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Feb 27, 2013

Female U.S. national strangled on La Isla Bonita?

A criminal investigation is underway in San Pedro where the body of a woman was removed from a shallow area of the sea south of the island. The woman is a US national visiting from Wyoming and up until news time, because notification was pending with her family; her name is being withheld at this time. There are signs consistent with strangulation so police are treating the case as a homicide. News Five’s Isani Cayetano was in San Pedro today 


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The lifeless body of a thirty-two year old American national of Casper, Wyoming was retrieved from shallow waters behind the Royal Palm Resort in San Pedro Town this morning by a group of young men, who were cleaning the beachfront near Mata Rock Resort.  The circumstances surrounding her death remain unknown; however, Police on the island are treating the incident as a possible homicide.  Sometime around eight o’clock the fully clad corpse was discovered floating in a rock-strewn location a few feet offshore by a teenager running along the beach.


Voice of: San Pedro Resident

“He saw a body but first he called us and said, “There’s a body right here drowning!” and then I ask ahn, “Dah what?” and then he tell me wahn lady deh deh.  Then afterwards me and my co-workers just run up this side and when we reached closer it was a body and then two of us took out the body along with a next worker, who came and help us and we just took her to the chair over there.  And while putting her there she just started foaming.”


Local authorities would immediately be summoned to the area where they observed the body of a dead woman propped against a beach chair.


Voice of: San Pedro Resident

“We just called the police and they reached and they start to check the lady and thing and dehn call wah doctor.  Then afterwards dehn ker di body and dehn ker di three ah we but then outta three ah we only me give wah statement and from deh so dehn tell we if anything missing from di lady dehn wah come look fu we but then nothing mi missing.  Everything mi still deh on.”


While her earrings and wedding band remained intact, the absence of personal identification cards or travel documents made it difficult for residents to determine who she was.  San Pedro Police would later learn that she was sharing a condominium with a female friend nearby.


Isani Cayetano

“Did you at any point observe any injuries or anything on the body?”


Voice of: San Pedro Resident

“No.  Afta when we put di body deh so we just put she down and just lef she and call the police.  We neva mess with it or nothing.  We just watch pan she and call di police mek dehn reach.”


Isani Cayetano

“Looking around in this area, it’s fairly shallow.  It’s difficult to comprehend that someone would actually drown here.  Do you believe that the body floated up after several hours of being submerged offshore?”


Voice of: San Pedro Resident

“Maybe.  It could be that because you never hay bout somebody di drown dah di dock, mostly da di reef yo yer people do drown or dehn di go missing, no eena di shallow piece like this.”


The woman, who has since been identified, was declared dead around nine a.m. by Dr. Giovanni Solorzana.  He has gone on record in other parts of the media to state that the body was observed with what appeared to be bruises consistent with strangulation.  That, however, can only be ascertained during an autopsy. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.


According to her roommate since arriving to Belize, the woman is known for taking morning walks along the beach. The body was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital this afternoon. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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17 Responses for “Female U.S. national strangled on La Isla Bonita?”

  1. Rod says:

    Here we go again tourist I’ve been telling you now for years do not come to Belize do not go o San Pedro you will eighter be raped robbed or murdered stay away from Belize you will only come here to die we have the mot corrupt pm and gov in the history of his nation what a murderous country we have become.

  2. Karen says:

    Rod you are an ass talking bs#@! about your country.
    What concerns me is that the police is investigating this as “possible Homicide” it is a homidice
    better put you ….. together and find the person responsible for this.Well I don’t think that is going to happend as usual.

  3. Al says:

    Another American killed on the beautiful island, there is a killer on the loose. This certainly give pause to think about McAfee situation.
    I can tell you if these killing of Americans continue, the economy will suffer as tourism tapers off. Much prayer is needed to turn this country around.

    Why is the church not seeing that there a devious spirit assigned to the country of Belize and its purpose is to kill and cause sexual assaults. I am not a religious fanatic, but a learned minister should understand that there is a spirit realm where both good and evil exists and which ever is given access is the one that will dominate.

    The Bible says that our adversary the devil roams around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may kill and destroy. The devil is finding many willing individuals to do his work. My appeal is to the church, please at least start with community prayer in the streets of the city, DO IT NOW.

  4. Maria Marshall says:

    Very very Sad, Bad, Disgusting, Frightening, what a disgrace !

  5. Whappy says:

    Mein! This is going to be all over CNN soon….

  6. sigh says:

    If you don’t have something positive to say, please keep your mouth shut. For every situation that arises, its politics for you. If all you can think about is politics, why don’t you run for office if you think you can do a better job????? Because you know that you are the same crap as the others!!! Please keep all of you silly comments to yourself and find something worthwhile to do instead of taking up valuable space and time here.

  7. Mary fuller says:

    This does not have to be so negative. Many people go on vacation with significant medical conditions.Please investigate all the possibilities. Most of the people who say such negative things about Belize is because they cannot afford to go to Belize to have a nice time. And some of them are so lost they know nothing about Belize only about their own family and no so good memories. Belize is a great place and will always be.

  8. vlm says:

    Cancelling my trip to Belize. Sorry Belizean people.

  9. cruz says:

    ROD what !@#$% in wrong with you man its bad enough you bad mouthing us san pedranos but now you bad mouth the whole country, and why just becuause your thieving party is not in power? and dont get me wrong i hate both parties cause no matter who is in power its always the same !@#$ ! and its because of those two parties and simple minded people like your self that belize is the !@#$ its in rite now, so sir please do us all a favour, and for the love of god please get your head out of your @$$ man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. dris says:

    people just don’t know what to do… they just go to kill for the benefit of themselves. what they do not understand is that the people they kill had families.

  11. Canuck says:

    Hey a Canadian woman was found dead in a Los Angeles, California, USA hotel water tank.
    Link –>
    Lets quit going there too.
    People get killed or die all over the world all the time because they put them self in bad situations or sometimes it is bad luck.
    Grow up and be careful and you will be okay when you visit Belize.

  12. Cindy says:

    I hope for the family of the young lady they find out what happen. I visit Belize every summer and I always make a trip to the keys (san pedro) I find it very safe and the people very friendly, being in the keys was always the best part of my trip. We really should not jump to conclusion until we know the reason. Don’t bash your country just for the hell of it. leave that for outsiders ROD. Don’t let one incident spoil the town.

  13. Storm says:

    Sadly, even a few days before this, I had to recommend to a family of American friends not to plan their Christmas vacation here. I couldn’t think of a single place that is both safe — the first consideration — and an attractive tourist destination, compared to many other Caribbean possibilities. When it came down to it, I couldn’t bear to see my friends become victims of some sort of crime, and it’s too big a risk the way things have become here. We have almost zero law enforcement — police who aren’t criminal themselves are incompetent [maybe because they receive no professional training, but the result is the thing that counts], poorly equipped, or scarce.

    So they are going to St. Lucia. Our loss. We need a miracle or a new leader!

  14. Liberty & Freedom says:

    The real problem is that there is lack of a death penalty. Now they have lethal injection so the bleeding heart liberals can stop whining that the death penalty is inhumane. You never hear them talk about the victim. Only if the victim is a family member……..

    Belize needs to get tough on crime. We cannot get tough on crime as long as there is a corrupt government.

  15. SL says:

    @Mary fuller, seriously? A 32 year old woman? Well at least we know John McAfee will not be a person of interest for this one. Or maybe the govt. will spin it so he is?
    This is tragic news. It’s bad enough that the people who found her compromised any evidence that may have been left behind, but then the incompetent police probably compromised it more. Will there even be an autopsy? Whatever happened to the autopsy results for Gregory Faull?
    And for goodness sake, can someone please donate a few bodybags to Belize so they stop doing the wrapped in a sheet thing?

  16. ramon says:

    U know thiso can happen in part of the world ok so don’t be talking negative about Belize I live in states proud belizean & I invite everyone to my beautiful Belize ok.

  17. Cc says:

    People of Belize its so easy to cast stone , but stop for a moment and think about the victim are we sure she was murder or it could have been a mishap , do they know if there are other sign beside her neck has she been raped, or she faught off her attacker or maybe she new the person all these are stuff we must look into before we become judge and jury to the Jewel They family must be highly upset about all these misleading information lets get the facts first then a statement that has merrits

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