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Mar 14, 2013

Attorney Dickie Bradley says the AG has hidden motives in attacking the Bar

Dickie Bradley

Attorney-General Wilfred Elrington has announced that he will be pushing through legislation to amend the Legal Profession Act. Elrington wants to remove the requirement that attorneys will have to join the Bar Association to practice. The proposal has come as a surprise and came to light when the Solicitor General recently wrote to the Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin and the Bar.  On Wednesday, no less than the Prime Minister Dean Barrow supported that decision by the AG, going further to state that if the Bar Association breaks up and another association forms he would join it. The Bar Association will meet on Monday to discuss the matter and issue a position, but until that happens attorneys have been weighing in. Today attorney Dickie Bradley called the proposed amendment a very bad move, with suspicious timing.


Dickie Bradley, Attorney

“I would think that the timing of this proposed legislation is because coming out of the mouth of the government, there are mostly P.U.P. in the Bar. That was a bad statement; that is not a reason to in fact basically break up an institution. The Bar Association is in every democratic country where there is the rule of law, the court, the practice of this particular profession. So the timing is extremely suspicious because what the proposed amendment would really do is in fact open the door for there to be a rival association, for there to be other associations which can’t be healthy. Although it is always healthy to have, you can still have that healthy discussion within any organization, which you do. And let me be a little mischievous and say to you that political parties in this country, there is no law that govern them. Financial donations and contributions to politicians and political parties, there is no law that governs them. we don’t know who is giving money to these political parties, how much, why they would want to do so. Who are these people who are donating money? How much money the political parties have to go and influence voters when an election si coming around. In case of the ninth amendment, people were saying that they were being paid to go and say I support the ninth amendment. So the timing has to be a matter of suspicion because the Bar Association would more than likely put out the views of the lawyers in relation to the matter. Now when the Bar is putting publicly its views and proposed legislation, it holds an open meeting for all lawyers; not a closed door meeting of just the executive or the so called P.U.P. members. It is open to all members and they all get copies of the draft circulated as for their input. You are getting a considered reasonable view of an organization. Now if what is being proposed takes place; that there can be other organizations, we will have the country have the views of the so called P.U.P. Bar and the views of the so called U.D.P. Bar. You would end up having no views; nobody pay attention because one wah di holla, oh dah the P.U.P. and the next one wah holla oh dah di U.D.P.”


And just as Bradley is convinced that the amendment to the Legal Profession Act will be pushed through at the earliest possible time, he is likewise convinced that there are ulterior motives for this sudden urgent move to break up the Bar.


Dickie Bradley

“I think it has to do with other motives; it can’t be—I am being a little cynical to say the poor lawyers in the association—the government has no interests ina di welfare and the wellbeing of lawyers and the association and so on. There is ulterior motives. There has to be man. The society is under tremendous stress. I just pointed out to you some areas that need attention; [and] there are lot more that need attention. If you are to go down right now to the Queen Street Police Station in Belize City, there are human beings including females who have to sleep on cold cement. Ina any civilized society, the police in carrying forward their duties must detain citizens; they must arrest citizens for the purpose of charging them for whatever. You mean we can’t even put a blanket on the cold cement. That is how bad it is and that happens all over the country you know—hundreds of citizens every week treated like animals. So there are a lot of things that really require the attention of the government including the same referendum. So yes they are pushing it through because the reason that they have publicly given is that they are P.U.P.”


This is an issue that will continue to develop and we’ll surely keep on top of it.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Attorney Dickie Bradley says the AG has hidden motives in attacking the Bar”

  1. Gone fishing says:

    Those that control, or want to control, the govt have hidden motives?

    Say it is not so. When in human historydid this happen?

    Give Dickie and Deano the Mugabe Award for political insight.

    I may not be impressed with the legal profession of Belize, but seeing this constitutional amendment come out of the blue, when so many other more important problems are killing the country, I got to know what this suckers bet is all about. A power grab? or is it another diversion? Maybe it don’t matter, here comes the enema. Everybody do nothing, just suck it up with the stiff upper lip, because you are just Belizens told what to do. Hip hip hooray! Submit now.

  2. Rod says:

    Instead of Elrington doing his job as far as Guatemala he is now trying to push his communist agenda that judas barrow has started.

  3. alley cat says:

    First bad move by the Bar, Dickie is the PR man!

  4. Storm says:

    Bradley points out injustices and wrongs we all see, but what does he or the Bar itself do to correct them? Nothing, and he in particular is too busy chasing after cartel dollars to lift a finger for the nation.

    Lawyers and Bar associations in other countries have often led the fight for honesty in government and democracy, for righting the wrongs in society, but in the Jewel it is the opposite, they are the indispensable crooks, necessary to sustain the gangsters and corrupt politicians. And happy to do it, for a price.

  5. Louisville,Ky says:

    Seriously Dickie? Just in case you didn’t know , you won’t get the sympathies of regular folk outta road even if you choose to pontificate and refer to ya’ll as,” the poor Lawyers”, cause all ah unnu anything but, poor.
    And how come all of a sudden you get so sympathetic and kind hearted and want hardened criminals to be powdered and lotioned while incarcerated?
    Bwai Dickie stop yuh R@?$#!

  6. Ricky Malthus says:

    Everything Barrow does while his UDP is in governmental power so far has been stupid, vulgar, reckless, and derisive to the cognoscenti of economics/finance, politics, and social revolution. That man Barrow is viewed as a consummate scoundrel because he continues to steal and squander the resources of the Belizean nation. He has his own dark revolution to undo all previous small gains we have made since our so-called independence since 1981, and has submerged the psyche and management of Belize to the whimsical dictates of foreign potentates . Consequently, this action by the AG with Barrow’s consent will lay Belize bare for Caribbean lawyers to practice law unfettered in Belize , and without being called to our Belizean Bar. So mote it be.

  7. NIRO says:

    WELL SAID STORM, first time i agree with you on something!!!! i have been saying it all the time about cartel money, and not only dicky but arthur saldivar also!!!! continue to be realistic!!!!!

    Louisville, agree with you also!!!!

  8. Think-About-It says:

    Getting rid of the bar association or splitting it into opposing UDP and PUP camps (which is the same as getting rid of it) is a bad idea. If the bar needs reform, then push that. Lawyers being split along political lines simply mirrors an overpoliticized society. Formalizing it does nothing to solve the problem. Every democractic country that goes by the rule of law should have an independent bar association.

    All of you who hate lawyers, remember this when YOU need one. And all of you who hate so-called PUP lawyers, remember this when you’re the one being chanced by a UDP government. The same is true in reverse if and when the PUP comes to power.

    Stop thinking with your emotions and think with your brains, people!

  9. belizean says:

    This sounds like a PUP bar associaton on one side and a UDP bar association on the other! how disgusting

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