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Aug 2, 2013

Why the Jaguars didn’t get a hero’s welcome

Herman Longsworth

The National Football Selection fought extremely hard to be part of the CONCACAF games in the United States. Carrying the Belize brand of Jaguars, the team that had players with fulltime office jobs accomplished a tremendous task for being in the competition with some of the world’s best players. While some teams had millions of U.S. dollars behind them, there was no shame in the fundraisers that the Football Federation of Belize and others held to help the team participate in the games against the games. In addition to the pressures on the field and the climate, players were also approached to fix the matches. Woodrow West and Ian Gaynair were commended at the final game and given trophies for their honor. The country was united while they fought the losing battle. But when the team returned home, they came home to a quiet welcome. No recognition was made by the Ministry of Sports, even though Minister Herman Longsworth attended one of the games in the U.S.A. Today, the media asked the Minister if the team or the two commended players would ever get recognized by his ministry.


Herman Longsworth, Minister of Sports

“We are proud of these two gentlemen for what they have done. I believe that it is something that every athlete should hold dear and ensure that they protect their integrity. And it is not something that you can pay an athlete to do or should pay an athlete to do. And so I don’t feel that the government ought to do that. Yes we must put them on a bit of a pedestal because of the fact that they were approached. And I am pretty much confident that any athlete on that team that had been approached would have done the same thing. So it is not that they are overly special. The entire team, each member on the team is as special as they are. We expect it of them. And yes, I am certain that there will be something coming to them as we go along. But I don’t believe that it is something that we ought to be paying them for and I stand by that.” 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for “Why the Jaguars didn’t get a hero’s welcome”

  1. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    Herman Longsworth, you are my friend i know you well. But you are a complete jack @§§. How dear you say our team is not valuable, my gudness. U need to go dig a hole and bury ursel in it. These guys played their hearts out for our country and you have d balls to come on national tv and talk nonsense. How dear u say these guys need not b put on a pedestal.U r in charge of d sports department, but i think u need to b fired am really pissed. Written by a proud JAGUAR fan.

  2. sickntired says:

    When you put dumb a$$^$ as miniters this is the stupidness you get. This one cant see pass di tip of his nose unless it means money for him then yes he would find all di pretty explanations then. We need to view investment in the team as a long term investment in the country and no feel personal about the individual players. If the team is helped to pergorm well then the country will get more international recognition and investors and tourists will want to come here. Learn fi see opportunity idiot.

  3. Bulba Martinez says:

    This is what we endure in our country with these shallow minded idiots we elected to run our country. There’s a price for everything as I was thought as a youngster, this is the price we are being paid for voting for a bunch of Jack-ss-s. Instead of motivating our athletes at least welcoming them back home for sacrifices they have made for our country to be recognized, this guy talk r-ss like the rest of them do. This is why our country is still behind the 8 ball, thanks to all the idiots on top of the hill.

  4. Disgusted says:

    Of course he don’t think they should be commended because he doesn’t understand the concept of honesty or sincerity, one like him would have taken the bribe without second thought. Those guys don’t need his recognition, who is he? Minister of sports my a**, what has he done? This dude is a joke and his Gov’t should be ashamed!

  5. Disgusted says:

    Of course he don’t think they should be commended because he doesn’t understand the concept of honesty or sincerity, one like him would have taken the bribe without second thought. Those guys don’t need his recognition, who is he? Minister of sports my a**, what has he done? This dude is a joke and his Gov’t should be ashamed!

  6. Eric says:

    Cannot expect better when this Gentleman doesn’t even a clue about Belize football. Am proud of our guys and just wish the private sector and GOB step up to help sports progress in Belize.

  7. Citizen says:

    No Herman, no one ask you about paying the two players for lifting high the torch of honesty. If our ministers would have been doing same, we would have been happy to call them Honorable. You cannot be praising a man and chiding them at the same time. We should just honor them and honor do not mean paying!

  8. MellowBelizean says:

    … and that is why Belize footballers have a hard road. Even when they do well they’re not recognized. The other teams are getting paid millions to be on the field. They have the best of everything in equipment, transportation, support. As the article states, by comparison, the Belizean players would have to leave work and go to practice. Okay, so the Ministry of Sports doesn’t want to pay players, then at least ensure that they have a freaking plane ticket to get to the games. Ensure that they have a hotel to stay when they get there. Ensure that they have a proper field to practice on (remember when they had to play their “Home” game abroad because FIFA declared our field wasn’t suitable?)

    It’s a shame that these guys have to overcome all these odds and at the very end, still don’t get any recognition. I guess the money went to someone’s pocket…

  9. Maria. says:

    I wish i cud beat some sense In ur coconut skull Herman. These guys are more honorable than u. How can you go on national tv an talk all this bull$h!t. I was appalled when i saw ur interview. You shud be put to d public an b linch. Make an example out of u for talking horse shit. I can see u have no education. I wonder how u got to b minister of sports?

  10. Belizean Pride says:

    and whos’this guy??? oh, di minista,lol
    No wonder he knows nothing about football and the pride of this game and also the efforts our guys did in this competition. damn!! when we see people go public with such idiotic sayings like this it really put you in a mood as who the hell thought of putting this guy in place where he doesn’t fit.
    Any ways nuff respect to our Jaguars and I stand as a striong fan of the jaguars no matta wat.

  11. Concern says:

    We have a bunch of people at the top who do not realize that the world got to know about Belize because of our players. The government spent millions advertising through tourist board, trying to advertise the country of Belize, but we cannot play the players for the excellent job they did by going to this competition. We need to get rid of these dumb, thieving idiots, who are raking our dollars into their bank in the millions. I can bet my last dollar that Herman is would not have refused the bribe or any bribe!

  12. miguel guerra says:


  13. Suicide7 says:

    How can a minister that represents the GOB speaks on this situation. If the GOB is so interested, then why didn’t they help out in the telethon like they did with the barrow wife?? HERMAN LONGSWORTH and the GOB are idiots.

  14. Bzeboy says:

    After reading what this man said, I can see why things are the way they are in my beautiful Belize. I am a lover of sports and I believe that sports can bring a country together.
    I am not sure if his stupidity is because of a lack of education but more a lack of common sense. I am a supporter of the UDP but damn we have some idiots running the country. Time for some new younger blood. Time for guys like Mayor Darrell Bradley to takeover the UDP party.

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