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Jul 8, 2013

Stabbed and killed in Bella Vista

Marlon Martinez

There was another murder in the south which occurred in the small community of Bella Vista on the Southern Highway. In the early hours of Sunday morning, twenty-one year old Marlon Martinez received a fatal stab wound to his chest during an altercation. Police say he died on the spot. The man who allegedly killed him was knocked unconscious after delivering the fatal wound, and reports are that if Police did not intervene when they did, we may have been reporting two murders in Bella Vista instead of one. Mike Rudon has that story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Today this street in Bella Vista is quiet, but in the early hours of Sunday morning it was the scene of a vicious brawl which took the life of this young man, Marlon Alexander Martinez. Martinez was with two other men on the street when a vehicle passed by and allegedly almost hit the trio. In the vehicle were Andre Logan and the man believed responsible for the murder, Jose Montes.


Jesse Martinez, Brother of Deceased

“Da mi di pass in a vehicle and ih pass and like fi mash my bredda foot and then my bredda knock ih car and tell ahn bwai relax mien and then dah when dehn come out and thing dat happen.”


What happened is that Montes allegedly jumped out of the vehicle with a kitchen knife in his hand and started swinging. He was knocked unconscious by Jiro Herrera, one of the trio on the street, but not before he stabbed Martinez to the chest.


Jesse Martinez

Jesse Martinez

“One of my bredda friends, when he see that the man mi di fling knife at the man, then he come and the bally weh mi got di knife, ih cut ahn pan the elbow soh. That dah when he jump for my bredda but he neva know that my bredda mi done get stab. But then he come and knock ahn out and the man stay knock out for one punch. And then when the man hear police, he start to run because he mi think he kill ahn with one punch. When he gone and wait on the corner, he noticed that dehn di cry. So then he say that he mi feel that ih kill the man, but when ih notice dah my bredda mi done ketch but he neva know that.”


Jesse Martinez claims that his brother was still alive for at least half an hour on the ground. He tried to give Marlon CPR, but says he was moved by the Police who responded.


Jose Montes

Jesse Martinez

“He gawn and move me and left mi bredda right there because I mi know that when dehn deh so, you need to spin ahn around so that ih noh choke. But then the man gone crazy…he start to go on crazy with ih stick and then after a while, ih let go shot in the air—like three four shots.”


Mike Rudon

“So all this while he deh di move everybody and your bredda deh down pan di ground?”


Jesse Martinez

“My bredda deh pan the ground, he noh mi di move, but when I mi gone there, he mi still alive mine. If dehn mi pick up the man and ker the man dah hospital maybe we could get the man back…. But then police noh do nothing.”


The loss of Marlon Martinez is a tragedy to his family. His brothers would normally have been with him but they declined to go out drinking that night. And as you heard just now, Police had to fire shots to keep the crowd back from the unconscious Jose Montes, who would likely have been killed by the furious crowd.


Jesse Martinez

“He barely used to mi come out dah di dance dehn—only me and my next bredda used to come out more. He mi di drink right but I tell ahn bredda, I noh gwen out today I feel boring. I say well go home then. I say no man, I noh look for trouble; you done know me…I barely come out. I tell ahn well yeah. I tek it like that…slightas check. So then my next lee bredda say bwai I gwen home too cause I done sleepy. So he gone home. The man say before ih goen home ih say come make I ker yo. And the man say no, relax mien. I noh di look fi trouble. So I gone dah my room and when I come out back I done see that. My lee sista she can’t stop cry. That night I mi can’t stop too because I just mi feel like fi kill dah bally too. But after I react that god knows what to do. Yes we got that feeling inside of wi, but god knows weh ih wah do with the man.”


Police took the unconscious Montes into custody at the scene, though that is little consolation for his family. Mike Rudon for News Five.


Today, Independence Police confirmed that Jose Montes was positively identified by two eyewitnesses as the man who fatally stabbed Martinez. He was charged for murder and is expected to be formally arraigned in court on Tuesday.

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4 Responses for “Stabbed and killed in Bella Vista”

  1. Rod says:

    Hang him hang him high

  2. Hilary says:

    Another montes killer? The other guy down south in the prior story got chopped by a montes. Deport them all

  3. Al says:

    Is this for real, are these Montes people related. Always murder between friends related to alcohol. It seem like friends in Belize can’t get together without drinking, This country has a high rate of alcoholism. It is a shame the legacy we are leaving our children. We need change so bad.

  4. Elizandro says:

    We were not expecting this! May God do justice of what happened and the murder pay in Jail!!!!!!!! is this what our generation wants? Is this the environment we want our Children to grow on? Come on the change starts by each one of us!

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