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Jul 19, 2013

Prison officers fired for breaking the rules, not for whistleblowing

Earl Jones

The recent termination of a pair of prison officers from the Kolbe Foundation has once again brought into sharp focus security concerns at the Belize Central Prison.  While the unofficial account by Gaspar Camara and Felipe Gongora is that they were released following an incident involving the attempted rape of a female co-worker by a senior officer during a staff retreat over the weekend, CEO Earl Jones has come forward to set the record straight.  According to Jones, both men were dismissed because they were repeatedly in violation of the prison’s standard operating procedures; namely, they were caught using the internet and cell phones during work time on more than one occasion.  Use of unauthorized communications devices, as well as the internet is prohibited at the facility since it can be employed as a medium for confidential information to be divulged to the public.  The issue of the attempted rape, says Jones, has nothing to do with the firings.


Earl Jones, CEO, Kolbe Foundation

“In regards to Felipe Gongora and Gaspar Camara they were both terminated form the Kolbe Foundation. And there termination was based on the breech of policies and procedures that are in place at the Kolbe Foundation the safeguard the security of this facility. As far as I can say, they both know for what reason they were terminated. However, they have not been truthful for what they have been saying on the other Medias of not knowing what they were terminated for. There was the due process that was followed and they were given the opportunity to respond to what was placed before them. They were breeched of the policies that are in place by the Kolbe Foundation for the better management of the Belize Central Prison. It was two things: one it was mischief making, putting information out there that has not been properly dealt with by the person who are concerned and secondly it is the improper use of Kolbe’s time which they are being paid for which is totally against our policy. It is evident that as soon as they were terminated they joined the ranks of the coalition out there in continuing there mischief making for Kolbe Foundation and the management of the Belize Central Prison.”


Gaspar Camara was employed at the Belize Central Prison since 2008 along with principal officer Felipe Gongora, who supervised the parole unit.

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14 Responses for “Prison officers fired for breaking the rules, not for whistleblowing”

  1. Libra says:

    Some officers are more corrupt that the criminals.

  2. the priorities say all says:

    >attempted rape of a female co-worker by a senior officer during a staff retreat over the weekend,
    no reason to get fired or arrested for this.
    at least the senior officer is not a woman, the marchers might cause a riot at the prison gates.

  3. Rod says:

    These men are probably taking the truth

  4. sickntired says:

    Huh internet and phone abuse rampant inna di whole country so this excuse sound weak. People usually get scold and the use of the phone and internet removed if they doing their work good otherwise. This explanation does make it sound like somebody vex about trying to rape a coworker and get ketch. Now he will get more attention than he expected cause now i want the news station to clarify that part of the story.

  5. jose says:

    kolbe again them officer took too long to start bring these things to light infact theres alot me to this kolbe thing alot of dark secret ha if unuh would only know what kolbe the doo you all would be suprise

  6. TheFriutOfTheSpirit says:

    Excuse me!!! “The RAPE” should have EVERYTHING to do with them being fired…

  7. gaspar says:

    thats bullsh**t. i was terminated for tellling the truth, you said that it was for illegal phone use? when its the prison that provided this phone to me. i was working at records and you saw me with my phone daily for the past two years. And for the internet use, how can you say it was illegal when you authorized mr. Gongora to have internet because he had to deal with embassies, immigration and court matters. u know why we were terminated. for this simple text that john woods got angry for “THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, THEY JUST CARE ABOUT KOLBE, HE WAS JUST SENT 30 TO A.R.C, BUT AGAIN ITS YOUR DECISION”. its because you tried covering the rape of the female prison officer by the senior officer and because Mr. gongora and i stood up for the truth, u called us anti-kolbe and anti management and considered us a threat. but we did the right things MR JONES.

  8. Concerned Citizen says:

    Mr. Earl Jones, set the record straight, you know why those two were fired, but you are covering up John wood and the superintendent, the firings were due to the attempted rape that happen, Camara had a text that he sent to the female officer that was almost rape, she needed assistance thats why she text camara and he assisted her in giving her his opinion on the situation, but as eveybody knows the superintendent needs to be removed but as John Woods cant do it bec he knows WHY, stop the injustice, PM you need to do something.

  9. Concerned Citizen says:

    Libra shut the F**** up, if you no have nothing to say sensible dont waste your time writing, you must be one of the affilate of Mr. Jones, or John Wood or the superintendent, though.

  10. Nova says:

    I think it’s hide time prison start purging out these corrupt officers who start off by ‘prioritizing’ certain prison rules that they can break. I applaud Mr. Earl Jones as he is a professional trying to professionalize the prison force.

  11. Sherlene says:

    The problem with government department is that their work force believes they can do what they want and forego good practices and policies. I can recall what prison was like in the 1990′s and can compare it to present day prison and its apparent the vast improvement and development. It’s because of private sector’s commitment to an acceptable standard of performance and work ethics. Unfortunately, any movement to improve is always controversial and leaves bitter taste in the mouths of those who oppose and are comforted by the substandard status quo. Unfortunately. We need to start support these initiatives. Imagine the prison being under government control. Imagine!

  12. Credibility says:

    If you look at the credibility of the people who are being terminated at Kolbe it’s an open and shut case. Vipers n snakes the whole group, n thanks for the media for giving these people the opportunity for employers to see their faces and be able to look up their names.

  13. Concerned Citizen says:

    Nova, talk something sensiblle, you too much be an affiliate of Earl Jones, Woods and the superintendent, so if you no have sense SHUT UP…………………………………..

  14. Felipe says:

    I was and consider myself as a Professional Senior Prison Officer, I served the Prison System 19 years since 1992, I know both Government and Kolbe Management. I joined the Prison service I was not appointed, I rose up thru the ranks, I have earned the respect from fellow Officers and Inmates throughout these years and despite people even relatives of mine telling me how ungrateful the Management of the Kolbe Foundation is and will for ever be, as I’m referred to be a ” mischief maker.” Today, I am grateful to Jehovah God for granting me that privileged of working at the Prison and the opportunity of helping people that are considered bad, outcast of society and deserving to be locked up and the key thrown away. At the end of the day, this is my satisfaction I don’t expect a reward or a gratitude for my service, I have always lived and believed and today evermore so that ” We the willing are doing the impossible for the ungrateful, we have done so much with so little, that we are now capable of doing anything with nothing.” I know Mr. Jones is paid to do as has he usually termed it ” Damage Control” for Kolbe and it must be acknowledged but he, in his heart knows better. I have other Great Men and Women under whose leadership I have stood alongside throughout these rewarding years that may not share that sentiment, Mr Bernard Adolphus, Mr. Anthony Lopez, Mr. Carlos Mencias, Mr. Wayne Moody, Mr, Nuri Muhamad, Mr Kieth Hamilton, Ms. Jenny Lovell, Ms. Dianne Finnegan, Mr Errol Gentle, Mr. Mel Auil among others too numerous to mention including the many fellow Men and Women Prison Officers gone and present whom I had the privileged of working alongside as well!!!!! Nuff respect to dem all !!!!

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