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Jul 23, 2013

Tomlinson taking Belize and Trinidad to the C.C.J.

Maurice Tomilson

Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin is yet to rule on the UNIBAM challenge to amend the Criminal Code, but there is another case that the government will answer to. A gay Jamaican activist, Maurice Tomlinson, is challenging Belize’s Immigration Act. Section Five of the Act states that prohibited immigrants include, (Quote) “Any prostitute or homosexual who may have been living off or receiving proceeds of prostitution or homosexual behavior.” (Unquote) Tomlinson is not only openly gay, he is also married to a Canadian man and because of the immigration laws; he could be prevented from entering Belize. Notwithstanding, he has visited Belize before without any difficulty. According to Caleb Orozco, Tomlinson recently turned down UNIBAM’s invitation to conduct a sensitization workshop after learning about the law.


Caleb Orozco, Executive Director, UNIBAM

Caleb Orozco

“Maurice Tomilson works for Aids Free World. It is my understanding the Belizean government and the Trinidadian government had issued a notice to the court to argue basically Maurice’s standing on whether he could bring a claim to C.C.J. regarding the immigration act and as the reports have come in, it is my understanding the court has granted Maurice Tomilson aside, the opportunity to merge his application into one and has given a specific amount of time to Maurice to argue his case along with the governments them getting a specific amount of time to argue their positions. The issue is under the treaty of Chaguaramas people have a right to movement and he feels that right to movement is affected by the current immigration act which has adds a layer of discrimination to his right to movement and as such he said that he would not be part of that system which perpetuates, institutionalizes or intensifies discrimination. There are very specific cases that have gone on in this country where immigrants have been harassed and deported back out of this country and it is my understanding that while it may not be the policy of the immigration department to interfere with the privacy of persons coming into the country; it is my understanding that individual immigration officers have wide discretion as to what or how they treat persons who come into the country.”



The CCJ has ordered that the Belize and Trinidad cases be consolidated. On August second Tomlinson’s attorneys will amend its application to appply an additional claim that the immigration laws of Belize and Trinidad and Tobago violate the treaty prohibition against discrimination on the grounds of nationality. On October fourth, Belize and Trinidad and Tobago will file their response to Tomlinson’s arguments.


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8 Responses for “Tomlinson taking Belize and Trinidad to the C.C.J.”

  1. Belizean says:

    These people are looking for trouble. They have never personally been discriminated against. They are simply incinerating a fire, adding fuel to it, and starting more fires as they go, trying to exhaust the GOB and its people. They gays, and unclean people are parasites to this country. Draining, draining and draining every aspect of life!!!! Financial, mental, physical, spiritual, politically, just everything!!!

  2. Firebrand says:

    What is sad is to see these black faces being used to push an anti-black and hispanic agenda. Whites are concerned about population control so they push planned parenthood, legal abortion, diseases, and homosexuality around the world. They find a puppet like this one for every aspect of their de-population agenda. Belize has a relatively small population, but we might have what they consider to be a dispensable group. Wonder what Bob Marley would say about this jamaican.

  3. Belizean Pride says:

    mein this guys are just going around with that gay issue suing anybody against them, what the hell is going on? is this what we want to give a go ahead with their agenda? he’s been allowed with no problem but now Caleb must have spit the issue to his friend that the law says and now his taking advantage to sue our gov. holy smokes. those in favor can’t you see now what’s going on. with our on tax money the gov. will have to face this guy for no reason while having to spend millions in court for such thing.

  4. DISGUSTED says:

    Bob would probably say BAD CARD!!!! I full agree with all your 3 comments… LAW IS LAW and i don’t think its right to change the law to please one or two… these damn gays are trying to do all what they have in their little dirty agenda to get what they already had… no discrimination…. but now i think they have indeed enraged a fire so large that its way beyond their filthy little habits…. ADAM & EVE not ADAM & STEVE!!!! What’s not to understand? You wern’t born gay you all chose to be. WHY? Now i think the Gov should let us decide the faith of these filthy, disgusting habited people. Besides the Gov should be working for us not themselves. CALEB STAP UNU MADA RAHTID NOW… STOP DOIN WHATEVER IT IS YOU AND YOUR HIGH CLASS GAYS ARE DOIN? Get it in your crazy ass minds… the law has been long before homos existed so we aint gonna change it… certainly not for you and your crowd…

  5. Belizean Pride says:

    Laura and BT yesterday we’re supporting the pageant show that was held in the city. So hope this people are watching good and I mean good what they are supporting, which at the end of the road they’ll open their eyes and realize the big mistake, which might be too late for them and together we’ll suffer the consequences of all of this crap of LGBT when God turns his anger against the lovely Jewel that once morality was high and country where Christianity was part of every one’s life but no longer will be if we continue to let this crap happen.
    Hope barrow is watching too and this not only goes to barrow but to the opposition leader which might be next in place after elections hope he stands like a man of words and a real man that knows morality taught by his grandparents that man no marry man nor host pageants of gay goddess.

  6. gracie says:

    What are you three guys rambling about? I’d rather live among gays than those two legged animals who are running around murdering and creating mayhem in our society. With all thats so wrong in Belize, the gay issue seems to garner the most public outrage. Why is that?

  7. Concern says:

    They are trying to rub us the wrong way, so we must remain calm. The object is to stop the Women’s Agenda 2013, and make correction, but we don’t want the world to think we are bullying the gays, just because that is what they are tempting us to do. They are human beings just like us, but with a serious foreign agenda to change the world. Not even Caleb knows what they will attempt to do from one day to the next, because he is just a palm in the scheme of things. We don’t need to resort to their kind of tactic to keep them from doing so. One thing I do know, Belizeans are waking up to the reality that it would be a totally unequal world where the gays would have the upper hand, because they would be able to do or say anything they want and sue us for the slightest opinion. It will no longer be do on to others what you would like them to do on to you!

  8. Concern says:

    Gracie, just a couple weeks ago a man was drinking in Armenia, and when he got drunk he stared walking home. He did not reach home, so the next morning his family went to look for him. They found him naked along the road in some bushes as he was raped. Explain to us who would rape a man? I know who would rape a woman, or a girl, but a man? I am baffled! Doesn’t the word homo come to mind?

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