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Apr 8, 2013

Is O.A.S. aware of Guatemala’s development on the border?

Earlier in the newscast we told you about this past weekend’s trip by the Belize Territorial Volunteers to the Dolores area to which the Organization of American States responded positively to an invitation to act as observers on the expedition. And representatives from the OAS were present indeed, but rather than maintaining a prudent distance to observe, as they promised to do, they reportedly were right up front. Don’t get us wrong…they weren’t leading the charge to clear the border, far from it. Instead, they were trying all out to keep the Territorial Volunteers from even approaching the border line. Thanks to footage from our colleagues at PGTV, freelance reporter Mike Rudon has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Using the village of Dolores as a base station, the Belize Territorial Volunteers headed out for the first marker located on the border, and just as had been promised, O.A.S. representative Sergio Benitez was on hand, though without an opinion one way or the other.



“So what’s your expectation today?”


Sergio Benitez

Sergio Benitez, O.A.S. Representative

“No it’s up to you; it is your activity.”



“What do you think of what we are doing?”


Sergio Benitez

“I don’t know. It is your activity.”


Wil Maheia

Via Phone: Wil Maheia, Belize Territorial Volunteers

“They identified themselves and they said that they are from the O.A.S. But they tried very hard to discourage us from going any further west. And we believe that where they were telling us was the Belize border was not based on the GPS points we had and based on the knowledge of the villagers who were with us. There were people who were born in this village knowing the boundary line even before Belize got its independence and these people travel this area on a regular basis so of course they would know where the border line is. So that was when we ignored the warnings of the O.A.S. and then went to what we know as the border.”


And Maheia says the O.A.S. got agitated when the group disagreed with their placement of the border line.


Wil Maheia

“They were very agitated I would say to a certain extent because they were begging us not to proceed, not to proceed. But we were glad that we did not really listen to them and we proceeded because we got to see the level of development that was on the Guatemalan side.”


And the reason he’s happy is because they got to see for themselves the development on the Guatemalan side of the border, specifically this large farm and road right up against our border line, exactly where the agreement brokered by the O.A.S. says there should be no development.


Wil Maheia

“As you could see the footage from the African palm plantation which is right in our opinion exactly on Belize’s border line; in fact, we believe that some of it might even be in Belize’s territory. And it is the same for the corn fields and the cattle pastures.”


Mike Rudon

“Does it seem to you Wil that the O.A.S. is basically facilitating Guatemala to like you said, come directly up to the Belizean border while trying to keep Belizeans far away from the border?”


Wil Maheia

“That is exactly our interpretation. In fact, the O.A.S. vehicle drove directly to the Belize border line. There is this huge road, as you can see from the footage again. The kind of equipment, there is grader, semi-truck trailer, there is these huge equipment that could drive right to the Belize border. And this expedition again reveals the magnitude of the development that the Guatemalan’s have on the Belize border. And the Jalacte/San Vicente area, they have road that comes inside Belize’s territory. We feel like our government should do something about that. Now there are roads coming into Dolores. Our other expedition to Puerto area proves that there is a road not far again from the Belize’s border. So right now Guatemala has like five major roads leading into Belize’s borders.”


Mike Rudon for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “Is O.A.S. aware of Guatemala’s development on the border?”

  1. Bear says:

    Are you surprised by this “secret” development in the “no man’s land”? I’m not!

    Guatemala wants to devour Belize so badly, it can taste us! The Guat government is aggressive, it is treacherous, and it is dishonest. It’s a DANGEROUS neighbor, and we need to tell the truth about Guatemala and prepare to defend our nation by all means necessary.

    While the Guat government wants our land, I’m not sure how many Guat citizens are willing to shed their blood and lose their lives to take it. Our strategy should be to plan to inflict MAXIMUM casualties on the Guat forces if they attack, and to support dissident groups inside Guatemala. The dictator there cannot afford to fight us and an uprising at home.

  2. Storm says:

    I’m not shocked that OAS collaborates with the Guats and tries to hide this development from our people. That’s probably the reason they agreed to “observe,” to try to keep us away from the border.

    Time to leave the OAS with its nearly complete pro-Spanish prejudice?

    Meanwhile, let’s invite the British military to come here often. We share a sovereign, and we may need them to scare off Guats from invading.

  3. blackberry says:

    This footage shows to us what I was telling you all along. There is very little virgin forest along our border; the Guatemalans have cleared the border along with some ten thousand acres ever since the British pull out of Belize. This also proves we should not have any confidence in a Foreign Minister and Commander of the BDF who misleads us in telling us that the border is thick jungle. The only jungle along the border is along the northern section which is managed by Program for Belize.

  4. Sarge says:

    If u see all those bunch of no good ppl working at the oas border with guatemala…well guate doesnt deserve a capital letter from me! they are all guatemalan and of course they will be with guate….this s hi t has to stop and our government has to do something bout it.

  5. BmpResident says:

    This makes me more worried as to why did this government signed the compromise. The OAS seems to be an accomplice.

    The Government of Belize needs to tell the OAS to tell the Guatemalans to develop what is their’s and not our land. Respect our borders. Big up to Will Mehia and all the volunteers.

  6. not again says:

    Thats where all the drugs are coming from. The British or the U.S.A. army should keep an eye. Almost all the drugs that come into Belize goes to the U.S.A. Its a shame of how many people are involved in drugs and human traficking.

  7. CEO says:

    Did they ever gave a reason for discouraging you guys?

    No American or Guatemalan for that matter have any reason for not going to their border so why Belizeans should not do that?

    Why the heck would they engage in this sort of activity?

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