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Feb 19, 2013

Will you support taking the unfounded Guatemalan claim to the ICJ?

The October sixth referendum to take the Guatemalan claim to the ICJ has moved up to the front burner. So tonight we ask: Will you support taking the Guatemalan claim to the ICJ? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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21 Responses for “Will you support taking the unfounded Guatemalan claim to the ICJ?”

  1. Storm says:

    Absolutely not, the existence of our nation can’t be left to the votes of foreign judges. Right and justice don’t always prevail in any court, and the stakes here are too high. If Guatemala wants to conquer us, let them try, and tens of thousands of us will fight to the death to preserve our nation. But we can never let them steal our freedom by a secret vote of strangers. Better to die on our feet than live on our knees.

  2. Lucas says:

    No: absolutely not. Truthfully, at the beginning of the century when I read the legal investigation, THE COST OF CONFLICT, conducted by international legal minds at the request of Honorable Assad Shoeman, I was 100% for the ICJ. When did I change my mind?, Very recently. Why? Because Mr. Barrow and his foreign affair minister have been hinting that it is not as air tight as they want us to believe. They are not being honest with us as to how much risk is involved. I have come to the conclusion that they are more than willing to surrender our southern waters with all cayes therein especially the Sapodilla Range in exchange for intact land borders and are asking us to rubber -stamp their evil intention which they are hiding from the people. The UDP govt. has conspired to betray the Belizean people and I am not going to be a part of it.

  3. Ricky Malthus says:

    We reject totally the Guatemalan claim to Belize territory in the same manner we reject CARICOM’s usurpation of all Belizean’s rights. We don’t want Guatemala and we don’t want CARICOM. But CARICOM has already taken over Belize starting with the Judicial System; then the economy; then the educational system; and then all other social institutions. What is happening in Belize is a hidden black power war against Latins in Belize. Everything in Belize has to be Black under Barrow. There is no hope for Latins in Belize but redemption will come only with civil commotion or God forbid it, internal war. But we will not be subjugated by Guatemala nor CARICOM.

  4. Liberty & Freedom says:

    Again, I will never support anything to do with the the IJC which is an arm of the United Nations. Their record is dismal. Take a look at some of the countries where the IJC has been involved. Bosnia for instance. Then UN soldiers raping women in Rwanda. Have you ever know the UN to do anything except hand out money, which they collect from member countries to governments they want to control. They are the New World Order and the IJC is their World Court.

    No, never to the IJC.

  5. busha says:

    Storm, i remember an event many moons ago when a Guatemalan fighter jet “accidentally” flew into Belize air space, and everybody run gaaan to Miami…

    everybody start sharpening ur machete’s!!!

    BDF aint worth !@#$…

  6. Belizean for life. says:


  7. Belizean Pride says:

    we don’t accept it nor will we vote for any referendum for this unfounded claim, simple as that.

  8. TRUCK DRIVER says:

    NO NO NO.

  9. alley cat says:

    I am still wondering why the opposition has not made their position crystal clear. That actually scares me…

  10. 316 says:

    UDP supporters and followers, please you don’t have to follow on everything that the UDP government says. This is not about party politics, it is about the future of Belize and our children and grandchildren. Please think carefully when the referendum day comes. Don’t let your area rep (PUP or UDP) tell you to vote or no. Know that facts.

    The UDP is publicly supporting going to the IJC. They are very wrong and you don’t have to follow them in everything.

    We cannot gamble the feature of Belize. Belize is an independent country and that’s it. No need to go to the ICJ.

  11. Mad says:

    No, we are dealing with an European court of law who has no right to make decision on a British territory. Why would I allow a court to decide if my house should go to my neighbor when I’ve been living in it for years and have children in it?. Just because Guatemala is a large country, they think they can bully a small English speaking country. Let Guatemala’s claim go on deaf years. NO NO NO NO NO!!!

  12. Liberty & Freedom says:

    NO ICJ

    Take a look at this Web page

    The UN is getting fat and happy with poor countries money. The ICJ will rule in favor of Guatemala.
    That is what the UN is all about – money and power. Be careful Belizeans – the future of our country is in your hands.

  13. Expat says:

    Expat thinks,
    Well however the people of Belize vote,the important thing is we are addressing the issue and
    educating the people,even though it might be a little too late.
    That the government is withholding information to the Belizean public is probable,and is only interested in saving its face.
    The institutions of the country are still in a learning fase and have yet to excercise a form of democracy that is representative of the desires and emancipation of the population ( but democracy is just a word) ….I hope this issue does not divide the people but unite,that mignht be just what the corrupt elite of both countries are aiming for..
    power to the minorities,together you stand a chance,divided you will be split between the two camps….or worst ending fighting each other….black,white latinos n the indigenous,…(who have first hand experience from both governments of being abused… Belize to certain or lesser extend but it has still happened….especially the sensitive issue of oil explorations,I would not be surprised that, that is the driving motivation from both governments…..keep your eyes and ears open my Belizean people,be strong and remember its your land.

  14. Pelican says:

    To early but sympathize with Ricky Malthus Liberty & Freedom.

  15. Liberty & Freedom says:

    Response to AlleyCat

    The opposition has made their position crystal clear. DO NOT VOTE, and if you do, vote “NO”.
    There is no need to educate the public. You are either for the sovereign country of Belize or you are a Guatemalan.

  16. Belizean Beach Bum says:

    ICJ? No way!

  17. soldier of jah says:

    “no and no” easy as that. blessed!!!!!!!

  18. Facts?? says:

    316 can you educate us. It seems that you know the facts. What are the facts that would make us lose or probably win? Lets forget about Elrington or what the past ministers did, whatever they said or did won’t be used as evidence.

  19. Paco Smith says:

    Belize, Sovereign and Free – NO ICJ!

  20. Paco Smith says:

    Belizeans and true friends of Belize, do not be confused. The best answer to this question, iis fundamental. In order to secure what we already(legally) have as an independent, sovereign nation with our borders intact, we must vote a resounding “NO” to the ICJ.

    Any decision other than that places our territorial integrity at the jurisprudence of the jurors at the ICJ. We need not go to the ICJ, in order to prove what all nations except one, already acknowledges.

    Going to the ICJ is simply “fool’s gold”. The well connected are attempting to have us sacrifice our nation for their personal gain. This cannot happen. If you aren’t willing to gamble your nation’s territorial integrity, you are encouraged to vote a resounding “NO” to the ICJ on 6th October 2013.

    Belize, Sovereign and Free – NO ICJ!

  21. marconi Leal says:

    The very moment we got our Independence meant we are a sovereign nation and that Guatemala’s claim is ‘UNFOUNDED”. Certainly I will not be fooled by the red machine. No to ICJ!

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