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May 7, 2013

Caleb Orozco versus the Government: Case begins

The church is threatening fire and brimstone, calling homosexuality an abomination and is praying for the protection of section fifty-three of the Criminal Code. But notwithstanding all that, Caleb Orozco is having his day in court, or in this case, a week in which Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin will hear arguments from attorneys representing Orozco, the Attorney General of Belize and interested parties. This morning all those parties, represented by fifteen attorneys, supporters, church advocates and interested persons crowded into court number one for the first day of what promises to be a very comprehensive journey into a complicated issue surrounding section fifty-three which penalizes persons who engage in carnal knowledge against the order of nature. Mike Rudon was there this morning and had the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

There was tight security this morning at the Supreme Court as participants and observers in the case of Caleb Orozco versus the Attorney General of Belize arrived for the first day of proceedings. There was a veritable procession of high-level attorneys, followed by aides carrying boxes and cases of files and documents.


The man who is in the spotlight, Caleb Orozco, arrived before ten with a Police escort, and headed up to the verandah of the Supreme Court where he would join his attorneys and supporters before heading into the courtroom.


Orozco was represented by lead counsel Christopher Hamel-Smith and attorneys Westmin James, Lisa Shoman and Simeon Sampson, all operating under the auspices of the University of the West Indies Rights Advocacy Project, or U-RAP.


Today was spent with Hamel-Smith making his opening submission. He told the court that the key issue is simple and can be summed up like this – Is Section 53 inconsistent with the Constitution and if so, to what extent?


Hamel-Smith explained that his client has been placed in a position of making an intolerable choice which no citizen of Belize should be forced to make because of Section 53. Orozco, he said, could either choose to live as a law-abiding citizen by suppressing his natural desires and refraining from sexual activity, or he could abandon all hope of living as a law abiding citizen in this country and instead live as an un-apprehended criminal.


In making comment on the Churches, which are an interested party in the case, Hamel-Smith stated that the Constitution allows them to teach homosexuals their doctrine, and to try to change their point of view, but it does not allow the Church to attempt to mobilize the state as an instrument of evangelization.


In his submission, Hamel-Smith also touched on discrimination, rights to privacy and expression and the recognition of human dignity. Mike Rudon for News Five.

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56 Responses for “Caleb Orozco versus the Government: Case begins”

  1. NY says:

    It you believe in GOD ,it is said that HE made everyone in his own image, meaning that if GOD made this guy and other people in this BIG WORLD, to be gay, then as a community, these individuals should be offered the same protection as everyone else. I think one has to be educated to understand the complexities of an issue of this magnitude because for the uneducated, they tend to be insecure and lack the basic comprehension of recognizing something that is different. Most of the Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Central and South American countries have a small gay population, therefore this is something foreign to them. Compounded with the lack of education, and the constant bombardment of false information from the churches and mosques, who by all accounts have something to gain by misleading and brainwashing their congregations, leave ignorant people with no other choice but to see things from their perspective. Biology dictates who one is, therefore if one has an imbalance in the male or female hormones which is responsible for masculinity and femininity, then that individual will act or behave in accordance to the dominant side of the imbalance.

  2. Stanley says:

    Awww, people quoting bible and showing their smarts. Did you bible thumpers also know that Deuteronomy says that if a woman is not a virgin upon marriage, that she will be stoned to death? And there are other such outrageous statements in Leviticus, among others. Some people are simply picking and choosing what parts of a religion they want to follow; it’s all or nothing.

    In the New Testament, when your friend came, he also said “Let he who is without sin among you cast the first stone”. But then again it is useless to argue with you people about a book written by men, to control people.

  3. sam dow says:

    we are all made by the God, we are not or will never be perfect,
    Gays are here to stay, time to change and embrace, what God has made.

  4. commonsense says:

    So, if Unibam loses this case will Caleb Orosco still continue to engage in anal sex? Logical answer: YES and in the privacy of his own quarters. Why all this fuss over something they will continue to do? This is an in-your-face agenda by homosexuals and they are testing our waters. I hope there is no straw for them to clutch on…

  5. Name Witheld says:

    We need Bugu Ban-tan to intervene.


    Really No one chooses to be gay? that’s a personal preference and lifestyle which sick perverted people CHOOSE to live and practice. Please it has been scientifically proven! Now they want others to accept their perverted lifestyle. I agree that consenting adult can engage in sexual activity with whomever they choose to in the privacy of their own bedrooms but don’t announce it to the world. Stay in ur damn closets and leave the rest of Belize out of it! What happens in the privacy of ur bedroom is nobody’s business! ……In conclusion, to all the LGBT or watever it is that u call urself A difference of opinion does not mean I hate you it simply means I disagree with u and i am disgusted by ur lifestyle!

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