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Apr 17, 2013

Patrick “Faada” Henry says Medical School is bogus

In the past seventeen years, at least twelve licenses have been granted to offshore medical schools. Most of them have gone under and tonight there is the American Global University, School of Medicine that is also under question. The AGUSM is located on the Airport Road in Ladyville; that’s the most recent location because the university has moved around a bit to several locations. It first popped up in 2006 in Belmopan and went under the radar when an investigation was launched into the university. Now, the school says it is offering a medical degree to foreign students, but tonight, it is in the spotlight again because there are claims that it is bogus. One man who has initiated another investigation says he smells corruption and is calling on the government to take heed. Patrick “Faada Henry told News Five that he has been contacted by several foreign students who feel they have been robbed of thousands of dollars.


Patrick “Faada” Henry, Protestor

Patrick “Faada” Henry

“Through my program, the do the right thing pedestrian crossing, I have been contacted by a couple students from abroad who have sponsored my program. They told me that they have applied to go to a school in Belize known as American Global. When they said American Global, I said I haven’t heard of that organization. Well they started to give me a little background about the institute and I said I have to get deeper in it.  I went about doing a research on the internet and found out what this organization is offering to students from abroad. It also states that they are carrying doctors also from abroad. This company doesn’t have anything pertaining to Belizean doctors, it doesn’t have any Belizean student there; it is all about abroad, American Global University in Belize. In 2006, this company popped up in Belmopan. We know that this company was under investigation; they left Belmopan and went to San Pedro. Something went under the sea and they disappeared from San Pedro, but here comes this company popped up in Ladyville.   So I went this morning to that location to see what is going there for my friends in the U.S. who have applied to go to this school. Well basically there is nothing going on in this building. There is an empty lock; there were chains on the gate. When I got there this morning and was canvassing for like about twenty minutes, a male and a female quickly exited the building, chained up the gate and left.   The reason why I was out there demonstrating is because it is all a lie. What they are offering to the people, it is not there. There is a name there, but there is not a school there. You’re talking about a medical school. Twelve years ago, we had about twelve medical schools that popped up in our country and now these schools are gone. It is basically only two medical schools, this one which is a fraud, American Global; and the one in Boom, which we have Belizean doctors there. It is basically stating it gives you to come to this country and educate yourselves to become medical doctors. And there are people who applied who paid substantial amount of money who comes here and looking to get the service that they are saying that they are providing. That building is carrying only one Indian descent guy and a Belizean female. I tell you these two people exited the building quickly, chained the gate and they left. It is all a shell and there is no school there.”


The person of Indian descent who Henry was referring to is in the employ of American Global University School of Medicine. News Five spoke with Doctor Suresh Boodran who says that American Global University has been operating in the country for the past seven years and will officially open its doors at its new location on the Airport Road in September. He also says that special tuition discount will be offered to Belizean students wishing to acquire a degree in medicine. As to the allegations made against them, Doctor Boodran says that an official statement will be made at a later date. 

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11 Responses for “Patrick “Faada” Henry says Medical School is bogus”

  1. nation of Izscam says:

    12 medical schools in a country of 300,000 says it all. A city of 2 million might have one or two.

    Belizean medical school licenses, hezbollah passports, what’s the difference?

    just pay the corruption officer and get on with the real business. next!

  2. egghead says:

    Damn thieves. LOL. They got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. I won’t be surprise if one of those ministers is also making some money off this also. What is this world coming to?

  3. Maria Marshall says:

    Sounds like plain hocus-pocus to me.

  4. check it out says:

    selling passports, giving away land to daughter in law, human traffiking, selling drilling permits to nephew, brother can sell illegal rosewood, and now 12 medical universities. ALL CORRUPTION. where is the ACB, Lois, Mitchell, Kreemy,Alan Sharp, Spooners, are they not concerned any more about belize. check where each one is now. busy feeding at the trough of corruption that they once critisized.

  5. Belizean Pride says:

    @check it out

    good you bring in the right stuff, we need the news media to look into more or a re visit on this things every six months of their news and see where are these so call further investigations of corruption scandals have reached or ended.

  6. disowmicountry says:

    It’s things like these that further add to Belize’s bad reputation. If GOB really care,they would prosecute these people. Such fraudulent degrees,diminish the value of the real degrees held by our citizens when traveling or living abroad.

  7. Storm says:

    I’ve criticized Faada before, but to be fair, I have to pat him on the back in this case. I wonder why in Belize it is left to private citizens and the media to uncover scams like this? When government gets involved with a scam, it is usually as a participant.

  8. Deana Marie says:

    This is non-sense… absolute nonsense….the one on boom road is the school that needs investigation. I know a few people who have been there and have gone through much more!!… Things like thieving money from students, holding them back extra semesters, and am sure of many more things. Channel 5 should basically request all the Universities documents to see where students can study, rotation certificates EVERYTHIN!that is how you will know the truth!

  9. Karem says:

    Please guys be mor wise ,responsible and fair with your comment because you may harm innocent one

  10. Karem says:

    I was one of the student whom graduate from AGUSM at January 2012 . The school was. Strik ,on time and no game during the study. What I feel now there is jelesy and invaing to the sucseful program and they want to destroy it or to abuse the school owners to pay bribe .

  11. Deana Marie says:

    I agree…. i think this Mr. henry needs to investigate the other university… since he has contact students of AGUSM whihc is BOGUS do the same for Belize Medical College
    !… the truth will then come out!!… Contact all those students, ask them for license, accreditation…

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