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Feb 25, 2013

Minister Farrakhan coming to Belize

Louis Farrakhan

The founder of the nation of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan will be visiting Belize in early march as part of a Caribbean tour.  Last January, Farrakan’s visit had to be postponed due to illness. This time around, Farrakhan is scheduled to arrive on March fourth and leave on March eleventh. During the visit, it is expected he will be meeting with government officials, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs and will also be holding a public forum. Farrakhan is known for his controversial views on a wide range of issues in particular, on race relations. On Sunday, he addressed the annual Saviors’ Day sermon in Chicago, Illinois. His address covered a number of current topics, including an economic plan, land, and gun control. But his most provoking views were on the gangs. He pledged to reach out to gang leaders to ask them for assistance in protecting the Nation of Islam’s interests.


{Excerpt from Louis Farrakhan’s address…}

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22 Responses for “Minister Farrakhan coming to Belize”

  1. Storm says:

    He will bring nothing good to the Jewel — he’s racist, and we’re best as a melting pot. He seems to love gangs more than our PM, if that is possible — and maybe for the same reason, that they hope to turn gang guns to their own purposes. We don’t need an outsider to bring hate speech here.

    Last time he was planning to come here, government workers were involved in helping to organize his rallies — that was wrong then, and it would be wrong if it happens this time. Let’s keep an eye on our public officials this time around.

  2. Rod says:

    This is exactly the kind of prejudice person this pm is just look at the type of people he invites to come speak in Belize the most prejudice person in the world they don’t even want him in the us so now he will come and spew his bigotry in Belize what a sick sick pm and gov.

  3. The world is watching says:

    this guy is a piece of garbage. Belize will regret this visit..

  4. Jay Bee D says:

    Don’t let him into Belize. We have enough trouble without a moslem.

  5. Belizean says:

    I hope this person will get sick again..Actually he is sick, sick sick sick..Like all the comments above, I agree this person will not bring any good..Look, they said “provoking views” and “controversial views on a wide range…etc”…Whats this? Is this just to confuse our public even more? Please, Islam is an extremist organization of which we want no part of…

  6. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    Islam is no more controversal than Catholics.The Minister have influence over black men.The Millon Man March on Washington is an example.Black men in belize needs positive black influence.

  7. Black man richie says:

    i love this man, he is amazing things he says are so believable. please come to Belize my people need this to wake up. i bet all the people who posted negative comments are white lol. your scared of one man geez.

  8. Belizean Pride says:

    oh please not again, hope you get sick mr. man. i don’t get it haven’t the people bringing him haven’t got the sense that we don’t want this scum in belize enough we have of bull crap that is going on and bringing more into the Jewel is damn!!! bad idea.

  9. Retired CEO says:

    It is indeed very sad to read some of these comments made by bloggers who have absolutely no knowledge of Islam and what it means to be a muslim.

    Islam simply means submission to the will of the Creator of the Heavens, Earth and all that exists.

    A muslim is one who adheres to the precepts of Islam.

    Islam is colorless and cannot be extremist, it is a balance way of life, it is not an organization.

    Apparently, the western media and other pseudo religious organizations has duped most of the Worlds’ population.

    Wake up Belizeans, read, do some research before you speak/write.

    People of the World suffer due to lack of knowledge.

  10. Panchito says:

    Look around the middleast, and see all the problems(bombings, terrorists, attacks) caused by the muslims. These people are zealots and hate Christianity. There whole ideology is to eradicate Christianism by acts of terror. Like Jay Bee said, we already have enough terror in BZ, we don’t need any more. Keep him away from my country.

  11. Bear says:

    John Boy, the main point of the “Million Man March” in Washington years ago was just to say black men in America want more money. It was not to advance the idea that black men need to be responsible and raise, nurture, and financially support their children. Today in the U.S. more than 70% of black babies are born to single mothers, with the father nowhere in sight — the result is a repeating cycle of poverty, school dropouts, and prison for too many blacks there. We already have too many of our men, of all colors, getting girls pregnant and leaving like thieves in the night. Babies who have no father also have almost no chance at a good life.

    Also, Islam as taught by Farrakhan (and most other imams) is decidedly prejudiced against women, they are supposed to be submissive followers of men. Do we need Farrakhan to promote sexism here?

    He spews hate about every other race and religion, especially against Israel and the Jewish people.

    I think we all have seen and heard Farrakhan from afar, and we’ve judged him by his words and deeds.

  12. ceo says:

    I must say that most Belizeans are out of touch with what makes sense.

    Imagine this is a man that knows how to stand up in the face of adversity and speak truth even when it hurts the majority. We have a border issue raging currently and we need stand up leaders but many Belizeans will bad mouth a man like this. Oh if our leaders would stand up and speak out against what is/was wrong!

  13. TANYA says:


  14. Retired CEO says:

    While I am not an admirer or supporter of what Farrahkhan believes, says and does. I strongly believe that most of the above comments are emotional hog wash.

    The man is an eloquent, motivating speaker and speaks directly to the current issues that are plaguing the jewel and the world community.

    Our young people need to hear and understand the consequences of their savage and brutal behavior towards each other. They need to know that there is hope for the future if they curb their negative criminal activities and tuned into some positive vibes. They need to to understand that violence and the gun is not the way to salvation. Their attitude, behavior and character must change in order to become productive citizens in this ever evolving modern World. Young people must develop some positive knowledge of selfworth in order to break this negative cycle of self destruction. I could go on and on, however I hope that these will be some of the topics that Minister Farrahkhan will address during his tour of Belize.

    Unfortunately, and very sadly so, the church and the so-called pseudo religious leaders have been quiet on these very important issues for too long. I know that many of you will not agree with some of my statements, however, accept it or reject it, believe it or not, it is emphatically clear that the church has miserably failed when it comes to issues of violence, crime, child/sex abuse and many more important issues plaguing the jewel.

  15. Common Sense says:

    It still amazes me how this one man is held up to be a Muslim and representing Islam – I can only judge the man by his actions and words – from what I have read and seen, there is nothing Islamic about this fake messenger. Belize is just another source of income for this man and his organization….similar to the other foreign missionaries.

  16. george sansorez says:

    Most of the comments are right on the money.Those who believe that Farakkan is a good influence including the retired CEO, take your heads out of the sand and look at reality.Take a look at your neighborhoods and your surroundings.The only accomplishments that can catapult people out of poverty is hard work,save some of your earnings and invest wisely.Get an education or a good trade, you will see a difference in your life and that of your family.Enough said.

  17. OriginalWoman says:

    welcome To Belize Mr. Farrakkhan!!! @ Black man richie, I know and expect whites to make negative comments, but some of these same comments, unfortunately, come from blacks too. Belizeans need spiritual cleansing, it does not matter where or who it comes from!! Mr. Farrakkhan’s message needs to be heard, especially by the black people. Funny how, when you start to talk about uplifting your black ppl, you are labeled a racist and hate monger by some. The powers that be, cannot stand to see black ppl lifting themselves up….they prefer to see us submissive and content with the way things are!!! Speak Mr. Farrakkhan, your message will be heard loud and clear, by those whose ears is meant to hear you!!! Many of the younger generation of Belizeans never heard you speak and are eagerly waiting for your arrival. Many of the older heads will be istening too!!!

  18. OriginalWoman says:

    Welcome Mr. Farrakkhan!!!

  19. OriginalWoman says:

    Yayyyy!!!! Hip, Hip, Horayyyyy!!!!! Welcome To Belize Mr. Farrakkhan!!!!

  20. Black man richie says:

    Panchito needs to chill. Farrakhan is not that type of muslims he preaches from the bible as well. do you really think he will say: keep up the ganging. people are so ignorant. and that one of the reasons why Belize is the way it is. so sad indeed.

  21. OriginalWoman says:

    @ Retired CEO, John Boy, Carson, Ca and Black man richie….great comments. I am glad to see we have ppl in Belize who are NOT brainwashed and lash out whenever a black person proudly celebrate who they are and speak the truth against the “powers that be!!”. @ Bear, you had it right the second time when you wrote, “….the main point of the “Million Man March” in Washington years ago was just to say black men in America want more money. It was not to advance the idea that black men need to be responsible and raise, nuture and financially support their children.”I participated in that march, even though I am a female. The main theme was bringing the black men closer to their families!!!

  22. Ub STUdent says:

    I attended the talk today at the University of Belize and I loved it. It was gr8!

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