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Mar 8, 2013

Monkey business becomes violent at Orange Walk School

On Tuesday evening, a black howler monkey was allegedly captured and savagely beaten by four students of a school in southern Orange Walk. Even worse than that, reports suggested that a teacher instructed the students to stone the monkey and beat it with sticks since it had defecated on him while he was taking a nap in the bushes. It’s a sensational story, made worse by pictures released of the battered and bleeding monkey, which is today allegedly still clinging to life at a wildlife facility in Corozal. Today News Five travelled to the Belize High School of Agriculture in San Lazaro in Orange Walk and freelance reporter Mike Rudon got the story.  


Mike Rudon, Reporting

This is the spot on the outskirts of the school where the black howler monkey was allegedly beaten by students wielding slingshots and sticks. The preliminary reports name and blame a teacher and students for the savage attack, but not surprisingly, their accounts differ completely.


Cecilio Pech, Principal, BHSA

“I have spoken the teacher concerned and the students as well. The teacher claims that he sighted the monkey earlier in the morning around nine thirty. One monkey and he told one student that there was a monkey so that the student can actually go and see it in real life. Later that evening or that same evening the particular told another group of their friends. They say they told the teacher that they would like to capture it as a pet for the school. But the teacher told them no, you cannot capture that monkey; it is difficult to capture a monkey in the wild. That is his version. I guess the students took it as a challenge that probably they wanted to show that they could capture the monkey.”


And of course the four third form students who allegedly beat the monkey half to death have another explanation for the animal’s injuries.


Cecilio Pech

“They claim that they use a stick to actually push him down. Whilst in the process of wanting to capture the monkey; the monkey probably retaliated or wanted to bite them or scratch them. So they used the same stick they used to bring down the monkey they just held him down to tie it to take it to the compound to show the other students what they have captured; they claimed. Most definitely I am concerned. I am not saying that I believe what the students are telling me. As a principal by experience, I know that students will always deny what they do. We have to go through a process of inquiring; even though they will deny it, as evidence show the monkey was hurt. And yes we are concerned.”


And he should be, since the Forest Department has taken the incident very seriously. They were also at the school today questioning the four students involved.


Voice of: Rasheda Garcia, Wildlife Officer, Forestry Department

“We did get a report earlier this week about a howler money that was captured and beaten allegedly by some students from a high school in the Orange Walk District. We are still in the process of investigating the report. We haven’t been able to; we are still in the process so we will not comment at this point as to what happened in that incident. We do know however that a howler monkey was indeed captured and beaten. It has been collected by the forest department and it has been entered into a rehabilitation facility that we work with.”


And while the monkey clings to life, those found to be involved will have something to worry about…like criminal charges.


Voice of: Rasheda Garcia

“It is an illegal activity and pending the outcome of our investigations, whoever is responsible for the act will be charged.”


That investigation will hopefully be concluded by next week. Mike Rudon for News Five.


A teacher at the school took the monkey home, from where it was picked up by the Forestry Department and rushed to a vet facility in Belize City for treatment. The creature was stabilized and then sent to Corozal to a rehab facility. Today News Five spoke to a representative from the Ministry of Education, who says that they have taken the report very seriously and have launched an immediate investigation.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “Monkey business becomes violent at Orange Walk School”

  1. Storm says:

    The teacher naps on the job? FIRE HIM TODAY.

    Whoever harmed the animal is depraved, and a criminal, and should be punished appropriately — and watched. Studies show children who abuse animals often commit horrific crimes against humans when they get older.

    Here are links to a couple of articles on that connection:

    I hope the police treat the case seriously.

  2. meme says:

    i think both the teacher and students are lying and they shud all be charged for such a crime…

  3. Justice says:

    This is pure evil. U would think being educated will show more wisdom not to hurt a wild life. Looke like it is better for them to be called uncivilized. They should be punished severely for hurting a defenseless creature. Just to show u again instead of Belize being more develop it look like it is getting worse. I remember back in the 80′s Belize was more better than today. Too much violence in Belize now. Belizean are loosing their pride and loosing what was beautiful day by day. If we don’t teAch our future generation to respect elders and have respect then Belize will eventually loose all the beautiful resources that we once use to have in abundance.

  4. Joe says:

    this attack, shows how violent the kids will be as adults, hope the culprits are help accountable
    for this cruel attack, I say Jail time will be good, But I hope that the people will give the police the culprits for justice to be done.

  5. Mary says:

    If murdering people in Belize is no longer a crime what do u expect the law to do for a poor monkey.

  6. Mary says:

    If murdering people in Belize is no longer a crime what do u expect the law to do for a poor monkey.

  7. Starbros Intel says:

    Cruelty to animals. There is a charge for that and the Howler monkey is a protected specie here in Belize. I will follow this case and see what is the outcome of the investigation. I am extremely affected by this incident and hate people who depict this kind of act against animals. Seriously concerned and something will be done. Where are the authorities? Will they be doing something positive towards this act?

  8. Eye in the Sky says:

    This is what the teachers are teaching your children. Hurt animals,
    The teacher and his students should be sentenced to at least 6 months in jail for this type of behavior.
    The teacher should also lose his job.
    And what was the teacher doing having a nap in the bushes?

  9. issues says:

    It was probably the police….GSU?

  10. Allen Briceno says:

    I got to say that those kids should be given a punishment that measure what they did to that defenseless creature.

  11. ashley says:

    they should get exspell for what they did and do them the same thing that they did to the animal

  12. Me says:

    First of all why will a teacher takes a nap during working hours! The main responsibility of teachers is to guide students through the correct path and prepare them for the future. What is going in this teacher’s mind? Students lets us act as educated and civilized citizens. Beating animals to the point of death, just shows our brutality and ignorance to the laws of our country. Come on! Justice must be made!

  13. Eye in the3 Sky says:

    NEWS UPDATE: The howler monkey has died.

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