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Apr 22, 2013

Drag racing on newly inaugurated Chetumal Boulevard

Darrell Bradley

If we had to caption this story, we’d probably call it – ONLY IN BELIZE. It’s just one of those things that make you shake your head. Less than a week ago, Chetumal Boulevard just off the Northern Highway was inaugurated with much pomp, ceremony and fanfare. It was a project of which Mayor Darrell Bradley was proud, and justifiably so. Where once there were great big ruts and gaping potholes, pedestrians and motorists could now enjoy a wide expanse of smooth cemented street, complete with median, fancy drains and bright street markings to guide traffic. Of course that only lasted about four days, since over the weekend Westrac was given permission to host a vehicle show which included drag racing on the brand new street. This is what News Five saw this morning on Chetumal Boulevard, though Mayor Bradley told us he hasn’t seen it yet.


Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor

“I would go out there and check it out. I knew about the vehicle show. It is something that Westrac had proposed for a couple weeks. And it is something that they had done in Cayo, at Old Belize and they had made a request to use the street for their road show and I thought it was a good idea because it brings business into the city. Of course a lot of people came into the City for that road show and in the future they want it to be an international event. But I wasn’t aware of the condition of the road, but that is something that I will look at today.”


When News Five spoke to the management of Westrac today, they assured us that they would be taking care of the tread marks marring the new signs painted on the street, including repainting to take care of any damage. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for “Drag racing on newly inaugurated Chetumal Boulevard”

  1. Nina Beeke says:

    Well done Mayor Bradley. One minute you show us that Belize is capable of fantastic road construction to equalise that of Mexico and the USA, and the next it is use for ‘drag racing’. How long do you think that all the hard work that went into this will start to fall apart by the use of such an event? Belize is just beginning to show what we are capable of and at long last something is being done that makes us proud. Now the message is getting through that perhaps this is being built to host such an event. If these people want to do ‘drag racing’, let them buy a piece of land elsewhere and build their own road for such an event, but on no condition must our public roads be used to host such an event. Get real. Only in Belize.

  2. Louisville,Ky says:

    Progress brings problems. So said Mr. George Cadle Price. This takes me way back to before the George Price highway was paved. I’m talking about when it was cohoone ridge gravel all the way to Roaring Creek and beyond.
    And then ‘progress’ came with asphalt roads and a whole lot of speeding and a whole lot of dying on our highways and byways.
    All I’m trying to say; with drag racing on Chetumal Street, it comes with progress. Nobody got hurt right? Just let them repair the damage and start planning for a better car show next year or whenever.

    Bring the progress Mr. Bradley, wi wah deal wit the problems.
    “Keep it coming love, don’t stop it now, don’t stop it”……KC and the Sunshine Band

  3. Belizean Pride says:

    I like the idea but let the drag race be on a safe area not a residential area. I would be nice of course for the company hosting it to make a pit only for that and to make it be a national event which families can go out and enjoy the show but the idea is good but not the place. I like the mayors sense of bringing business but lets make it a little bit safer.
    The country needs events like these to bring out people to release all that tensions we have daily from work and other stress but in a safe place specially for drag racing.

  4. Belizean says:

    Was there any happening that hurt anyone? @ Belizean Pride. Were you actually there? I agree with Louisvile..Yes, it might not have been THE best place, but it is the only place for now! Look, it was organized, no one got hurt, and all proper permits were obtained..I guess there are some people that are either jealous or anti-development, that find this even annoying. ………..

  5. trudy says:

    I think @Nina Beeke took the bait from the way the story was introduced and depicted. often a novel idea, or one that has a certain connotation, will be rejected out of hand. in this case drag racing elicits images of young punks engaging in reckless behavior. well, let’s start with this. how will spinning rubber on the street erode it so much and “[cause to] fall apart all the hard work that went into [its construction]?.” you should see how fans mark up the streets of france every year before and during the running of the tour de france. so, so much for your “only in belize” catcall. So long as safety is fully and properly addressed, there should not be an issue. and, please, no kiddies getting hurt, or the show’s over. i can’t help but despair at belize’s relatively tiny GDP and lament why it is that we cannot bootstrap ourselves out of these here economic doldrums. i ultimately come back to the same conclusion every time. for every two persons in belize who are willing to think out of the box there are twenty-five (including thirteen government bureaucrats) who will naysay. Did you know that israel is the same size as belize but has a gdp of US$250 billion? did you know that smaller-than-belize singapore has virtually no natural resources (except brains) but is an economic star? as bruce lee would say, “Be Water, my friend. put water into a cup and it becomes the cup. Water creeps and flows, Be Water, my friend.”

  6. Belize native says:

    I was at a disbelief when I saw drag racing pictures on Facebook.. This has to be the most stupid idea I have seen … Let me explain.. First off ,why would organizers hold an event like this with on lookers (people ) standing literally feet away from the action.. This has Tobe the craziest idea … Let’s put a senerio in view, say a driver loose control of his car or truck, crashes into spectators , can you image how many lives would have be taken and injuries .. We need entertainment but not at this cost.. Praise to god ,it when off without tragedy…

  7. Belizean Pride says:

    I wasn’t there but I wish my family can enjoy it too but only in a safe place to make it more family attraction knowing safety is first probably outside city limits and not in residential area. Even bike dragging would be nice along with car drag too. Hope you get my idea.

  8. ceo says:

    So were they issued a permit and specifically what did the permit allow them to do? If it did not specifically state drag racing then they are in violatio n of their permit and should have been shut down and fined! Were police out there? Is there an ordinance that forbids drag racing on city streets? If drag racing is allowed what are the safety features that should be added before the face, did they include any safety feature? These are just a few questions that popped into my head and I am assuming that as a mayor these questions and many more should have come to his mind! Leadership is needed!

  9. Initiate says:

    Seems like main aim is being accomplished – Westrac’s publicity thirst being quenched.

  10. Pancho Pistolas says:

    Bring the Drag Racing to Corozal Town. It will be safer or not.
    Safe because first you can not drive faster than 10 miles per hour because the streets are full of potholes.
    Not because If you make a wrong turn your car will fall into a 1970′s Old Belize City style open drain and swallow and ruin your car.
    It is a disgrace what has happened to Corozal. We have gone backwards while the rest of Belize is moving forwards.

  11. Shark says:

    Looking at these comments I have to agree with Trudy. Firstly Nina Beeke needs to go to Mexico herself and not to mention the USA to know what she is talking about. Where do you think these events are held in cases where an official track is not around? The same Streets the ordinary citizens drive on…and guess what? They are still the best streets. ……. I applaud the Mayor and his team for the hard work they are doing as a matter of fact. As I have thought, this new culture would be embraced and appreciated by some but also criticized by many as I can see here, but the point is that no matter what, theirs always people tryna be sophisticated and !@#$ and just look at the negative aspect of things. If this type of event is gonna be a problem then you’lre simply pushing what could be a positive alternative for loitering, drugs, stealing, etc. The members of these clubs are yearning for support and they are ready to comply with the rules and regulations, but they just want a chance to display their passion and hobby. These clubs have rules that govern their reputation as a club which is why they constantly go over to Mexican events and participate, so if there is no support here in our country then definitely they are being pushed to spend their monies and time over there. There were a few Mexicans that came to support this first time event of a kind and if this does continue, then definitely we gonna be having a lot more coming from all over Mexico and the nearby countries.

  12. Shark says:

    Anyways, for those who are not aware, they are striving to get an official track where all this can be done with the necessary precautions and so forth. So its not like they are trying or just taking advantage of whatever is here, but there is a bigger plan for the future… and I wish CEO was there himself to see the actual POLICE that was there to support and ensure safety and erase the stipulation of questioning the permit. Like my teacher use to once say, “Some people just wanna be seen and heard, tryna make and @$$ out of themselves.” Many of the questions asked by CEO were just irrelevant.
    We are a small country and to make petty things be a problem and afraid to make a step forward or think out of the box, then we’ll remain in this same present state we’re now in and continue have everything be a problem and complain. Look at the issue now for those around Battle Field Park. A Huge plan is set out for that place and yet there are many ready to condemn the Mayor. We will never move forward with the mentality. Progress brings problems, but people can adapt easily and it would all be for the best. The city is calling for better infrastructure and aesthetics and thank God we now have a mayor that is willing to put the money to work and not invest it in other things (if you know what I mean).
    That’s all for now.



  13. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    “Should government share profits with the exporter of rosewood whose company is accused of felling rosewood during the moratorium? ”
    WHAT A LAUGH !!!

  14. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    “Should government share profits with the exporter of rosewood whose company is accused of felling rosewood during the moratorium? ”
    WHAT A LAUGH !!!

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