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Mar 12, 2013

Farrakhan sends message to political parties

Louis Farrakhan

Leader of the Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan ended a six-day visit to Belize with an appearance at the Bird’s Isle in Belize City where he spoke on a variety of relevant topics, as he did throughout his visit of the country. Politics in Belize is always an explosive topic, and Farrakhan’s sent out a message to both the U.D.P. and the P.U.P. According to Farrakhan a government that doesn’t tolerate criticism is immature and that if both parties would work together then Belize should prosper.


Louis Farrakhan, Leader, Nation of Islam

“One of the things that I mentioned to the opposition leader, and I believe I may have mentioned to the Prime Minister, is there something wrong with this system of governance? You have the P.U.P. and the U.D.P. two parties. There is an axiom in mathematics that the whole is equal to the sum of its parts. They are two parties that belong to the whole which is Belize. If Belize is to become whole, the parties must not treat each other as enemies; they are a part of a whole. When opposition does something that the party in power does not like, an opposing idea is not necessarily bad. Opposition is suppose to critique the party in power, that’s good for the country but if you are so immature that if somebody criticizes you, all of a sudden you think they’re your enemy when in reality they could be your best friend. You see because when you’re in power people want to ingratiate themselves to the party in power because they looking for some favor. The opposition can’t ingratiate themselves to you, so the opposition is suppose to critically appraise laws and policies and if the two are working together for the good of the whole then the country prospers from the Westminster system of government. But let me tell you it took the British a long time to develop that system; immature people can’t handle opposition.”


And from those general political remarks Minister Farrakhan got very pointed and specific as he made reference to a phenomenon which is all too common in Belize.


Louis Farrakhan, Leader, Nation of Islam

“Have you noticed that when one party is in power and they do something great, the next party that comes in doesn’t build on what that party; it’s like you destroy what the other party did so every time the government changes, it’s like you’re starting again from nothing. Now government officials I want you to listen to how the people are responding to what I am saying because they know that what I am saying is the truth and it has to change. Brothers, sisters we are family not enemies. The future of Belize depends on how we think about one another and if the party in power does something good and yet in the next election, the P.U.P. comes in. whatever was good done by the party in power that is not now in power, build on it and keep on building because it’s gonna take the two parties working together to bring Belize out of this condition.”


Leader of the Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan left the country on Saturday after speaking at multiple venues including the Kolbe Correctional Facility. It was his third visit to Belize and at Birds Isle, Farrakhan said it could be his last.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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16 Responses for “Farrakhan sends message to political parties”

  1. Nation of Izscam says:

    Political party members should undergo auditing from the Church of Scientology.

    The Church will then honor Farrakhan again during its annual Ebony Awakening awards ceremony for the new UPD and PUP converts.

    All of the UDP converts who get OT VIII status will be getting a celestial ride to the planet Xenu.
    PUP converts will be given a ride to the moon by volunteer thetans.

  2. Jay Mac says:

    Very true

  3. Storm says:

    They call themselves parties, but they are just rival gangs. If you understand them in that context, then you will understand Belizean governance.

    Power to the People!

  4. Rod says:

    Good riddance go back to the us you bigot take your bigotry. Where it belongs the us.

  5. OriginalWoman says:

    Right on point!!! I cannot thank you enough Minister Farrakhan. I just pray Belizeans consider your and put into practice all you have said. I know many of us will. Continue to speak truth, as I have said before, a lie is a lie, even if you believe it and the the truth, even is you don’t believe it!!!! Don’t wait too long, before you make a fourth visit to Belize!!!!

  6. Starbros Intel says:

    Make sure it is his last visit! Sometimes he talked sense but the last comment is unacceptable.”do the christian-like thing, share”with Guatemala?

  7. Jeeboo says:

    Who is this Lord Farquad?

  8. Nation of Busha says:

    he does have a point about destroying everything good that a party does just for the sake of it though…

  9. bgroovy says:

    Blah blah..what a hypocrite. …

  10. not again says:

    @originalwoman. You should go with him maybe he will take you to clean his holy shoes.

  11. Simone says:

    His talk inspired the killers of Malcolm X-a real man. Then this guy uses Malcolm as an example. Then Krem big him up after they big up Malcolm and look totally confused and flip flopping as usual.

  12. OriginalWoman says:

    @ not again your I support him, so I am already with him!!!

  13. belizean says:

    If you notice the pattern of both the PUP and UDP when the PUP needed to win an election (can’t remember which year) Ralph brought in Farrahkan where he gave a speech about land is being taken away from the Belizean people righ from under their foot, the people listen and gave PUP a victory in that election, ironically we have a referendum coming up soon and now the UDP brought him in to talk about doing the Christian thing and share with Gatemala !!!!!! this man is out of line he is a puppet, nothing is real about him he gets paid big bucks to speak of hate and bigotry. TO THE PEOPLE OF BELIZE SAY NO TO THE ICJ AND MAY LOUIS FARRAKHAN NEVER RETURN TO BELIZE.

  14. Jack says:

    @belizeans most people don’t like hearing the truth that’s why they dislike some1. Farrakhan may not be exactly right about some of his talk however at the end of the day how long have Belize and Guatemala fueding over land and sea. on the real we can’t take it with us when we die so besides government who has time to focus on sea

  15. XMON says:

    this piece a !@@!% should never comeback to blz we no need negative peaple like him.

  16. ANEWVOICE says:

    XMON says: this piece a !@@!% should never comeback to blz we no need negative peaple like him.

    Right because the country is FULL of negative people so why add one more.

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