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Jul 4, 2013

No Gold Cup for Assistant Coach Charlie Slusher

A rally is being planned at the Phillip Goldson International Airport to send off the Belize Jaguars this Friday morning, but retired football star and assistant coach of the Belize National Team, Charlie Slusher, will not be travelling to Portland, Oregon with the team. That decision was confirmed today by F.F.B. President, Ruperto Vicente. Slusher had served as assistant under controversial coach Leroy Sherrier, and in March when Sherrier departed, he was named interim coach of Team Jaguars. Ian Mork was then appointed national coach and Slusher again took over the role as assistant. But when the team leaves Belize in the morning to compete in the historic games against Cuba Costa Rica and the United States, Slusher won’t be by their side. Mike Rudon found out why when he spoke to the Vicente in Belize City.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

On Wednesday the rumor mill was grinding busily away with news that assistant coach of Team Jaguars Charlie Slusher had been grounded, so to speak. Today Ruperto Vicente confirmed what he claims was a difficult decision to make.


Ruperto Vicente, F.F.B. President

Ruperto Vicente

“It is lamentable that we had to make that decision this time. And no matter when we made that decision, there would not have been any right time to make this decision. But it had to be made now to avoid a lot of difficulties going into the Gold Cup. Gold Cup is too big for us and the nation is investing too much in order to run the risk that we anticipate will be taken by taking our assistant coach at this time.”


And when pressed, Vicente provided a little more detail to explain why Slusher had been pulled from the Gold Cup trip.


Ruperto Vicente

“It is not my style to bash anybody, but looking back to Costa Rica we had difficulties with Mr. Slusher. He apologized and that’s how we got him back on the national team. And there have been some things going on with him and the players. Just recently on Saturday night Mr. Slusher took the players late at night for drinks and they came back to camp late Sunday morning. So Saturday night they were out and it was the assistant coach that took them out.”


Vicente was visibly upset today and was quick to confirm that by no means was Slusher going to be fired, nor was he being pushed out into the cold. In the end, said Vicente, he just had issues which would not have helped Team Jaguars at this time.


Ruperto Vicente

“This is not a pleasant moment for Charlie or for me. I like Charlie and I respect him too and I would want to protect him as much as I possibly can, and I have. But this time I just cannot. It is an executive decision and the executive have made the decision and I have to go along with the decision of the executive not to take Charlie at this time. We are not firing Charlie…we’re not getting rid of him. We believe he has great potential and I believe that Charlie is going to be the young man that is going to take our national team to higher heights. I believe in him and so I am going to keep Charlie. I am going to talk to him this morning to assure him that he is a part of the federation and we’re not going to let him go. He is a part of us. He is a part of the family. So Charlie is going to be with the federation for as long as he desires to be. He has a future with the national team. He has a future with the federation. But it’s just that this time he is going to have to work on some issues and at this time we cannot take him on the trip with the issues that he has.”


But in the end, was due consideration given to the fact that Slusher has been an integral part of the team, standing up when there was no coach to guide them? Vicente says that all things were considered before a decision was taken.


Ruperto Vicente

“We took everything into consideration. We took into consideration the fact that Charlie Slusher has been with us. Charlie loves the sport and I understand that. Charlie has been with us since Mr. Lewis left. And after he apologized I took him in. I said, you know, we are big men even though he disrespected me in Costa Rica but I said I would not hold that against Charlie. But we see that the same thing that happened in Costa Rica is going to happen in the United States and we cannot take that risk. We cannot do that.”


According to Vicente, the decision is final. Slusher is being replaced on the trip by Kent Gabourel. Mike Rudon for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “No Gold Cup for Assistant Coach Charlie Slusher”

  1. fatwood says:

    Mr Ruperto Vicente you’re a punk for snitching on Charlie Slusher for ‘[t]aking the players late at night for drinks.’ When men go for girls and for drinks they keep it between themselves (you didn’t know that??) and your deed is especially egregious considering your statements were broadcast on national TV. Again (as with the Gay agenda), the USA is leading you and other weaklings and cowards by the nose by convincing you that what Lance Armstrong did was abominable. So now any peccadillo by sportsmen makes them the object of derision. Another punk just like you recently outed Andy Schleck upon seeing him leave a bar and not walking so straight. After that news ran like wildfire, that little motormouth realized he unprovokedly wronged Schleck and he repented. You too will regret betraying Charlie Slusher, Mr. Vicente. Will you too repent, Mr. Vicente?

  2. like says:

    i saw one of the strikers drinking stout at a local bar in cayo on Friday night.

  3. henry says:

    Sad to see this kind of thing happening to our team at this time, but I have complete faith in the federation and Mr Vicente that they will make the right decisions.

    GO JAGUARS!!!!

  4. Bzean says:

    If we’re playing internationally and the whole country is trying to get these boys to the US by raising funds then we deserve professional players. Professional means that they will not be out getting drunk when they have an important game coming up. Good call on leaving Mr. Slusher. It’s about time we get serious.

  5. Belizean Pride says:

    seems you don’t watch much football reports, just watch spain the big one or mexico lately, after losing their first game ( copa confed.) they went to party with girls, some are being discipline for that act, if our boys wants to reach professional level they have to start keeping discipline strictly. at this point in time they aren’t consider buddies to keep this things as little secrets but they have to act as pros, if they don’t start then until when?
    come bro, it might sounds harsh for the public these little things as we call it but in reality it counts on their profession as if they broke the compromise of abstaining from alcohols, girls while in camp.

  6. Johnny Cash says:

    I’m not a footballer and know only some basics on the sport.

    I do feel proud of our team representing and especially McCauley for setting that world record. It is very unfortunate that this took place and Slusher outsted as he is and should be respected as a valuable asset. I agree with Fatwood when he says too much was stated on the media….you don’t do that especially if you claim to respect and like a person.

    One question: who is this Sergio Chuc? What knowledge does he bring into football? For some strange reason this smells like politics to me.

    Nevertheless, Go Team Belize!!!! We stand proud and support you 100%!!!

  7. ceo says:

    Good move! Old habits die hard! Too often Belizean athletes drink or smoke (or rut) themselves onto the scrap heap. This is not snitching Fatwood this is the way a team should be managed. Do you see how much team members are fined just to show up late to practice? By the way it is always announced on the sport report whe they are fined and what they are fined for and how much they are fined. This is the type of discipline it takes to be professional. Belize have many good athletes but they do not exercise the discipline needed to take their game to the next level. With this type of leadership the team will improve.

  8. kid says:

    totally agree our athletes lack disipline

  9. moses EX PC says:

    I was in Kingston, Ontario , Canada, I believe in 2002, when the Belize team played 2 qualifying games against team Canada, I witnessesed several players drinking at the bar just hours before the game. They lost of course. So discipline is essential in all sports especially at a higher level. But I have a problem with rats and as far as forgiveness…Bicente you are full of it.

  10. Miguel says:

    It was good we need to get serious that is why Belize never gets no where with football man like slasher should complete out of the national team

  11. XMON says:


  12. mr trust no1 says:

    thineThis got to be a joke first of all mr vincent full of crap the reason he had issues with the assistant is because he try to disrespect coach sherrier and is assistant took is coach said and second tell me what where , o when its been prohibited to have couple drink on your time off in any professional sport this story got more to the story that vincent will not say like the $$$ receive in costa rica was spend among him and is friends and the players never got what was promise and that all the money given is paying for the the wifes and all the delegates that going on the trip and belize is the only team that going with more delegates with there wifes than players so get your story right cause like part of the money they took for they wifes to shop this so call man of GOD is a con artist that need to shine in a sport he got no idea how to manage anyone have any question of my statement i will be glad to answer any inquire and to back my statement

  13. Sports Mogul says:

    @Belizean Pride- I agree with you partially, but just to get the stats right…the implications against Mexico and Spain at the Confed. Cup was only allegations against them. The Brazilian Press didn’t have solid evidence;therefore, the teams were not sanctioned as a result of it. If our players are doing bad, then we should not tolerate any kind of stupidity. Now if all these allegations are not true, then it is unfair to the players, because it’s our National Team; Nevertheless, let’s look forward into doing our best!

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