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Aug 7, 2013

PM takes hits on Musa and Fonseca for Accommodation Agreement

The House of Representatives had not met for five months, but it did this morning in Belmopan. Several motions were introduced but the primary business had to do with a recent ruling by the Caribbean Court of Justice in which the court found that a settlement deed signed by the former Prime Minister Said Musa and the then Attorney General, Francis Fonseca, needed approval by the House. The P.M. led the verbal sparring against Musa and Fonseca; Musa accepted the court’s decision but pointed out that PM and his law firm have represented the interests of the Ashcroft Group.


Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Today’s House of Representative Meeting was filled with write offs of depreciated and stolen assets. But the meeting itself focused on a recent Caribbean Court of Justice Ruling that found that the settlement deed signed by Francis Fonseca and Said Musa, during a P.U.P. government, did not seek the approval of the House.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

Dean Barrow

“The CCJ said that the actions of the current leader of the opposition and the current member for Fort George were repugnant. These two and their actions were described as malignant tumors, malignant tumors on our democracy which no court could allow to grow. It was said that what they did if allowed to stand would set back the democracy of Belize by some three hundred years. It was said Mister Speaker that this was a classic case, if you will, of an outrageous attempt at prime ministerial governance and constituted as well over-weaning arrogance on the part of the executive.”


The Former P.M. accepted responsibility but pointed out that the current PM was the attorney for the Ashcroft Group.


Said Musa

Said Musa, Former Prime Minister

“I accept full responsibility for this settlement deed for that decision that…secondly Mister Speaker that unlike this prime minister in the house today, we accept the court’s decision even when it goes against the position we took. It is indeed however, the height of hypocrisy for this prime minister to seek to use the decision of the CCJ when as leader of the opposition, he and his law firm were allied and represented the Ashcroft interest. He and his law firm represented the Ashcroft interested and represented the Ashcroft controlled B.T.L. on many occasions; raging battles against the then P.U.P. government. So it is hypocrisy for him now to be gloating over the CCJ decision because they struck down a claim made by the Ashcroft interests. He was one, one of them, representing that interest. In April 2005, the same year when this deed settlement was made, Mister Jules Vasquez—no doubt a friend of the now prime minister—of Channel Seven, asked the leader of the opposition, Mister Dean Barrow this question, “You are the leader of the opposition, but also in court this morning you are the attorney for Michael Ashcroft’s company. Do you see this as a contradiction or a sellout?” The response of the then leader of the opposition was, “I am principally as a professional, as an attorney, who of course is being well paid to do what I am doing.”


Wilfred Elrington, Attorney General

Wilfred Elrington

“If in fact it is being done in good faith, why was it not brought to the House? How do you explain it not being brought to the House? That is not action in good faith. Your actions belie your words. You tell us one thing and you do something else…and it always happens; make the same most beautiful speech, but it makes no sense. And when uninformed people cheer, it makes him feel like he is getting away. If I was in his position now, I would resign. And if I were the former Prime Minister, I would also resign.”


Francis Fonseca

Francis Fonseca, Former Attorney General

“The member for Pickstock really said nothing worthy of response. As usual, he never fails to ramble on and on incoherently. What he needs to understand is under his watch, the people of Pickstock have gotten poorer and poorer under his watch. He is here beating his chest in self-righteous dignity. He can’t go anywhere in Belize. He is one of the most hated men in Belize today. Where is your motion to deal with the crisis of health? Where is the motion for that? Where is the motion apologizing to the fathers and mothers of the thirteen babies who died at the Karl Heusner? Bring a motion for that? Where is your motion to create jobs for the people of this country? Where is your motion for that? Over three thousand young people came out of school in May and June and July of this year…they can’t find jobs under this U.D.P. government. Where is your motion for that Mister Prime Minister? Where is your motion to deal with the rosewood scandal? Where is your motion to deal with that and all the corruption eating away at your government? All the cronyism and the nepotism? Every member of the prime minister’s family has some position in government? Every member…The Deputy Prime Minister…the corruption at the Ministry of Natural Resources is stink to high heaven. The prime minister talk about a whiff of corruption…the Ministry of Natural Resources is drowning in corruption. Where is your motion to deal with that?”


Dean Barrow

“Mister Speaker was extremely liberal with you all…oh yo gwen. Yo can’t take…yo better go. Go and no come back. I need to express the hope Mister Speaker that this departure of his will not be followed by any return—not now, not ever.”


The Representative for Fort George did reemerge to fight more battles with the P.M. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.


The effect of the motion was to launch the attack on both Fonseca and Musa and we’ll have more on the house coming up later.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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6 Responses for “PM takes hits on Musa and Fonseca for Accommodation Agreement”

  1. Buju says:

    I don’t think anyone is surprised that this happened!!!

    These sort of situations have become common with Musa and Fonseca….

    And to top it off he has the nerve to stand up and proudly beat his chest and say YES i did it.

    Its a glorious day for Said Musa and the PUP but da very sad day for the country!

  2. countrygyal says:

    im glad that the former p.m. was honest enough to accept responsibility for his flaws when he was in power.i even more applaud the current leader of the opposition for pointing out the issues that are really affecting our communities and our country on a whole right now..oh how i would have loved to be in that sitting to see the p.m. for elrington well i think when some people discover they have a mouth they talk even if what is coming out is worthless.

  3. ceo says:

    The only thing get from all this is the people of Belize and the country of Belize really need leadership. They are alll crooks and they are trying to prove to us who is the bigger crook. It is sad when the only choice Belizeans have is the less of two evils!

  4. Love says:

    Elrington said; ‘If I was in his position now, I would resign’. Lol When he made a fool of himself on a strong issue regarding our border which is extremely important, cause it define our country, he didn’t resign. He call a border line with real world coordinates that is respected world wide an artificial border….lol The happy Guatemalans didn’t have to pay him to make an @$$ of himself…lol He did it of his own free will, or did he?

  5. kaila Moralez says:

    I was made to understand that Pablo is an electrician by profession. If this is the case the pieces of the puzzle all fit now. The way the hospital is ran is that of an electrician the same way it is reported by PAHO that a lot of procedures in the lab were improvised with poor quality methods it is the same way electrician improvise eg. duck tape for electrical tape etc. As for the medical equipment left behind at the old hospital is the same way electrician leave debris when they finish a job. Electrician often leave behind wires, screw etc the point I am making is general knowledge a leader leads by example so Pablo only knows how to be an electrician he can’t multi task , so the staff fallow by his sloppy example. Oh an when electrician improvise with poor quality you know what happens? Somebody gets shocked in this case the Nation of Belize got Shocked with the DEATH of these babies. So Pablo Marin need to resign and go do electrical work mind you KARMA is a !@#$% lol It is not so much that he is an electrician the problem is when an individual lacks common sense and is not a well rounded person. Pablo is incompetent for Ministry of Health maybe if there is a ministry of electricity he can handle the VOLTS lol but not my VOTE!

  6. Billey says:

    Look who is talking! Did you know this same Elrington, who think he is so smart went to Cayo, but the people weren’t ready to listen to nonsense. They walked out before he could finish, and next day the man said that wasn’t so! lol… NO he didn’t resign. I don’t think he got the sense of what happened either. lol

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