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Jul 8, 2013

Match fixers try to bribe Belize’s football players

Gold Cup 2013 opened on Sunday in Pasadena, California where the results of the opening games had been unpredictable prior to Sunday.  In the opener of the tournament, the small country of Martinique defeated the Canadians. This upset was followed by another when Panama went on to beat Mexico. But the game that all Belizeans are looking forward to takes place on Tuesday night when Belize Jaguars play against the mighty team from the host country, United States. And our live coverage of the game begins at eight thirty. The Belize Jaguars arrived in Portland, Oregon late Friday night to prepare for their first historic game.  Considered the underdogs, the national team has had an early start and has been training on the synthetic field at Jeld Wen Field. A News Five team comprising William Neal and Rick Romero are following the team. The big news tonight is that since their arrival in Portland, two players were approached over the weekend and offered thousands of euros to lose the game against the United States. William Neal spoke to the players and to CONCACAF about the indecent proposal.


Ian Gaynair, Mid-fielder, Belize Jaguars

“I still feel wah way right now because I experience something today weh I neva experience ina my life. Only thing I mi hear about it already. Dehn had this guy weh we met in Guatemala City when we went to play a friendly match on June tenth. The guy came friendly; wanted to buy two tickets to go see us play the next day. We end up selling the man the ticket then he end up talking to us and became friendly with us. Then after that he wanted to know more about Belize and me and West explained to him to whole nine yards about Belize and he wanted to go there and just visit. And he ended up getting our number. He never get wah chance to go to Belize because we were busy with football. We ended up meeting the guys out here. Ih contact West, we meet ahn out yah and we sat down with the man and he start tell we bout he wah offer we wah large amount of money to help out fi we family and just change fi we life make we like become wealthy and thing. After that I get frightened and think cause I done aware of the match-fixing thing. Like I noh know weh fu do because I say maybe thiws man have wah recorder or something on ahn. And then the man even throw wah lotta money at we…so much hundreds and so much fifties because he done see that my features change about it. Then I tell West about it that I don’t wanna stay here; mek we goh. Then West mi di feel the same way.”


Woodrow West

Woodrow West, Goalkeeper, Belize Jaguars

“Me and Yellow dah the same way; we open to people because we feel good that they appreciate footballer and we look to those kinda guys when they are around. But we still had our gears up because I tell Yellow…before everything, I tell Yellow, like something up with this guy. He noh di show no kind of negative thing or whatever, but he just too friendly. So I tell Yellow, supposed this and supposed that and we came to this point that maybe he wah give we money to sell fi we game and thing. And Yellow say noh mien I noh think the man wah do that. we say that right before we gone fi sit down and talk to this guy and then he tell we that in football man get rich and thing but dah two side. And dah right there, my whole features know that he di come with that same talking there. And then he said the other side of the football is that he want we sell the game and promise he that we wah lose the game and he wah give we money fi change fi we life. And that changed the whole situation afterwards because we really mi di take this man like any ordinary tourist or something like that.”


Ian Gaynair

“Then the man offer to give me and West ten thousand Euros. I noh even answer he because I noh even into it no more.”


Ian Gaynair

Woodrow West

“He di tell we mek we promise ahn that we noh wah tell nobody this. And that dah mi di whole hold up…he follow we all the way to the hotel di cry to we make we noh tell nobody and this that. And he got two twin daughters weh he put ih life pan that if we noh tell nobody he wah reach dah Belize and this that. And that was what we were afraid of because we have to report it and the coach tell we that if anything like that comes, we have to report and then he neva want. So that dah why we gone tell them for the safety of our side.”


Ian Gaynair

“I put my country before all of that. All the struggle weh me di go through or all them years weh I di play football, I can’t just take wah lee bit of money and just throw my country behind my back and my whole career. I noh think it really work it.”


Woodrow West

“We do it for fi we country. And yes people might take Belize lightly, but we noh di dead fi no money and whatever. We come out yah fi play fi we country and put football and develop fi we football dah Belize. That’s all weh we deh di. We noh di take no bribery from nobody and we noh need that cause like weh yo just say, whatever dah fi we, it will come no matter how long it takes.”


Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart, Traveling Liaison Officer for Belize, CONCACAF

“There are people going around who sees this is a window of opportunity for a team like you guys who have shown your good football skills on the field and you are getting some recognition. And so they are trying to tear you down so they are trying to approach players, trying to offer them stuff. And that is just going to be detrimental to those guys in the long run and I am just happy that those guys are very pro-Belize, very pro-themselves in betterment and they are not going to let those people pull them down. So it is very good and it is very refreshing and CONCACAF sees that and recognizes that and feels very well that Belize was proactive. People approached a couple of the players and they were like no. They went right to us and gave a description of who it was and whatever and right away that is already filtered through to Interpol and all the other people that are trying to…so now they have a profile with whosoever it is and they are going to go from there. So congrats to Belize because for a lot of these young guys, it is the first time that they are on an international stage representing their country and people are trying to throw big money at them to try to change their course and it is very good for your federation and coaching staff that these guys are grounded.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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19 Responses for “Match fixers try to bribe Belize’s football players”

  1. Rod says:

    Good thing not Neva one gov. Minister or pm otherwise they mi a sell out the country fast.

  2. Johnny Cash says:

    Proud of you guys….you have the country at heart. Hope some politicians watching/reading and can learn from this.

  3. Joga Bonito says:

    Welcome to the big league of World Football: a popular sport, a multibillion dollar industry, a touch of underworld figures, gamblers and match fixers.

  4. Awesome Guy says:

    Everyone is very proud of you guys! Go kick some A$$.

  5. Truthbetold says:

    True dat Rod! I hope these guys take the Giant down tonight!!! And even IF they don’t they will still be winners for all Belizeans and for all pro-Belizeans. We love you guys and I’m sure that every Belizean who don’t have a Television will find one tonight. :)

  6. Belizean Pride says:

    can’t miss this match whatever the result is we’re proud of you guys representing us in the pitch internationally, big up the Jaguar!!!!!!

  7. Al says:

    This was a set up to discredit the country of Belize. I am proud of those young men who put honor before dirty money. The government need to put some money into sports, this would raise up young people, they can compete on the world stage. As these young people win games abroad, they would profit financially and be able to start businesses and add to the economy. I want them to do well.

  8. busha says:

    nice one chaps…

  9. ceo says:

    My hat’s off to you guys! All of Belize if proud of you guys! I will be at the Hartford Game next week! There are still a few good men left in Belize. An example for the rest of those that are selling out our little country one rosewood tree at a time, or one pistol at a time, or one caye at a time!

  10. landi says:

    What a great relief to know that we still have guys with integrity in our society. Great move young men. I feel like crying out loud for joy.

  11. neil says:

    I am sure the Americans are scared of our boys

  12. Mr. Concern says:

    Proud of Belize’s team. I respect your honesty and hope all politicians would learn from this.

  13. Hahaha says:

    You will lose Belize and you will lose horrible…. Hahhahhahja or jajjajajajjaj

  14. bushboy says:

    Go Belize

  15. sickntired says:

    Di football minista mussi sorry he neva de round fi tek di money and act like he could force they guys to throw the game ha ha

  16. Hahaha says:

    Should have taken that money… Lmao

  17. UncleSam says:

    @neil BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 6-1… afraid? BAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  18. Belizean says:

    I am a proud Belizean, but this made laugh so hard that I had to go the bathroom. Seriously? Bribe Belizean players? I don’t believe these Belizean football players. They are not even professional, speaking creole on national television. I have also heard that they are arrogant and I suspected this. They play for the love of the sport but they need to be more humble, especially the president Ruperto Vicente, who said that Belize will “Humiliate the United States”

  19. Belizean says:

    This made me laugh. Our football players are so arrogant. I don’t believe that mathc fixers tried to bribe them. THey just want to make some news. I love my country and support the team, but they need to stop being arrogant. Ruperto Vicente needs to be removed. Did you guys know he said that Belize will “humiliate” the USA?? Also, footballers, please be professional and speak English on national television..If NBC interviewed you in the US, would you speak Creole?

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