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Apr 8, 2013

Guatemala makes UN aware of possible passport problems

Alexis Rosado

Currently relations between Belize and Guatemala are at what could be called an impasse, with the O.A.S. somewhat in the middle. Latest word from Guatemala is that the country will ask the O.A.S. to intercede with Belize to postpone the referendum, and that is likely what’s on the agenda for a meeting scheduled this week between the Guatemalan Foreign Minister Fernando Carrera and the O.A.S. But what we do know for sure is that Belize will not be represented at that meeting. That was confirmed to us today by C.E.O. in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexis Rosado. And according to Rosado, it’s all a waiting game right now until the O.A.S. decides to call another meeting with both parties. And with that said, there is another issue on the front burner…that of Guatemala’s intention to print passports with maps depicting Belize as part of its territory. Rosado says that they have been following that process closely, and have even notified the United Nations, which is part of the passport procurement process.


Via Phone: Alexis Rosado, C.E.O., Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“At the time, we were still trying to verify exactly how the map will be looking. We know that the tender document did refer to the picture having a reflection of a claim or a dispute existing between the two countries, but it did not specify exactly how it would look and that is what I was talking about that we hadn’t verified exactly what they were referring to. We have seen a depiction, which is purported to be the case, but still we really don’t know. We spoke to the United Nations people and whereas they were in the process of discussing with Guatemalan officials the whole procurement procedures in order to help them, they were not aware at the time that there were any specification. What has come to my attention is that there is a depiction of it somewhere in some of the documents. And it seems to show the Guatemalan map in bold and it has like a dotted line between Belize and Guatemala, but Belize is not included in bold as part of the whole Guatemalan territory. I say we still are not certain that that is the case because the tender document says that whoever gets the contract to print these things will have to consult with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala. All we could be sure of is that the UN would never participate in something that would be offensive to one of its members and we are just making sure that whatever happens, the UN has nothing to do with it.”


Belize is also being included as part of Guatemala in a number of other official publications. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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17 Responses for “Guatemala makes UN aware of possible passport problems”

  1. Storm says:

    We’re a member of the UN, same as Guatemala. It’s a violation of our sovereignty for the Guat government to show any of our land as their land. [It's interesting, too, that these Guat maps show ALL of Belize to be in the belly of the beast, not just the southern half that the Guats claimed at the ICJ.]

    As long as the Guats want to be symbolically aggressive, here’s what we need to do:


    2. LODGE A FORMAL PROTEST WITH THE UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY OR SECURITY COUNCIL..PM’s ex-wife can get off her chair and do something useful in New York.


    Do you agree or disagree?

  2. nationview says:

    Agree, and the US must be in agreement, since this will detain some of the Guats landing at their footsteps. I don’t see we having any benefit with Guatemala rather they have a number of gains if we allowed them to procure in the country.

  3. Truth says:


  4. Belizean 2 da bone says:

    AGREE!!- Storm for PM and let’s get this useless PM and gangsters out of the seat of Govnt.

  5. blackberry says:

    Belize should not let any Guatemalan enter Belize with a passport what has a map of Belize it.

  6. not again says:

    100% agree.

  7. Sabinia Vellos says:

    Totally Agree!!!!!

  8. Rocket says:


  9. Tarasbulba says:

    Storm, I agree with you 100% bra but it might just a little bit too late now. Now we all know that we had/have a border, thanks to Wil Maheia and the Volunteers from down South because, Sedi told us different. Guates were being Bussed in to be naturalized to vote in last electios bra. “Dehn dun deh home and thanks to dis Administration”. Too much mixed messages but Belize da still fu we, “hell ova high waatah”.

  10. Rum Drum says:

    Belize should not allow Guatemalans entry into our borders if Guatemala if they present a passport with Belize incorporated as part of Guatemala because it would be an indication that our immigration recognises Belize as being part of Guatemala.

  11. Al says:

    Where is the voice of the countries leader. He should be front and center on this issue. We are talking about a whole country here. Guatemalan government sees the weakness in this present government of Belize and is capitalizing on it.

    Please Belize needs a PM with backbone and balls and common sense. Citizens of Belize I hope you understand what it means if Belize becomes a territory Guatemala, you are screwed. I don’t see it happening but what could happen is military action along the border could occur. Wake up do not be caught. sleeping

  12. Bear says:

    @Al is right. We need a PM with balls . . . like Margaret Thatcher, not Barrow.

    I also agree with all of @Storm’s “to do” list.

  13. Alexjr says:

    Agree wid u 100%. like wat former mayor Moya sed “barrow no gat d balls” to face d guats. foreign minister,..worse.. he da guate too..

  14. Mad says:

    Agree with storm. Our GOB is doing little to threaten Guate. They are bullying Belize. If GOB doesnt react, very soon Guatemala will occupy southern Belize.

  15. Karlita says:

    Totally Agree!!

  16. Bel Can says:


  17. NO TOICJ says:

    this news is so upsetting to me, I cant even breathe… I feel sick to my stomach. The gall of them.
    Obviously this is part of a series of events that have been unfolding for the past few months always using an illegal map to represent themselves. It makes me wonder what is next with this tyrant neighbor of ours. Like North Korea, it seems that they want to live and operate by their own rules without any regard for their neighbor nor the international community. What’s next? Will they invade us? Will war be declared? Guatemalans in Belize should be sent home, escorted. Belizeans in Guatemala, should come home. No more Guatemalans no matter what passport they hold should be allowed into Belize. That passport cannot be allowed to happen!

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