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Jul 26, 2013

Police allegedly drag and beat naked woman

News Five has covered many stories alleging police abuse over the years. Some of them have been so heinous that it is hard to say today’s complaint is one of the worst, but it is right up there. Tonight, fifty-five year old Cherry Anderson is detained after she was dragged out of her North Creek home by Police early this morning. But there are allegations that before the woman was detained she was savagely beaten by a police officer and dragged down the steps of her home naked. Mike Rudon was at the Raccoon Street Police Station where Anderson is still detained and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

At around one this afternoon fifty-five year old Cherry Anderson shuffled to a Police vehicle which was there to take her to the K.H.M.H. for medical treatment. She had been detained since early this morning. Ashanti Anderson says her mother was detained and beaten because of an incident which occurred as they were coming home from the Princess Casino at around three this morning.


Ashanti Anderson, Says Police Beat her Mother

Ashanti Anderson

“We gawn da di casino last night and we mi di stand up di wait fi wah taxi to come back home and my ma meet, one of her friends stop for her. And he offer me and my ma and my younger sister wah ride home. And whilst we di come home, when he reach by the bump before my ma house, wah group ah young man mi di stand up right there. But the neighborhood dah wah real bad neighborhood. And he watch pan one ah di young man and the young man ask he what he di watch me fa. And he jump outta di vehicle because he mi intoxicated—dah when we done get ina the vehicle we notice he intoxicated. He jump out the vehicle and tell ahn who you di talk to? You know who me? I could make all ah unu dead right now. Unu know who dah my bredda? My bredda dah Grinage. When he said that that dah when the young bwai dehn, man just crowd he and start to beat he. My ma dah the one weh just take out her phone and call 911 and tell police weh di happen and police come right from yah because dah right around the lane. Police trooper came from yah and when dehn come, all ah di bwai dehn run and only the last one mi di run and my ma she see ahn; ih just run through deh. And they apprehended one.”


According to Anderson, the Police who responded to the call for help apprehended that man and also left with the man who was beaten. But the police left the vehicle there with the keys in it and it was allegedly stolen. Speculation is that’s why Police kicked in the door of the home where Cherry Anderson lives with her common-law husband Glen Grant at a little after seven this morning.


Voice of: Glen Grant, Common-law Husband

“They kicked down the door and put me fi lay down on the ground with a soldier over me with an M-sixteen so I can’t do nothing. And I hear how she di bawl and dehn di beat up ahn. But I can’t assist ahn.”


Mike Rudon

“You identified the officers? Dah how much officers come ina di house?”


Voice of: Glen Grant

“Two female and five man. And dah Sanchez di punch ahn and di kick ahn.”


Mike Rudon

“So from weh you mi deh with the police di hold yo, you coulda mi see weh di happen?”


Voice of: Glen Grant

“Yeah cause I deh by the bathroom and he got wah M-sixteen over me and I couldn’t go nowhere. But I coulda mi see it and I hear when dehn mi di beat ahn and ih mi di bawl.”


Grant says they dragged his wife down the steps naked before ordering him to find clothes for her. He did, and then they took her away.


Ashanti Anderson

“I get wah opportunity just now fi go ina di station and see ahn. And I couldn’t believe that they can’t actually look and see how swell her hand; ih whole wrist bend wah kinda way. Ih whole shoulder ih can’t even put it down…the whole shoulder dislocated, ih bone di push out and all. You can see it. I mean yo noh have to have wah heart fi see that this lady need medical, yo understand. And we deh yah two hours now and up to now no medical, no vehicle. Dehn say dehn noh got no vehicle fi come ker ahn dah hospital, but yet I see police dehn di go buy food ina vehicle and come back.”


Anderson was near tears as she waited outside the station for her mother to be taken to the K.H.M.H.


Ashanti Anderson

“Wah male police officer should never put ih hand pan wah female. And dah Sergeant Sanchez. He dah di one weh kick up up ahn ina ih back—all the stomp mark still ina ih back. Ina ih belly, everything; ih can’t even walk. And yet dehn people refuse fi mek we ker ahn dah hospital. Dehn noh have no charge fu ahn.”


Anderson was not allowed inside the K.H.M.H. with her mother as she was treated for her injuries. Mike Rudon for News Five.


Late this evening News Five managed to reach Supt. Alden Dawson. He denied that Cherry Anderson had been beaten, claiming that she was intoxicated when Police got to her house this morning and she refused to let them in. Dawson says the woman is detained because she was the last person seen around the vehicle belonging to the man who was beaten by gang members. He says Cherry Anderson will be charged, most likely in connection with the vehicle. That vehicle was found late today by St. John Vianney in Belize City. Dawson had no explanation for Anderson’s injuries.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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17 Responses for “Police allegedly drag and beat naked woman”

  1. sickntired says:

    Man i tell you this story really creep me out. Police need proper training. How on earth they reach the conclusion that this lady thief a car and should be beaten up? They out a order seriously.

  2. Gerald Underwood says:

    Instead these young punks killing each others they should take one of these police boys and use him as an example illiminate his existence lets the others know to stop advantage of people she wasnt unruly or threatening live why would these asshole police boy do what they did wow does been under influence of liquor warrant the police to beat up someone

  3. BvDz says:

    Our police department gets paid out of our hard earned money(taxes), they have a job to protect us but they abuse their power. Thats because we d people keep quiet, we should make our government know and demand them too keep injustice like this punished..

  4. get up stand up for your right says:

    “But the police left the vehicle there with the keys in it and it was allegedly stolen.” SAYS it ALL!

    I believe them over her. Their competence is to be admired. At least they did not drunk drive it and wreck it like the education minister’s brother, plus it was not a new GOB SUV. who cares?

    UDP, leading the nation to thug nation. Only a few hundred murders and we can overtake Honduras for #1.

    Time to burn some homos and make some arrests of tourists for a stick of weed.
    somebody has to pay for this party and marches.
    At least the drug cartels are paying their secret taxes.

  5. ratty says:

    Beat women again? These are some punk police…what goes around, remember that. the government condone these things, all punks.

  6. OriginalWoman says:

    This kind of story turns my stomach and makes the Belize Police Department look sooooo bad. Theofficers males and females should ALL LOOSE THEIR JOBS!!!!

  7. OriginalWoman says:

    This kind of story turns my stomach and makes the Belize Police Department look sooooo bad. The officers, both males and females should ALL LOOSE THEIR JOBS!!!!

  8. Al says:

    This incident speaks to the poor education these officers have. Most of them are unable to make sound decisions because mentally they are not equipped to do so. Power in the hands of uneducated persons is a lethal weapon. With the education level at an all time low in the country, I am afraid we will for years to come get the same of what we have now. Change is needed so badly in this country.

  9. Ixchel Pop says:

    Well it is no surprise to me as the have been “chancing” people for a long time now. We need to get rid of those rogue cops.

  10. disownmicountry says:

    It’s the same old,same old. What’s wrong with you people living in Belize? Going on the radio and blogging will not being change. You need to rise up and demand change like folks in other countries eg. the Middle East. You now have TV so you see how it is done. Bunch of cowards!

  11. Common Sense says:

    AL for PM.
    (thanks Al, your comments are appreciated, at least from this view point).

  12. Ras Pose says:

    who knows that lady, will know she is a whole pile of scenery, she and her criminal sons. check the archives. bogus claims

  13. SHAK says:

    Your right Disownmicountry!!! I no longer comment, but I still read, thats all I can do from France. The reason I don’t comment anymore is that I am here and they are there and there is nothing that I can do from here. So me commenting on every news report won’t help a damn thing. Maybe I should return and get it sorted out myelf, myself because I know no one else would follow me, at least not for free. I might have to throw in a couple $$ and cases of beer. Let me see all the hands that’s ready to start fighting for a better Belize for FREE!

  14. Action now says:

    We need to start video tape everything, put it on the Internet … Let’s expose what’s really taking place on our country… We are the ones that pay each and everyone of their salary… With that said lets not be quite no more , time for proactive measure…. Take Out THE CAMERAS AND VIDEO EVERY WRONG DOING BY OUR GOVERMENT…. And if you are afraid , like I said put it on YOUTUBE FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. … I bet the will force them the GOVERMENT to take action…

  15. TalkUp4UrRights says:

    Take out the video cameras my fellow countrymen…. Let’s embarrass them all, YouTube they @$$… I guarantee Judas step in …….. Take out them smart phones and use them we’ll…. YouTube is the means and way to expose this sort of behavior …… If you are afraid make a fake page on YouTube and let the world see how this GOVERNMENT treats its people…. Stand up for your rights my people….

  16. towhomitconcern says:

    Belize Belize Gone down to the dog. The first problem with Belize no unity.So nothing will happen i’ve seen this happen 1 to many times, but it s like person commented earlier Money rum & beer people run come. Lets unite for a better Belize Nobody show up, and thats the way it is

  17. orlando says:

    Police = po’ lice

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