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May 14, 2013

“He was honest” says mother of youth killed by police during escape

Rasheed Elijio

Eighteen year old Rasheed Elijio’s life was cut short this past Friday when he was killed by Punta Gorda police. The background is that Elijio was being transferred to the Hattieville Prison from Punta Gorda for a charge of carnal knowledge when he, along with another prisoner, nineteen year old Brian Garcia, escaped. Both Elijio and Garcia were handcuffed together to board a James Bus. But their escape was short-lived because three hours after their escape, police claimed that they caught up with them in the Carib Area Reserve. Several shots were fired and Elijio was killed when a single shot landed on his back. An internal investigation was ordered and Southern Regional Commander, Senior Superintendent Robert Mariano along with Inspector Santiago Ciau of the Crime Investigation Unit were immediately deployed to determine the circumstances of the death of the youth. The name of the officer who pulled the trigger has not been verified, but the police who reported the incident is David Griffith and it is known that another officer was also pursuing the two escapees. News Five caught up with Elijio’s family at the K.H.M.H. morgue this afternoon as they waited for a postmortem examination to be conducted.


Curtline Flores, Mother of Deceased

“He was loving. (Crying) He was honest. He don’t do anybody anything. All I want is justice; that’s all.”


Duane Moody

Curtline Flores

“After the post mortem, where to?”


Curtline Flores

“Well Friday, the wake will be Friday and the funeral will be on Friday.”


Duane Moody

“Did he have any kids or anything like that?”


Curtline Flores

“He was a young child; he just completed eighteen and he didn’t even enjoy his life and they took it away from him.”


David Elijio, Father of Deceased

“Dehn tell me so far that indeed ih get shot and that dehn still di go through the investigation so I mi di wait on the police investigation. So at this present moment, we are at the hospital at the morgue di go through the finalization of the post mortem and give out everything weh we di give out.”


David Elijio

Duane Moody

“How many times was your son shot?”


David Elijio

“One time to the back on the left hand side. He was shot from behind.”


Duane Moody

“You must be irate. He was not armed, he was handcuffed; he was chanced out of his life.”


David Elijio

“Yes that is true and then there is no way out of the law that tells you you can shoot somebody from back-on; especially a prisoner or someone who is running from the police. If you are a police, your job is to chase this guy and hold him or capture him. But shooting a prisoner with handcuff; that’s a no, no. So right now I want justice for my lee bwai. The police man weh shoot the man, so far the entire Belize done know this guy shoot two, three people already and gets away with it. This will be the last person he shoot and gets away with it. I really need justice fi mi lee bwai so right now….I just can’t take it no more mien. I can’t really take it no more.”


Curtline Flores

“May tenth, they shot my son and he was innocent. Dehn shouldn’t have shoot my son; he is a innocent person. He was not convicted of any child so I don’t expect that they should have shot him like that. So all we need is justice and justice will have to be served.”


A wake will be held on Friday night in Dangriga and funeral services are set for Saturday. This afternoon, a strong release from the Punta Gorda Town Council condemns the wanton use of excessive force on the killing of Elijio by police. The release says, “the alleged killing of young Rasheed was uncalled for by an officer of the Police Department who is sworn to protect life and property.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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11 Responses for ““He was honest” says mother of youth killed by police during escape”

  1. Storm says:

    How is it that the police who were involved can refuse to say who shot him? If it was in the course of their duty, they must report it. Otherwise, it appears they are relying on the right of every criminal to refuse to incriminate himself.


    What is Compol doing about this festering boil in the south? It needs to be lanced, and it is his job to do that.

  2. Buju says:

    Why was he running if he was innocent and honest???

  3. Bmp Chic says:

    this is sad , y shoot this child with handcuff, cheat him out of his life, was he a murderer? child molester? NO …

  4. Carlos says:

    Often times guys would get charged for the little whores out there, they should have never locked him up, lock up the girl or woman I should say, because she knew what she was doing.

  5. NY says:

    @BUJU .. He was running because he got scared of jail time, which meant that he was not a bad guy @ heart, or a harden criminal because these types of people would do their bid easily, they view it as a badge of honor. As any other kid he wanted to have fun and I’m sure he thought that a 17 year old minor having sex with a 15yr (soon to be 16) old minor wasn’t going to get him in serious trouble. But in BELIZE, only the poor pay for their allege crimes, while the rich gets away with murder everyday.

  6. moses EX PC says:

    Aside from the tragic and unnecessary death, the law has to be changed in regards to the age of consent of women. It does not make sense that consensual sex between an 18 year old and 15 year old is a crime ( in most part of the US, this is not a crime. In West Virginia they get married at 12). Its not like the guy was over 21 and having sex with a child. Some 14 years olds females get more action than grown women; they are Jezebels, enticing men for sex. Forget Kalib and his …….. (homosexuaal) law suit.. Would some legislator please step up to change the marijuana law and the definition of when a child is not a child. I’ve seen this so called 14 year old child; she look like she 21. At 17 when your brainless head have only one thought, most teenagers would bang her too. Every town had one that was passed around. I understand she is pregnant too. Shakespeare couldn’t write this guegue. As for the policeman, he is obviously a cowboy, fast with the gun. He will kill again if the department does not get rid of him. There are some cops who are quick with the trigger and make up lies to cover up their action. This is a clear example of the latter and the parents should file a hefty law suit.

  7. anewvoice says:

    Moses EX PC, while the age of 12 sounds good for a sensational reaction that is not true. Most states in America require the legal age to be 18 to marry. There are a few states that will still allow you to marry if you are below the age of 18 however you must have parental consent. I just wanted to clarify.

    Also, a few years ago there was a case in Atlanta, Georgia were an 18 year old was arrested for statutory rape which means the act of sex was consensual however the age of a participant was below the legal age limit. Not sure what came of the law on the books but I know the boy was released from jail.

  8. Devon says:

    Come on people I am a ex-Police Officer of the Belize Police Departmenat and Belizeans dont know that the Constitution says when you are an escaped prisoner the police can bring you back either dead or alive even here in the US thats a standard Law come-on Belizeans you act as if the Police is fully at Fault the boy escaped so he in the eyes of the law is considered dangerous and a flight rish and must be brough back I am sorrry for the family My Condolences but the boy should have not tried to escape and just serve his time.

  9. Smartbze says:

    Honest and in handcuffs? Maybe us belizean ppl should open our eyes and realize he is a criminal, not only for escaping but also for carnal knowledge. OPEN and CLEAR YOUR HEADS ppl.

  10. moses EX PC says:

    whatever happened to the suspected murderer McAfee?

  11. moses x pc says:

    You checked a sect of the moromon community lately. On mand had 35 wives,,ages 12 to 50.

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