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Mar 7, 2013

Official delegation to attend funeral for Hugo Chavez

Government confirmed today that Belize will send a delegation to attend the funeral of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez. That state funeral is scheduled for Friday morning, though there is still uncertainty surrounding the location. Reports are that the longtime President had requested that he be buried on the plains of his home state of Barinas. Family members, however, are saying he will be buried in the military museum overlooking Caracas. Still others are saying he will be buried in a mausoleum he had ordered built for the remains of Simon Bolivar. It is expected that as many as twenty-two world leaders and hundreds of thousands of supporters will attend the funeral, and among them will be Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, C.E.O. in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexis Rosado and Belize’s Ambassador to the OAS Nestor Mendez. But from diplomacy to politics, we note that in the absence of Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, has been appointed as acting Prime Minister. Traditionally, Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, has acted as Prime Minister. Those in the political know tell us that the choice of Saldivar, who has been a rival of Faber and who openly supported Vega in the recent U.D.P. convention, is a slight of Faber, and a clear indication that in the wake of the convention he has still not gained favor from his boss, the P.M.

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10 Responses for “Official delegation to attend funeral for Hugo Chavez”

  1. Liberty & Freedom says:

    My understanding is that his body will be displayed in a glass case like Lenin. Since he was a Communist, it is fitting to display this filth for everyone to remember. perhaps all the political prisoners who have survived the torture in La Sabaneta prison will see their families again. One third of the population in Venezuela lives in poverty, so much for fourteen years of Robin Hood’s rule. The mad butcher is dead. Read that one of his generals that was at his deathbed heard Chavez’s last words – what a sorry piece of garbage. I am happy Belize benefited from the medical aid. I am sure that so did a number of our corrupt politicians.

  2. Nigel says:

    I hate to sully this somber news with this, but I just have to say it… out of all the possible choices (and they are few) in the present government they chose the village idiot of the party to be the acting P.M.!!! Now I know that this government is doomed when they are going to scrape the bottom of the pot and have this rice-bun of a politician run the country. I can only imagine how rod the racist feels about this decision then again the only concern he has is that another black man who may or may not be a reverse racist and or a bigot is in charge. But anyway rod the racist just look past his skin color and you just may be able to see my point. Then again you probably don’t have the capacity for free thought as your brain is too occupied with paid hate for the UDP, black people and hate for the person you see in the mirror.

  3. roska says:

    This is one move I must applaud GOB…..

    Hugo Chavez was truly a friend of Belize…. he wasnt a wolf in sheep clothing like other world “leaders” who only use Belize for their own benefit and purposes….

    His legacy will remain as one of the few world leaders that could effectively unite “small, poor nations” of the Americas against US control and domination. Being a oil rich country, he managed to convince a few of our leaders in the hemisphere that unity is power.

    His petrocaribe project which includes Belize, his eye mission to Belize, his aid in the agricultural sector and in times of need (let us not forget his 20 Million donation after Dean that our then prime minister used to pay the debt of his cronies…) are just the some examples of his contribution to Belize….

    All critical thinking minds KNOW he was a great man…..!!! despite the bad press from his opponents….

  4. sickntired says:

    First of all i glad saldiver get a chance – i done mi tired of faber plus saldiver far smarter than faber anyway. Second why so much people going to di funeral? You only need the minister and we ambassador since he represent us internationally. Why a waste of time ceo going? Just for his pretty looks? And they want to bawl hard times when they giving paid holidays to useless people who should stay home and handle guatemala instead.

  5. Be Real says:

    it is good that Belize is sending a delegation. I was worried that we might bow to US pressure and not send any one; that would have looked bad on Beize. After all Chavez has given Belize assistance in the past whichis more notable than US assistance. Chavismo was and is the best political school of thought throughout Latin America even though my American and Americanized friends will disagree

  6. issues says:

    hasta la victoria siempre!
    Viva Che, Viva Chaves

  7. roska says:

    “Be Real” I totally agree with you….!!!

    Our “americanized friends” are the classical example of a true product of mass media mind control which the US is so god damn good about it…!!! I have to give the US media controllers what is due to them…. they are masters of mind control ….

    To our “americanized” belizeans I ask…
    … many times the US GOVERNMENT… not individual non governmental organizations… have given humanitarian assistance to our government and people????
    (note : the medical groups that come to Belize are NOT sent by the US govnt, when the military doctors do come to do “clinics” they are really here gathering intelligence)

    However the US is very quick to provide MILITARY assistance to many countries so that :
    i) they prevent the illegal drugs (that their bonkers aggressively seek) FROM REACHING THEIR COASTS…
    ii) they can opress (or massacre) their own people so that their multinational companies continue raping their resources and exploiting their workers….

    The US hated Chavez because he didnt allow to take control of their oil…… like they have done all over the middle east……but they will of course not say that and will come with silly accusations of human rights abuses….. donkey speaking of long ears….. e.g guantanamo bay islamic prisoners….!!!

  8. bzerebel says:

    A great and unselfish man was Hugo who truly love the worlds poor. Never asked anything in return and always was there to help EVEN to his greatest enemy during the 911 attacks.

    By the way Chavez in his 14 years of rule was able to lower overall poverty from 60% to 27% and this was by 2008. He mad available free education and health to all and if he was such a monster as Liberty and Freedom protests…ask Said who gave him the 20 million which was rediverted to pay the UHS Bill??

    A true friend of the people is now gone and with him the ideology of “SERVE THE PEOPLE” and “ALWAYS FOR THE PEOPLE”..THE POOR PEOPLE! His only crime was to institute reforms that affected the pockets of foreign interest who where there to rape the country. He also was able to piss of the minority rich which for years had taken advantage of the poor majority.

    We need a leader like this and sorry but nor the UDP NOR the PUP have anyone with the cojones of Comandante Hugo.

    Hasta La Victoria Siempre!!

  9. Trouble says:

    After leaving the reign in Faber’s hands for the past 4 years, just why would the PM suddenly have a change of mind and choose Saldivar. Is this a case of favoritism. PM please explain to us Belizeans why or what did Faber do within our cabinet for you to make such decision. The voters who elected you would like to know. To Faber, if our PM cannot justify his decision, then it is time for you to jump from thensinking UDP ship and join in with the PUP party whom best interest is in the betterment of the people and not friendship and politics. PM please do not jeopardize your credibility over friendship. Remember, the “people” is the government. We do not Need favoritism. We need hard grown men and women representing us. What would Hon. George Price do?

  10. Earl Grey says:

    I WISH we had THE STADIUM that HUGO CHAVEZ gave US money TO BUILD!!!! I WISH!!!

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