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Apr 19, 2013

Man dies within hours of being shot by police in Los Lagos

Ryan Lozano

The mother of twenty-one year old Ryan Lozano says her son was executed at the hands of the police. Lozano succumbed to injuries he received on Thursday afternoon after being shot multiple times by a police officer in the Los Lagos Community.  Shortly after midday, Ladyville police responded to a burglary in progress where they apprehended Lozano’s accomplice, twenty-seven year old Lenny Benguche, who was hiding behind the house.  Moments later, Lozano reportedly emerged from inside the house wielding a knife and a crowbar. Despite being cautioned, Lozano, a resident of Marage Road in Ladyville, allegedly advanced towards the officer, who opened fire hitting him once in the abdomen.  That account, however, is being vehemently disputed by Lozano’s mother.  Cynthia Usher, in an interview with News Five earlier today, said that her son received three gunshot wounds in the back while on the ground in police custody.


Cynthia Usher, Mother of Victim

Cynthia Usher

“This morning, I came to the hospital at eight-forty-five. At first entering the hospital I saw both doctors at the desk at ICU. So I went to them to find out the condition of my son. Upon reaching there, they told me that the prognosis is not so good; he is still not responding and the blood pressure is not raising. He gave me a lot of other theories that he already told me yesterday. I know from yesterday the condition was very grim; he had a slim chance, but I was still hoping for the best. After he finished, I asked if I could go and see my son in the room and he said yes you can. Upon me entering the door, immediately I knew my son was dead because his color was changed, I saw the blood that he was receiving was no longer attached to him, the IVs were taken off him. He was still on ventilator, but I didn’t pay the heart monitor any mind because I thought I would talk to him and maybe he would hear my voice. I was just hoping for a miracle. This morning was one of the saddest day for me beucase I didn’t sleep at all last night. I didn’t eat anything from yesterday morning and I came with the hope that just maybe he would have pulled through and I will be able to talk to him again and he would change his life. Lo and behold, I bent over I kissed him, I told him I love him—his face was warm. But I felt his nose was cold. So I felt his hand, it was cold and stiff. I felt his feet and it was cold and stiff. Then I noticed the heart monitor and it said zero. So I went back out to the doctor and I said, but my son is already dead. And they were like no. So I said, he is dead. So they came in; they watched me, they watched him—they had nothing to say. So I said he is dead, you don’t need to tell me he is dead. I accept it. I know you did the best that you can do. But all I want you to tell me is the same thing you told me yesterday. My son got three bullets in his back; none was from the back. He said yes Miss Usher, they were all from the back. I said that’s all I need and I need you to state that on his death report that those wounds were from the back. It was a gut-wrenching moment for me. I accepted that he was gone, but the part that is still eating me out is the thing the officers said on the news; he charged at them with a crowbar and a knife. Neighbors said they didn’t see no crowbar and any knife. From the police came, they walked out. They put them on the ground, moments after, they heard four shots. They look and they still see the guys on the ground. One asked tem, I didn’t think you shoot those guys. He said, I am making them an example. My son was shot in the back. Up to now I don’t know what really transpired there. The other guy that was there, I can’t talk to him, I don’t know if he was charged, released what? Only him know what really transpired there. All I know the shirt from my son that the doctor gave to me did not have a bullet whole, did not bear any blood on it; only his pants and his boxers. So he was shirtless and he is not a person to walk shirtless. He is never shirtless; not even in the house he is shirtless. To me it is an execution because if he was charging at them, he would have been shot in the chest or somewhere in the abdominal cavity. He was shot from the back. I have a death certificate; I just left the morgue. I viewed my son in the morgue just before the autopsy and there was no way he could have survived those injuries. His kidney was thorn out by the bullet immediately. The doctor said he didn’t remove that, the bullet did that. The kidney was gone, part of his liver had to be removed, part of his colon had to be removed, part of his intestines had to be removed and some other little things. But I am coming to grips with it. Just the fact that’s eating me is that he was shot in the back; he was chanced out of his life.”


Usher says that she has been unable to locate Benguche. She says that she will champion for justice in the death of her son, which she alleges was at the hands of a senior officer attached to the Ladyville Police Sub-formation. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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24 Responses for “Man dies within hours of being shot by police in Los Lagos”

  1. Storm says:

    I understand the mother’s pain at losing her son, but he was caught in the act with a very serious, violent accomplice with a long record, Benguche. “Show me a man’s friends, and I’ll show you the man.” For whatever reason Lozano was running with a VERY bad man, and he paid the price. Too bad Benguche didn’t share the fate, the Jewel will be better off without him, the sooner the better.

  2. Islander says:

    Charge the mother for benefitting from her sons crimes and throw away the keys .

  3. Tina says:

    Same guy held for questioning in the murder of the nice gentleman from Lord’s Bank last December the Lord works in mysterious ways.

  4. OH WELL says:

    So nice that now you have a voice, did you ever think the havoc your son caused in other people’s life when he was robbing them. That gold chain you are wearing look awfully familiar wonder if it’s the one they stole from me. Hmmm sorry I can’t feel sorry for thieves, you should have raised him better then you would have worry how or why he was gunned down. One less thief in Ladyville good riddance to bad rubbish.

  5. OH WELL says:

    Where was your voice when he was causing havoc in other peoples life robbing them and entering their homes unlawfully while they were out working hard. That chain you are wearing looks very familiar, wonder if it is the one stolen from me, Hmmm. If you had raised him properly you wouldn’t have to be wondering why or how he was shot becaue he would have been doing something productive but you probably enjoyed the spoils of his theft. Sorry I cannot feel sorry for theives, this is just one less thief in Ladyville, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  6. OH WELL says:

    KARMA Lady KARMA. Now you are grieving for your thiefing son while wearing the necklace that was stolen from my house, did you wonder how my life was affected when they stole all my memories and you will lose more until you return all my stolen jewelry that you are so proudly wearing. Now you know pain. If you raised him better you would not have to be on TV wondering how or why he was shot, he would be somewhere doing something productive. I have no sympathy for dead theives, one less for Ladyville more need to get the same.

  7. Simone says:

    One less-sorry mom-you didn’t try hard enough or if you did, it wasnt enough. Risks of his trade

  8. fed up says:

    Yes. our police officers are judge, jury and executioners. Get used to it.

    They will never be punished. They cover up for each other and kill people like dogs.. .. get use to it..

  9. Louisville,Ky says:

    Ms. Usher, it is an act of injustice if in fact your son was shot in the back execution style. However, you need to understand because of his reputation, you are not going to get a whole lot of hugs and sympathies from your neighbors, and the authorities will give you the run around.
    I get the sense people are relieved that he can no longer harass, violate and disrespect them with his burglaries and home invasions.
    As a parent, I fell your pain but, what we sow is what we are going to reap. Cold talk, but true.

  10. Belizean Pride says:

    same cry from scum bags mothers but let them feel what the victims feel, now they seem to have a sense of what we call anguish, when they don’t do what parents suppose to do is to teach some respect to others, hope it teaches a lesson to those others parents knowingly cover up for their sons that are scum bags of society and we’re just waiting for them to fall like this one.

  11. belizian bwai says:

    all you people must not have kids withball your hate full comment ,a mother can raise her child in the best way she knows ,but a child has a time in life when no parent can stare him r her in the right direction, away from bad friends or even this wicked world we r living dont blaim the mothers that lose there kids in there kids wrong mistakes in life.R.I.P to ryan may your soul rest in peace .

  12. ceo says:

    If you did not care enough about your son to teach him to live a better life, do you really think anyone cares that he is gone. I am sure you knew about his crimes and remained quiet. He may have been shot just the way you described it but do you think anyone will care that he is gone?

    I have never had problems with any police for my entire life; simple! First I do not break into peoples house, I do not steal; I do not commit crimes and if I am stopped by the police I speak to them with respect. Sorry!

  13. Princess Meadows says:

    She knows too well that this faithful day would come, she tolerate her kinds with the bs they do to society, whenever you go and complain to her she would turn around and get vex with you. Yes go check her house she is not smart enough so some people belongings might still be lingering around in her bedroom or kitchen etc. Shut up and bury the ……., I hope you take warning and try discipline the other one because he is as terrible as Ryan. But what are you worrying about my gal you got ton loads of pickini at home.

  14. bzeNYgal says:

    Those comments were so heartless. Yes what the child did was wrong; very wrong. But 2 wrongs cannot make a right. Police officers are suppose to behave with professionalism, courteous and integrity. Secondly i totally agree with belizian bwai; you are so educated and compassionate, may God bless you and your family. It is true you can raise your children the right way or try and they have a mind of their own in this wicked world. The parents are not thieves, his ancestors are no thieves; so command sense should have tell some of these idiotic commentors that this child follow company. One one can’t throw stones cause every family has a bad one. That poor woman hurting she lost a child and she knew he was bad she said it in her interview that she wanted him to change his life. As for the dumb dumb “oh well” if you know the necklace the mother wearing is yours so go get it or you thief it to. It was injustice; anyone get hit or shot in the back. The mother would have been better off wit her son in jail she can have hope for him to change his life but a dead child….. well the police officer didn’t just took his life but his sins; so let him carry it. Ryan is with the good Lord. Ms. Usher may God give you peace to sleep now without worrying where Ryan at or whom he is distressing he is singing with the Lord now. Peace to your entire family and as for those heartless people like OH WELL; ISLANDER; TINA; SIMONE just remember sin is sin and pain is pain.

  15. MAB says:

    broke into my house in Lake of “Ghetto Fab” “soldiers” as he calls them, running through a school yard with a gun, chasing another man, shooting of Oren Humes (17 times), allegedly suffocating baby Kaylee Burgess…need I say more?….not speculating people….I born and raise in Ladyville, watch this child grow, seen the things he did, but he has eluded police time and time again…no evidence…call me heartless, but i have no remorse whatsoever. Oh WELL totally agree with you, bzeNgyal…don;t knock anyone for their comments unless you’ve been hit. Ladyville can be a little more at ease now

  16. OriginalWoman says:

    @ belizean bwai and bzeNygal, I was thinking the same thing as I read the comments above. Belizeans seem to have grown so cold, even those who do not commit the murders, seem just as cold-blooded. Everyone on this blog is throwing stones, and the fact is WE ALL LIVE in glass houses…..People being too judemental, when we are ALL sinners and everyone deserve a second chance!!!

  17. OriginalWoman says:

    @ belizean bwai and bzeNygal, I was thinking the same thing as I read the comments above. Belizeans seem to have grown so cold, even those who do not commit the murders, seem just as cold-blooded. Everyone on this blog is throwing stones, and the fact is WE ALL LIVE in glass houses…..People being too judemental, when we are ALL sinners and everyone deserve a second chance!!! My condolences to the family and friends of this young man,

  18. BMNJ says:

    I’m a little confused! BzeNYgal said that Ryan is with the good Lord. So at what point, with all the sins that we committed on earth, will determine whether we are going to Heaven or hell? So is it OK for me to do all the ‘bad things’ and committed the same type of sins that Ryan was doing, that I will still go to Heaven during Judgement Day and have everlasting life with God in Heaven?

  19. Ladyville Resident says:

    I don’t know what it is like to lose a child but I do know what it is like to come home to a burglarized home. Nonetheless, we can’t blame the mother if she really did her best to steer her son in the right direction. On TV she’ll blame the police but when she’s alone she’ll probably feel guilty for having not done enough to steer her son away from a life of crime. And if she did benefit in any way from her son’s dishonest life, then she also indirectly played a part in killing him and that guilt will be even worse to live with.

  20. XMON says:

    every time a thief or murderer dies, whatever way they die, as a belizean i feel a little more safer. now the mother is sad because the money maker will no longer bring the money home thats all

  21. open yo eyez! says:

    It was unjustified the way that THIEF die, Yes Ladyville be better off without that THIEF! But that THIEF has a mother and she is in pain. NO way that THIEF with GOD bzeNYgal…. that so stupid for you to say. If it was my son what can I do? huh? what when I tried but the injustice is what is the problem here! Its like You all missing the point! for hell sakes its the INJUSTICE over all that’s messed up! We need to fix it! – Now shut up about the THIEF and fix the INJUSTICE! Anyone can say whatever about the mother’s pain or the THIEF over all the problem here is it was unjustified ok. How you you like the police kill your family that way??? even if he was a THIEF!!

  22. DAF says:

    regardless of being accused/or in the thef , the result that this accident ended up, was unnecessary. police have no right to kill anyone. how would you like if this happened to any person in your family!! if indeed this person was attacking an officer he should have been shot in an area that would not cause death, come on in police academy police graduate knowing how to shoot. How shameful is the police department not executing their responsibility well. However you can expect anything in belize now a days, even government officials thief!!

  23. Truth be told says:

    Truth be told, Ms usher never tried to stear that young man in the right direction, from he was a young child he has been giving trouble and doing malice, breaking into peoples house and stealing other peoples properties them …this is how the life of a person with no parental guidance ends up.
    And NO doubt his brothers are going down the same path slowly but surely. EDUCATE your cildren for they are the FUTURE of this country, oter wise they will end up like this, dead!

  24. Truth be told says:

    His mother never took the time out to stear this young man in the right path, she was too busy living her own life she didnt have time to take care of er childred.
    And his brothers are going down the same direction. SAD but TRUE

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