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Apr 17, 2013

Brothers shot, one killed during Roaring Creek robbery

Randolph Hyde

A family in Roaring Creek is today mourning the loss of one son and praying for the life of another who lies critically injured at the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan. Both men, Randolph ‘Peeney’ Hyde and Mark Hyde, were the victims of a lone gunman Tuesday night at a meat and grocery shop operated by the family in Roaring Creek. It happened after seven o’clock, just before the shop’s closing time of eight o’clock. The motive appears to have been only robbery, but that is no consolation to the family who has lost a son and father of two young children in a spray of bullets and blood. Freelance reporter Mike Rudon was in roaring Creek today and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

The father of Randolph and Mark Hyde and the common-law-life of Randolph are struggling to come to terms with the senseless violence which struck their loved ones last night. It happened here, at this grocery store and meat shop located right on the highway. Lianni Mejia says she was behind the counter serving some children when the door opened and tragedy entered.


Voice of: Lianni Mejia, Common-law wife of Randolph Hyde

“The door open and slam and wah person with hood and a black ski-mask mi deh in front of the counter and a silver gun ina my face. The person come around the counter and still di point the gun ina my face. He stand up exactly one yard from me with the gun still pointed ina my face and I had my one year old baby ina my hand. So ih had the gun pointed ina my face and ih eye just start to comb the area of the counter and ih see some two dollar bills and five dollar bills that I had under the counter. And he just grabbed them and same time the deceased, Randolph Hyde, said bwai weh di go on dah front there. And as I hear that voice, I just see the gun move from in front of my face and fired wah shot to the back. And when ih hear that voice and fired the first shot, ih dash from behind my counter, knock down some of the sweets bottle; ih continue run to the back. Half way to the back, ih fire another shot and this time I mi done deh pan di ground already so I really see weh gone on dah back. I just hear shots, bout five or six more shots gone off and then the young bwai run out of the place. And when ih run outta the place, I gone dah back gone see because I concern about my common-law. I goen see weh part ih mi deh; if ih mi badly hurt. I gone and when I look to the right, ih mi deh… (crying)”


What she saw at this spot behind the meat counter was her common-law husband of seven years, Randolph Hyde, lying in a pool of blood and not moving. The bloodstains on the floor have been washed away, but nothing can wash away the memories as Mejia watched her husband mortally wounded and gasping for life.


Voice of: Lianni Mejia

“The first thing I do, I look ina di storeroom thinking that Randolph Hyde mi deh ina di storeroom. But ih neva in there. So when I lookt he other direction, I see ahn down ina wha folded position ina wah pool of blood. And I touch ahn and I try talk to ahn and ih neva answer. When I done, I run to the front and I dial nine one one and I tell dehn weh happen. And I tell dehn that I need wah ambulance and I need one now. So I run dah back gone check ahn fi see if ih still di move. And when I touch ahn again and I start to talk to ahn, dah then ih get unconscious back and ih start fi gasp fi air through ih mouth. And ih just start to bubble up pan di blood down deh beucase dah mi so much blood.”


Randolph’s brother Mark, who was cleaning the band saw used to cut meat, was also cut down by the barrage of bullets. He fell at this spot between the counter and the storeroom.


Voice of: Lianni Mejia

“I noticed he got shot, but he mi alive and he just mi di move up pan the ground di say ih get shot, ih get shot. And I mi concern about Randolph Hyde because he dah my common-law and he neva mi di move.”


Mejia screamed for help and a crowd which had gathered helped to get the two badly wounded men to the hospital.That’s where the father of the two men saw his son Randolph alive for the last time.


Alvin Hyde Sr.

Alvin Hyde Sr., Father of Deceased

“My daughter-in-law called me and tell me that dehn shot “Peeney” and then I hail mi son and we come. When we reach yah, dehn mi done ker them already and the police dehn mi deh out yah. After that I gone dah the hospital. And when I reach the hospital and I get in, I see ahn on the bed. He neva dead yet, but ih mi almost done dead.”


Hyde believes that the motive was robbery, and says it is possibly connected to a robbery which happened in front of the store a few days ago.


Alvin Hyde Sr.

“I think that dah robbery dehn come fi rob him because dehn mi threaten him already that dehn mi wah rob ahn. One ah ih friends hear it and mi come tell him and bout three days before that, dehn rob wah chicken truck right in front of the house, right in front of the shop and dah neva people from around here because…The same guy Mark Hyde, the person push ahn with the gun and tell ahn make ih keep away fromt there and dehn rob the Mennonites and dehn gone and I feel like dah dehn same persons maybe woudla come back.”


Voice of: Lianni Mejia

“He da mi wah nice person. He dah mi wah person weh help anybody noh care what. Even if you owe him money already and you come and beg he and say that you need wah lee help, he wah always help you ina any kinda way. Yes people might say ih bad and everything, but ih have wah good side to ahn. Ih really got wah good side to ahn. And everybody around here so can tell you that he dah mi wah good person and ih mi got wah good heart.”


The killer allegedly ran through the door, across the highway and into this bush. Mike Rudon for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “Brothers shot, one killed during Roaring Creek robbery”

  1. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    The Hyde’s have a reputation of being bad people, but also they are nice people. They will help you when u r in need. It is sad to know that this young man was executed. I pray that God give his family Strength to deal with d loss of their love one.

  2. OriginalWoman says:

    I am at loss for words….My condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Hyde and I pray for full recovery for his brother. I am so tired of writing these words….What is Belize coming to???? Why?

  3. Lincoln says:

    Robbery? Nice person? Yeah right. It it was a robbery the person would not have approached and confront 2 Hyde male persons. Them Hyde da noting nice. He would have skipped instantly. But obviously he was looking for them. That was planned hit on the Hyde family for one of the many harms they have brought to people. Ask anybody from Belmopan or Roaring Creek about them Hyde brothers. Ask the Family of the Policeman who used to work at the Mall here in Belmopan….Ask Dj Ritchie… Ask David Mckoy Jr… just to name of the few recent terrors these brothers have brought upon our society. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Continue pray…I no know who the listen.

  4. Storm says:

    I admit I know nothing of the alleged sins against Roaring Creek people by these victims, but if they weren’t violent criminals, they did not deserve this crime.

    Hopefully the police can find the killer and he can be brought to full justice if he is arrested alive.

    Condolences to his family, and prayers for the children who will become two more Belizeans handicapped by being raised without a father.

  5. Rhyde says:

    lincoln, just by reading your comment i can feel your ignorancy and hate, its because of brothers like you this crime wave never stop, always there ti instigate, and fuss, hate, gossip,, the thong is one of the deadliest weapons,.because of people that enjoy hearing about this crimes that these tails never end,, by all means if hydes are good or bad they will answer to the father , regardless of what you say no one has the right to take life on thier own, this is a store and many other persons were at risk,,,so dont justify the act of murder,, whoever did this will pay, sooner or later, even you will have a cut if you dont change that wicked mind,,
    rest in peace pennie, ,its time to rest from this harsh world…see ya on the other side,,

  6. Steel says:

    He who lives by the gun shall also die by it.. Just a reality mein.

  7. get real! says:

    Pennie is responsible for a few hits himself. His life of crime and drugs dealings caught up to him. Sorry to say this but many people don’t feel much remorse for what happened. Anyone remembers Pecka Hyde. The Hyde brothers are responsible for murders and drug pushing. The police does have a heart for the innocent families that suffer the lost but the police is relief as the Hyde brothers get cut down; notwithstanding, that it is still a crime and it must be solved.

  8. Lincoln says:

    Rhyde..the tongue is not the deadliest weapon, its the gun that killed your relative. Obviously you are a Hyde so its expected you would respond like that. Nothing in my post is a gossip. Noting was said out of ignorance. You Hydes can dish out but unu can’t take it. But unu wa have to learn that all men are created equal. Everyone bleeds red……No cut the come my way because me no inna weh unu inna. The world is not harsh. You guys made your lives of crime…here comes the chickens coming home to roost!

  9. Jahlove says:

    to Rhyde.. gossip? everybody know weh d hydes do… everybody know russel hyde mek ih own bredda in law gan missing…everybody know russel hyde,peenie hyde, peca hyde mek lata people gan missing and cliffy weh deh da jail da murderer.. dem da murderers, drug dealers, d same way peenie wife the feel and ih kids, d same way he mek so much family feel. people mite tek up fu dem caz dem last name da hyde or dem fear demm or dem da mi friend, but da no new news dat d hydes da nada nice. Actions speak for demselves, and if u see , most a the brothers dead already, and one ina jail. I no know how russel no dead yet since he da one a d worst ones, but his day wa come..and i Hope he get fu know d good lord before ih time come caz he gat too much fu pay fah. ino wish bad pan nobody but u reap weh u sow, dem people deh hurt lata family, dem da criminals. maybe dem help out some people but dat no mek eryting else dem do right

  10. one and only says:


  11. jenny from Los Angeles California says:

    Lincoln, who r u to be a judge of my cousin Pennie? I am not saying that my cousins are saints, no one is, but he did not deserve to die like that. Whoever done that are cowards and they should remember their day is coming. and for u stupid ignorant @$$!@#$ Lincoln, Pennie did not take your space,u jackass may god bless u an the devil take u, u hater… I do not know u but I pray for people like you… May GOD bless my aunt and uncle and give them strength to deal with this tragedy…Lincoln, by the way your ignorance will get u aunt and uncle thank GOD they have money to give their son a good burial, but when u die they will throw your dumb @$$ in a hole and call it a day…

  12. Lincoln says:

    The pen is mightier than the sword. The truth is an offence. If I so ignorant, if I the judge, if I the spread gossip, how come Jahlove and get real share the same facts. one and only, me no need fu seek God, I know exactly where he is. Call a spade a spade. Me no have time fu hate.Life too short fu that. Jenny, nobody deserves to die period.

  13. dhyde says:

    Certain people love to use their !** for their mouth and talk !@** all day long. Proving how ignorant, uneducated, and incompassionate they are. Trying to get their 5 seconds of fame at anyone,s expense. Growing up as a Hyde, I am used to getting hated on for no reason at all. It just makes the skin grow thicker. I would not be who I am today without my haters (strong, determined, and successful). So thank you to all my haters!

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