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Apr 3, 2013

Allegations: Independence police brutalize two teens including a minor

The following story may be a familiar one, and indeed there are quite a few cases of alleged police brutality or abuse of police authority brought in to our studios. We don’t air them all, for one reason or the other, but this one got our attention because the allegation is outrageous and also because one of the persons involved is a minor, and a full time student at a Belize City college. The story is that a young man and a minor were picked up in a sweep while hanging out in Independence Village on Saturday afternoon. They were both locked down until Monday and released without any charges being levied. But while they were released, they weren’t free to go. In fact, that’s when nineteen year old Adrian Daniels says the nightmare began. The young man claims that they were told they would be taken back to where they were picked up, but he and the sixteen year old student were instead driven all the way to a feeder road near the Hopkins junction, more than twenty miles from Independence. He says they were driven to a remote area, where the policemen forced the minor to lie down in a hole, and then drove him a distance away where they fired shots at him. News five spoke to the young men and their families today and they told us what happened off camera.


Voice of: Mother of the Minor

“They take the two young man there and took them into a deserted area. There was already a hole dug…they already had a hole dug there. They took my son out of the Trooper back, put my son into this hole and told my son to not move or they’re going to shoot him. The other young man, they told him to walk out of the Trooper back, throw out the food and slippers, everything that they had…fired several shots at the young man, the young man had to escape. All this while my son is a minor in a hole.”


Voice of: Adrian Daniels, Alleges Police Terrorism

“Now we reach by wah area by where a bulldozer used to be and we see a hole. So we stop by the hole and one of the officers jumped out…the one weh they pick up by the chiney…he jump and he tell we, ‘which one a unugweininna di hole?’ So I look pon he and he look pon me back. Afterwards he asked the man “weh we gweininna di hole fa?’ the man seh “since like how you like ask (expletive) questions you just jump inna di hole.” So he jump out of the truck and he jump into the hole. But before that the man starttaze up he, taze up he with wahtazer. When he deh go towards the hole me one dehinna the truck now and two of them dehinna di truck with me and the same dragon wehtaze up he come da back of the vehicle and he fire tazeatta my face and I move my head. Now when I move my head they talk to one another and they jumped back in the vehicle and they ker me like half a mile more up. Now when they ker me half a mile more up I seh to myself they mussiwah kill me now and then go back and kill he inna da hole. Now when we reached an area weh they can’t go more…look like di same tractor midi dig round the areas weh they have some iron culvert cross and cross di street, so they mi can’t cross. But if they coulda mi cross they mi wahker me back more cause they got road split up back deh. So anyways I jump outta di truck and I start walk and I start walk and di man seh – “you no hear run then.” Well I start run, and I deh look back and I continue run. The second time I look back the officer haul out wah point thirty-eight revolver. The man haul out wah board grip thirty-eight revolver and when he haul that out I see he point his hand to me, and when he point his hand all I couldahear da bang, bang, bang.”


Mother of the Minor

“They tazer my son. Dat da one. He noh even want eat or drink…he’s traumatized. Because even when they put the child in the hole the next young man come back and told him we have to go. My son with the presence of mind noh even want come out of the hole because he was afraid for his life. If he mi come out of the hole he no know what woulda mi happen to him. At that moment thank goodness this young man was around you know, the young man could help him. The young man older than him and probably know that if they stay there what could happen. So at the moment my son is in the hole covered down shaking and no want come out of the hole. Da the young man have to tell him, we need to get out of the hole. We need to get out of this area.”


Adrian Daniels says he wasn’t hit by the shots fired at him and hid in the bushes until the policemen left. He says he then went for the minor in the hole and they walked out more than ten miles through a series of orange groves until they reached the Southern Highway, hitched a ride and called for assistance. The family is irate and has made a report to the Internal Affairs office where statements have been taken from both Daniels and the minor. News Five checked in at the Independence Police Station but were told that they have no knowledge of the incident.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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4 Responses for “Allegations: Independence police brutalize two teens including a minor”

  1. Storm says:

    It sounds pretty damning, but we need to hear the other side of the story, if there is one.

  2. NY says:

    Are you kidding me, this is the type of story that really give good police officers a bad name. Those responsible for this despicable behavior needs to be fired and then be sued by these boys families. Some of the members of the gsu and others think that they can go around disrespecting and abuse people because they think that they are in these so-called elite units; that they are above the law. There was an international report that came out disclosing that officers of the law tend to get a free pass from their superiors in cases like this…… that trend needs to stop. There must be some type of punishment for those who break the law, especially people who are sworn to uphold it, because if not people are going to retaliate, which I don’t condone but I understand.

  3. Bear says:

    I have some level of confidence Compol Whylie will get to the bottom of cases like this, and get rid of the bad officers. They corrupt the entire department and make the job much harder for the good officers.

  4. Les says:

    I am a teacher from Independence! And most of the policemen from that area are a set of nasty pigs (including the GSU) always abusing minors! This is one of the many incidents from that area! I will not apologize for the insults, but honestly all these incidents should be investigated!

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