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Mar 22, 2013

Mark and Jorge Espat come home to U.D.P.

Michael Finnegan

Former P.U.P. Area representative for the Albert Division, Mark Espat has been getting a lot of accolades from the lips of Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Mark Espat led the team that successfully negotiated the five hundred and fifty million US dollar Super Bond. The praise was so intense today, that it appeared the government could recommend him for knighthood. But on the other side of the floor the P.U.P. representatives did everything to make their displeasure clear with the man who was briefly the interim P.U.P. leader. Julius Espat called him Judas and the Opposition members, including the leader all called him the quote ‘’red eye boy.” There have been speculations for weeks that Espat would be welcomed into the United Democratic Party. And this afternoon, Minister of Housing Michael Finnegan, did not only welcome him to the party, he also said they intended to welcome his brother and former Minister of Defense, Jorge Espat to the fray.


Michael Finnegan, Minister of Housing

“All I hear from across the other side; Mark Espat, Mark Espat, blue eye boy, red eye boy, yellow eye, mauve eye. Well Mister Speaker, those were the people who the P.U.P. promoted 1998. They said they were bringing new faces to government, professional people to government, people with honesty and integrity. I will list them: they were Jorge Espat, Mark Espat, Cordel Hyde, Eamon Courtenay, Godfrey Smith, and they were so proud of these young brains, these young professionals. Well Mister Speaker, I want to remind them that every one of them young professional from Eamon Courtenay to Godfrey Smith to Mark Espat to Jorge Espat to Cordel Hyde do not want nothing to do with the P.U.P. anymore. They want nothing to do with them sir because they find the party to be dishonest, to be crooked, to be corrupt and they want nothing more to do with them. That’s why they have macobi over Mark Espat. But sir, let me remind you before I sit down Mister Speaker and they never wanted the member from Orange Walk Central or the member from Orange Walk Central, who is my friend, resigned and he got tired of them too. Yes the member from Orange Walk Central get tired and said mek I goh too. And the member gone and they wanted to elect a new leader. Mister Speaker, would you believe me, can you believe this; they have thirty-one representatives or political officers. Sir would you believe what I am going to say, thirty of them out of the thirty-one voted for Mark Espat to become the leader of the People’s United Party—thirty of them out of the thirty-one. How could you love Mark Espat a year ago and all of a sudden, a year later hate Mark Espat because ih got ‘bolas’ and stand up for principle. And ih decide don’t want to be where thief and honesty and corruption exist. So you wah come ina this honorable house—because the man is not here to defend himself, to represent himself and to stand up—you will stay across there and try to vilify a man of integrity, a man with character, a man of decency. Well Mister Speaker let me tell you something, I have canvassed most of my colleagues across this side of the isles and may I report to this national assembly sir that all of those who I have canvassed at this time are prepared to open their arms and to welcome into this United Democratic Party, the honorable Mark Espat. Furthermore Mr. Speaker, if you think we are wasting time, we also will go after his brother; the honorable Jorge Espat. And Mister Speaker, we will go after Cordel Hyde. And Godfrey Smith don’t want nothing to do with them; I will invite him to lunch next week.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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11 Responses for “Mark and Jorge Espat come home to U.D.P.”

  1. Mil says:

    No kind of Espat and Hyde will save them. Poor people the feel the hardship out here when the party kings are laughing all the to the bank.

  2. Al says:

    Wow, the kettle is calling the pot black. Mr Finnegan it takes a dishonest man to know another dishonest man. The Espats and all the others that came over from the PUP side have decided that the only way to get their piece of the dishonest pie is to join those who are the bakers of the dishonest pie.
    Buckle your seat belts you deceived people of Belize, you have just inherited more Judases in the UDP party, get ready for the worse, watch the wealth get distributed at the top once more.

  3. Joseph Blank says:

    The biggest known secret in Belize is out in the open. In life u stand by your principles or u prostitute yourself. The Espats have chosen the latter path. Unfortunately, the UDP will find out the same thing the PUP found out. The collective egoes of the Espats are too much for any political party. The UDP is trying to lock down the south-side vote aka the Black Power Vote by locking in the Amandala Empire into their party. Frankly, I say good riddance to them.
    As for the PUP, the old heads need to go. Specifically, Said Musa. New blood needs to come in and the party needs to return to it’s mixed economic formula. Yes, Belize has experienced positive GDP growth but the Human Development Indices: Health, Education, and House have gone south. So, the cow di starve while the grass grows greener for the Barrows, Espats, Hydes, Williams’ and Youngs. Good riddance to Mark and Jorge. RIH!

  4. Joseph Blank says:

    Judas 1 and Judas 2 have gone home. My condolences to the UDP. They will find out the same thing the PUP did. Mark and Jorge have a hard time being in a party in which they cannot be the chief of the Indians. They should get along well with the very humble Patrick Faber. The UDP are obviously trying to consolidate the “black power vote” on the south side. It’s a smart but futile move anyway. They will be wiped out in the rest of the country irrespective of what Belize City says. Amen

  5. beachman says:

    As a foreigner living in Belize, it saddens me how divided the political parties are. Ideally, if people are working to better Belize, that should be the only thing that matters; not red or blue. The system needs to be overhauled so the top stops raping the rest.

  6. sickntired says:

    Finnigan di talk foolishness. He wish they coudda get the rest of the crew. I just hope krofi start see the political games these crooks playing. Fransis and a fresh crew should be able to win next time and hopefully keep de act clean. They should sacrifice from now and tro out all di trask fu tru.

  7. Freedom of Speech says:

    Our beloved country of Belize has been sadly placed in the hands of hungry vultures. Maybe one or two of the government leaders are trying to be honest but with just a little the also fall in corruption and dishonesty. With reference to Mark Espat, he would just be a traitor to his own beliefs and much more to the people who blindly trusted him as a PUP leader. Everyone just wants a position so that they can have an opportunity to get rich . The people of Belize should request explanations on how the politicians get rich so fast. Check out “Vega”, “Chendo” and “Denny”. Just to mention a few. People of Belize bring up your concerns to the international media so that countries like the United States take some kind of action. USA should be informed of of the good relationship Belize and communist leaders.

  8. ceo says:

    I wish they had joined forces and formed a new party. They would have been a force to recon with.

    I do not really care what flag they wave. Everyone need them to produce.

  9. ceo says:

    Beachman I agree with your comment for the most part but politicians all over the free world rip each other to schreds every day. The problem in Belize is there seems to be nothing that all Belizeans unite under. There always seem to be a line drawn some where which causes Red to be on one side a Blue on the other side.

    Belizeans in general do not get the services they deserve if the party they are known to support wins the election. This is the crap that should stop. Elected officials always find a way to penalize those that did not vote for them. This crap needs to stop and the puplic needs to realize this sort of behavior works against the development of the country.

  10. Bear says:

    I’m more or less with @ceo.

    The current major parties are corrupt to the core, so we should blow them up and start over.

    There was a time I had hope that Mark Espat and Cordell Hyde had more integrity than the rest, but that hope has faded in me, and I consider them more of the tired, useless same.


  11. carlospacheco says:

    mark espit will spit them all. u cannot trust a traitor 2 run a country. as 4 finnegone fool di talk. but bzean people r no fool. a word 4 the traitor spit spat mark. when judas btrayed jesus christ he was paid with 30 pieces of silver. how much were u paid 2 btray your party and your country. is it something like 30,000,000. i wonder y belize is broke. if u and cordel want 2 write a new chapter in bze following the bible principles and following judas iscariot do the honest and correct thing. go by the swing bridge and hang yourself with dignity. we cannot trust a traitor 2 run belize.

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