALGERIA ETC ETC….

  14. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    What has this government come to…..FINNEGAN means FIN..E…GAAN. Come nex election Finigan u gaan….u and d entire thieving U.D.P How can this man be so disrespectful to a woman. He is a big disgrace to our nation. He has no education.

  15. Jackie says:

    As Ministers in Government it just shows the decay in morale of not only the governmental body that they represent but as a “man” in society. to be conducting himself in the honorable assembly it is just total disrespect. And their leader sits back gloating- all of them made of the same cloth just appearances- shame and disgrace for the rest of the Belizeans who are watching you all

  16. Jackie says:

    As the saying goes: you can get the boy out of the ghetto but cannot get the ghetto out of him…

  17. Merlene Hyde says:

    Rod, you sound like a racist fool. Study black history before you talk about black people.

  18. NIRO says:

    I have all the respect for women do not get me wrong on this one!!! Women want equal rights, and when things like this happen you blame the men!! Come on Belizean stop being fanatics to a political party!!! Minister finnigan was just leveling the playing field when dolores attacked a man that could not defend or respond to her on the national assembly!!! she was getting personal and tried to disgrace yellow man on national radio and tv. To me that was out of order and low on her part!!! ohhh but then when she got her lick she cud not take it. Mind your own life mrs, dolores!!! cus you would not like to be in yellow’s position and finnigan telling the nation things about your husband and you!!!

  19. Ixchel Pop says:

    I am not surprised at all; politicians have always been sleezeballs, dirty and from gutter… (Dolores Included) It is a shame…as his behaviour is a direct reflection of what our society is about…so sad.

  20. Al says:

    This is what the country has been reduced to how ugly. Is the people of Belize truly happy with this kind of representation. The country is being run by thugs and low life people. Finnegan is so ugly to say the things he said in that kind of meeting that is nasty and totally not acceptable in a meeting while presiding over the countries business. I am so ashamed of these people in government. To hear the PM issue a threat to Ms Balderamos about her husband. Vote these people out.

  21. jay says:

    Rod: What hell do you mean ” true colors of black people”? The minister is one person, he doesn’t represent all black people. Put your brian in gear before typing nonsense.

  22. BEMBEGAIL says:


  23. Lorena says:

    OMG! he is a monster!!!!!!!

  24. Citizen says:

    This man does not belong in the house of representative. Where in his statement is there something that will help poor people put food on their table, clothes on their back or help with education for their kids. Nothing about jobs, growing the economy, but these suckers think we are happy with their vulgarity. Even the Prime minister think he is doing wonders trying to detract our minds from the scoundrels we see parading as ministers, while the people the suffer, they are raking the country dry.

  25. Deeep says:

    WOW! Really? I realize many of you come here to vent your frustration over some of the problems facing our country from day to day but that is absolutely no reason for the level cramp some of you write and tolerate. @ madness, Stand Up….down to summer I can’t tell whether you are all Hispanics or worst believe unu white or just as racist as that idiot Rod! NASTY, INSULTING and DUMB according to all of you…describes all black people! None of you had any objectives to his comments and it was the first on top of the list so you had to have seen it.

  26. Karim says:

    By allowing somebody that is a criminal to be the sergeant at arms is the same as saying, he is the small fry, while the bosses are the real criminals. Haven’t you notice, they are not embarrassed by the way they defend him. This is so normal to them. What’s wrong with you people?…lol Hey… I am not talking only about the abnormal one here.

  27. Concern says:

    Finney, we respect you and is careful around because of your disability. When you cross the line, and is outright disrespectful to the only woman in the house, we are not going to allow you to do that! If you don’t have respect for yourself, then we shouldn’t either.

  28. Belizean minded says:

    Uterrly upsetting…. Shall we have a protest to out an end to these type of talks

    No… I think most of us enjoy the circus


  29. miguel guerra says:

    Time for a change in Belize. Ministers are too greedy. they are working for themselves and not for the country.

  30. Drew says:

    Sounded like a classroom without a teacher. That dah weh Patrick should try to straighten out. Unruly classroom!

  31. Eye in the Sky says:

    These are the people who run this country. I hope no one from the civilized world was watching.

  32. Pancho says:

    Why are the women in our country not outraged and calling for his apology or removal for his total disrespect and lack of public morality?

  33. Steve says:

    Come on, Buju, show some common sense. You have shown how much you love your party and ministers; not Belize. Belize should come first. Be patriotic. The insult and attack is not at Dolores, it is an assault on Belize. It happened in the House of Representative, symbol of government and law.
    The House of Representative was made a House of Hooligans! Belizeans should chastise this act!!

  34. Kooli Gial says:

    Rod, “black people” ? Seriously?!

    I understand/agree with the outrage, but am baffled by the fact that Belizean women allow their men to disrespect them in actions (like infidelity) on a daily basis, but are so incensed by words.

  35. the observer says:

    this is a typical udp behaviour. Memba when dem mi ina opposition and i think da d same fool call d speaker (a female) “crazy”? But i blame the pup weh allow them repugnant men to be seen as better dan dem afta alla dem secret deals and incompetent practices while ina govt

  36. Fyaahlincs says:

    I know a couple of people in high places that needs to go see a doctor to have their heads surgically removed from their @$$#$!!

  37. BelizeanStudent says:

    It really is a disgrace to have to call people like Mr Finnegann a member of the House of Representatives. These people are supposed to lead Belize and set an example and are doing quite the contrary. What a low way of approaching the situation, not only Mr Finnegann, but also Mr Prime Minister for allowing this. I know Mr Finnegann to be performing worst acts than the stones he is throwing so who are you to point fingers Mr Finnegann? While you point your finger, some of your own are pointing back at you! Think before you talk!

    -Outraged Student

  38. ads says:

    jajaja she mi need somebody tell her of finally

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