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Jul 11, 2013

Family believes the police want to extradite to US without a hearing

Deon Bruce

Twenty-eight year old Deon Bruce remains tonight in police custody, after being detained this afternoon by personnel from the Gang Suppression Unit.  According to Bruce’s family, they were unofficially informed that he is wanted by U.S. authorities for his alleged involvement in a homicide committed in Chicago.  Bruce was picked up around three thirty p.m. before being transported to the Queen Street Precinct where he is being held.  It is feared that Bruce will be whisked away to the United States without first exercising his right to a trial here in Belize. Attorney Michael Peyrefitte, who has been hired to represent him, told the media late this evening that he has been denied the right to see his client.  The strategy, he says, is an attempt to prevent Bruce from requesting a hearing in the local courts prior to being extradited.


Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney for Deon Bruce

“I wish I had information to give you. There is none. When a person is detained by the police for whatever reason, the person has a right to make a phone call. The person has a right to consult immediately without delay with an attorney at law. I’ve come to the Queen Street Police Station. The duty officer has made very clear to me that I am not, even as an attorney, I am not allowed to see Mister Bruce, who is a person who is detained. So Mister Bruce in my opinion is being illegal detained and his constitutional rights are seriously being violated. No police seem to have an answer and obviously though, he is here under the direction of the Gang Suppression Unit and it seems as if though clearly if there was any wonder, the Gang Suppression Unit headed by Mister Vidal is clearly untouchable, clearly above the law, clearly above the constitution and nobody seems to be able to exercise any rights. I mean clearly some of the police officers would want for me to see him—seeing that that is the proper process—but the direction from Mister Vidal is that absolutely nobody is to see Mister Bruce, no food allowed, no communication, no attorney and that is something I feel the need to speak out about. That is absolutely wrong.”


Isani Cayetano

“Have they said what the crimes are as to his detention?”


Michael Peyrefitte

Michael Peyrefitte

“They have said…I come here…the standard process is when decent police have people detained, you come here, you ask to see the person, you talk to the person and then the police would give you an indication. I mean I have been coming here for ten years. “Mister Peyrefitte, the person is detained for murder or whatever. He is pending investigation…” and that is fine. You at least know what the person is detained for, you at least get a chance to speak to the person so that the person can give you any instruction if necessary. But all I got from the person in change was just a bland Mister Peyrefitte; you can’t see your client.”



“In light of what they have told you, what can you do now as the attorney for this man?”


Michael Peyrefitte

“The best that can be done is to apply for a writ of habeas corpus for him to appear before the Supreme Court tomorrow and for the Supreme Court to require of the state to give a reason for his detention and an explanation as to why he was not allowed to see his attorney. So essentially that is all that can be done unless the GSU want to whisk him off tonight. The courts don’t know open twenty-four seven for better or for worse. But I imagine it is an old strategy by the police. I can imagine that if I get to speak to Mister Bruce, he has a choice. He can say if they want to extradite him, he can waive extradition proceedings and just appear wherever they have indicted him in the states, presumably. Or he can say no, I want to exercise all my rights here in Belize before I’m extradited. I think the police just want to prevent him from saying to anybody that he wants the process to happen here.”


Should Bruce exercise his right to a hearing in Belize, he will join a list, including the Sewell brothers, Rhett Fuller and Khalid Jamil El Turk, who are all wanted in the United States on various criminal offenses.  Should he be coerced into waiving his right to a trial, Bruce’s family fears that he may be the victim of what they allege would be state sanctioned kidnapping.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “Family believes the police want to extradite to US without a hearing”

  1. Rod says:

    This is because judas barrow has received his thirty pieces of silver for this man but if it was a udp minister this would never happen they can kill 13 babies without any repercussion.

  2. Gerald Underwood says:

    You right . Rod Barrow got his thirty pieces of silver already am sure if it was his son that got deported from the states he would probably sent numerous leeters to the president of the united states like what he did sending letters to the mayor of new york lol

  3. legodis says:

    So this 1 single man been tried and wanted to in the US ,well guess what ? he will probably end up in a a correctional facility there,now what happened with the case of Rhett Fuller ,he is still in Belize and was to be extradited a long time ago .!!! So to see how fi we gov di goaan.

  4. ceo says:

    How the hell can someone be denied legal counsel in a democratic country? Inspite of this he will not get my sympathy because he is a criminal and he show face the music now.

  5. Concerned Belizean Gial says:

    Wow! now I see why Belize is the way it is. Harboring criminals, people lets stop pointing fingers and instead hold oneself accountable for his or her actions. We don’t need anymore bad people in Belize. Belizean people have suffered enough rid the country of these parasites that go home and terrorize the country. Only criminals have rights in Belize now?

  6. Belize land of the free says:

    Barrow son did get deported from the USA because of Gun violation, he can never come back to the USA. Shane is a criminal in the USA, yes a criminal, and spent time in Federal Prison.

  7. Belize land of the free says:

    if he did some wrong them he needs to be sent back to face the music, you can’t commit a crime
    such as a homicide, and run back to Belize. No that will not work, from one Belizean to all belizeans
    he need to face the music he started.

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