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Feb 25, 2013

…But group promises to chop border line

We’ll have more from those pages of history read by Elrington on Tuesday’s newscast but late this evening, Wil Maheia and one of his associates spoke to News Five about the planned action this coming weekend. Maheia says that several villages have pledged support and volunteers from a village scout association also intends to join them as they clear the border areas. Maheia says that they are concerned about the attention from Guatemala, but they are not worried.


Wil Maheia, Belize Territorial Volunteers

“I think that that should not discourage us. The fact is that we should not be discouraged by these kinds of activities because on a daily basis, there are incursions that are taking place into Belize’s territory. I was in Jalacte and San Vicente yesterday. I met with the Alcaldes and they are very encouraged that we are taking this stance and they actually have offered to put a lot of youths to join us. So I am motivated, encouraged. I am humbled by the amount of support from across the nation. We have people all the way from Corozal and Orange Walk who are committed to coming. I think that Belizeans are really stepping up to the plate and showing love for country.”


Jose Sanchez

Wil Maheia

“I asked the C.E.O. of the Ministry, Alexis Rosado about GPS, but they are saying it is not accurate; there is a margin of error and based on that incident once again when those four soldiers were detained that who knows what will happen.”


Wil Maheia

“And again I asked this question; is the margin of error only for Belizeans? Why can’t it apply to Guatemalans? We are sure we will be inside Belize’s territory. If the Guatemalans step into Belizean territory and try to harass us and try to take us, it will be kidnapping. I know it is going to be safe, we are not going to be taking any guns or weapons like that; all we will be taking are our machetes to try and to clear the line just as any famer would do or any landowner would do—clear their line so they know where the land is at. We want people to know where Belize’s territory is at.”


Jose Sanchez

“Are you concerned with the terminology, adjacency zone; you have a couple miles that is kinda like a no man’s land when you use that terminology. Aren’t you concerned maybe you should perhaps be more symbolic and make sure you are well within the line?”


Wil Maheia

“You know, this adjacency zone in my opinion is a joke because within the last ten years, within the last five years, when it has become more of a brand. As recently as a year ago, months ago, Guatemala continued to install cell towers within yards of Belize’s border. So the adjacency zone is benefitting Guatemalans not Belizeans. So why if they do not respect the adjacency zone, why should we?”


Jose Sanchez

“Who all will be joining you? You mentioned schools?”


Wil Maheia

“Okay, I met with the scout leader last week and he has committed; from the village of Poite. We have the COLA, who have committed also; BCJ, Belize Coalition of Justice have committed; we have the Alcaldes from Santa Cruz, Santa Elena, Jalacte and San Vicente who have also committed. People from San Jose—of course San Jose is where the Territorial Volunteers basically started.”


Valentino Sub

Valentino Sub, Belize Territorial Volunteers

“In my area, I know there is the Guatemala and Belize. I went there to build the O.P. for B.D.F. in the Machaquilla area. The first time we gone, we built the O.P. in the pasture. But when the OAS reached there, he told us in mo man’s land is where we build the building. In like two years, he removed that building and put it maybe half a mile in Belize’s territory again. So that means we know where is Guatemala and where is Belize because I’ve been there two times already.”


Jose Sanchez

“So you will be cutting the area within the current boundaries of the new tower?”


Valentino Sub

“Yes because there is a big pasture there; that is no man’s land as the OAS said. So we know where is it.”


Jose Sanchez

“You’re not concerned that perhaps maybe Guatemalan soldiers may come and detain people the way they did those soldiers in 2000?”


Valentino Sub

“I don’t know, but when the OAS reached there, I heard the soldiers reached along but they never showed themselves to us because we have the B.D.F. at that time. So that’s why we try to raise our concerns; we want to see the government should try to stop this because what happens in our area, they thief rosewood, they thief mahogany, they thief cedar and plus dehn thief four horses in San Jose Village.”


Maheia has growing support from a number of NGOs who will join him as he embarks his “Clear the Border Project”.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “…But group promises to chop border line”

  1. Storm says:

    Long live free Belize!

    I hope we all support these patriots. It’s the kind of fearless leadership that is sadly lacking from our government.

  2. sickntired says:

    Everybody except the two simple govt officials support keeping our country. Guate will push to put in their own borderline cause our officials express on tv that they afraid of guate. And they are our official representatives – imagine that! They sit in their office talking !@$$ while guate taking over the land and when truly active belizeans come forward they get no support. We need leaders with ….. to stand up and represent us properly! Then you could tell me we are not bowing to pressure because the way it looks right now the minister and his ceo done give away the country and probably kissing guate …… to get a job when they tek over.

  3. eric says:

    The complicit nature of our government comes as no surprise to me. About two and a half years ago an oil company based in guatemala with ties to the current president was trying to make inroads into Belize with the help of some of our major political players; this deal however fell through. Fast forward a bit from there and you have our present government trying to shove off-shore oil exploration down our throat and it was met with resistance. Who is to say that they haven’t made a compromise with the government of guatemala and a agreement made behind closed doors to take this whole issue to the ICJ with the intention of instead of giving up half the country we give up the potentially oil rich territorial waters. It will be a win win situation for all parties concerned, guatemala get’s our oil rich waters and the powers that be in our present government gets what they wanted and what we denied them. We are being lead down the path of deception by a government that serves only to promote self wealth through betrayal of its own people. The crying shame is that we are too blinded by party politics that we don’t realize that we have been made to be complicit. The ugly truth is that the other side was approached first by the said company and both sides will benefit from this treachery. I have been holding back saying what needs to be said for I have been warned that the government can and will track my correspondence and their vindictive nature will surely bring retribution upon me. This is why I choose this forum and found an open area network. If hiding to express your displeasure with your government is the order of the day why do we still call our nation a democracy as opposed to a dictatorship?

  4. ceo says:

    Has any high ranking elected official over the decades ever bothered to make a trip to the border?

  5. Joe says:

    I agree, that The GPS system we have in Belize is not accurate, but that is because GOB,
    does not invest in Quality, but in crap, this I say cause i know.

    GPS for civilian use is accurate to within inches. Garmin has some with global maps
    if you could get the finance to buy a couple for the people, GOB it would be a good deed, to your voters.

  6. Bear says:

    Eric, sad to say your theory is all top plausible. If there is any sort of evidence to support any part of it, I hope you will get it out to the public some way, because it makes sense given what our government is, and the greed and corruption that comes with the scent of black gold.

  7. Orange walkeno says:

    Time fi wake up Belize.If you do not the chapines we do that fi u.when politicians come and give u chomchange for your vote memba they are taking a lot more from you and your future generation.We are at a dangerous crossing,keep Belize intact,stop sell your land to foreigners,be industrious and stop taking handouts.If you don’t ,start now it might be late when you open your eyes.Arriba Belice libre y soberano!!

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