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Feb 18, 2013

Double murder during weekend and 12 persons shot

Lincoln “Kilo Bwai” Allen

The bloodbath started on Friday afternoon following the acquittal of Nicholi Rhys for the murder of Andre Trapp, the reputed leader of the Southside Gang. By the time the weekend was over, a total of twelve persons were shot; two did not survive. The double murder of Lincoln “Kilo Bwai” Allen an alleged affiliate of Crips and Devon Saldano occurred a stone’s throw away from the Queen Street Police Station. In that incident, one more person was injured. News Five’s Duane Moody reports.


“My brother, I know he lived a life of gang and that was the life he choose. He always said he was for the streets and he always say to me sister I live by the gun, I will die by the gun.”


Duane Moody, Reporting

And around one-thirty on Saturday morning, thirty-nine year old Lincoln “Kilo Bwai” Allen lost his life to the gun. A Belize City youth followed him through a dark alley and shot him to the back of the head and to the mouth.  He was only a stone’s throw from his house at Majestic Alley when he was killed.


Pearlene Allen

Pearlene Allen, Sister of Lincoln “Kilo Bwai” Allen

“I get the news about after three when my cousins they came to my house and they give me the news that my brother died; that he got shot. But dehn neva really get into details until Saturday when I meet my sisters and we went to the morgue and we saw his body.”


Allen was reportedly in an altercation earlier that night at the Red Bucket Bar located at the foot of the Swing Bridge on Regent Street West. His killer, identified as twenty-three year old Devon Saldano, allegedly followed him on his way home. While entering Munoz Alley at the junction of Handyside Street and Gabourel Lane, Saldano pounced on Allen from behind and fired the fatal shots.


Devon Saldano

Pearlene Allen

“There was a conflict at the bucket bar and from there it transpired into this. We noh get details at to what really transpired noh.”


Marion Ali, Love TV

“Kilo was with a friend at the time hanging out?”


Pearlene Allen

“Yes ma’am, he was with a friend when this thing took place. But he mi di run fi his life but he trip down. And when he tripped down dah then dehn say this young man went over him.  According to the young man who was back their with them, who got shot in his chest, he said the young man got over “Kilo” and said to him, “say weh yo mi di say. Talk weh yo mi di talk.” And my bredda just look up pan ahn and say weh yo wah do this to me noh bwai. And dah right deh dehn shot ahn ina ih mouth because the jawbone bruk up and thing. I think ih get two more shots ina ih head same way. So he died on the spot.”


Derek Cervantes was hit in the chest by the volley of bullets coming in their direction. In response, he pulled out his licensed nine millimeter pistol and fired a single shot at a fleeing Saldano. Saldano was hit to the back of the head and died on the spot; just two feet away from Allen. His brother, Leroy Gillett, says they found out of his demise sometime after nine on Saturday morning.


Leroy Michael Gillett, Brother of Devon Saldano

“He came home here for about five minutes sometime after eleven. He was here for about five minutes and left and I was under the impression that he went to get some food, but he neva did come back. Until the police came to our house, we knew that he was involved in an incident.  He is no saint, he has been incarcerated before, but this is the first act of gun violence that he has been involved with. Unfortunately, it was an unfortunate situation. I am not sure of what happened between them. Like I said before it is speculative, but it did.”


Leroy Michael Gillett

The double murder is shattering both families because the mothers of the two deceased are best of friends; Allen and Saldano practically grew up together.


Pearlene Allen

“He knew his killer because we are close friends. His mother and my mother are good friends from way back. And we know the young man from he was a baby. So we are all good friends. We are like family.”


Leroy Michael Gillett

“Our families, Kilo Bwai’s mom and my mom are really good friends. I know the family; the family knows me. It is just unfortunate. We will be left with a mystery and have no idea of what happened between both parties.”


Giovanni Saldano

For the Saldano family, tragedy has hit them twice in less than a year. Eleven months ago, today, the younger brother, Giovanni Saldano, lost his life also to gun violence when he was killed inside their family yard on West Street.


Leroy Michael Gillett

“That happened on a Sunday last year. Now this come back again; it’s a double whammy. What grieves me both about their death is that none of them have kids. They were the only sons for their father.”


There are reports that a vehicle was heard speeding off following the murders which occurred practically in the backyard of the Queen Street Police Station. Recovered from the scene were six, nine millimeter expended shells and a licensed Glock-seventeen nine millimeter pistol belonging to Cervantes. Duane Moody for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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16 Responses for “Double murder during weekend and 12 persons shot”

  1. Storm says:

    It’s not a double murder, it’s one murder [Allen by Saldano] and a justifiable homicide in self-defense [Saldano by Derek 'Dead Eye" Gillett]. It’s not right to tag Gillett with the word murder.

  2. Storm says:

    My bad — Derek Cervantes is the one who was justified in shooting Saldano. Even with a program, I’m having trouble keeping the names straight!

  3. gone fishing says:

    2 murders and 12 people shot?

    Sounds like the GOB needs to help the gangs setup some gun ranges to up their aim.
    This could keep them employed until they get killed.

    Maybe get some cartel investors to start a new tourism business, “Hunt Belizeans” package tours to compete with big game hunting in Africa.

    Time to push Honduras and El Salvador off the cliff and go for #1 murderous nation.

  4. Rod says:

    This situation will keep getting worse this useless incompetent corrupt gov. Is the cause of all these murders period this pm and his gov. Is fueling this blood bath.

  5. sickntired says:

    Sad, truly sad that this is the way belizeans now solves issues. Govt going around to educate people about guate referendum but cant spend a penny to educate people on civic pride and peace. Where exactly do we as a country expect to head? Our leaders need to start caring about the citizens and the country and less about themselves.

  6. says:

    Gone fishing u said it like it is good one

  7. WOW says:

    What is a 39 year-old doing gangbanging, he supposed to be a grown man. See that tells you that a gangbanger has a tiny mental capacity because they never grow up to think for themselves, they allow their gang leader to think for them. Let’s be truthful, the size of their brain is an atom, never grow beyond a normal human brain.

  8. alley cat says:

    The law of probability says that gang bangers are more likely to be murdered or die an unnatural death. Move on to the next story…

  9. check it out says:

    while they were rampant murders and shootings all over the city, the political party in govwernment
    was dishing out wasting tons of money on an internal power struggle. check it out, Faber has been a teacher all his life, where does he get money to finance a million dollar campaign, yet the same Faber is adamant that there is NO MONEY for teachers PAY RAISE.

  10. Bear says:

    Yes, a life truly wasted — 39 years old gangbanger, with ELEVEN acknowledged children, and dying no money in his pocket.

    If young people knew the sad facts of how these gangsters live and die, maybe some would stay away and try to find honest work. Very sad for 11 babies to be brought into the world by a man such as that.

  11. Tashybze says:

    Belize is a dog eat dog world. I agree with check it out and the others. On the other hand this person is bad as well. What goes around comes back around. It was his turn to die. Sad for the kids, but hope they don’t grow up to do the same things. You lead by example.

  12. pimp from here says:

    damn sounds like belize the start shoot movie now… this sound like in the shattas style…

  13. orlando says:

    When is the funeral? can somebody please make sure they are indeed dead and certainly not coming back to life.
    Belize are better off without animals like them.

  14. ceo says:

    Send these guy slingers to defend the border. They would have legitimate reasons to shoot. If they are dropping their enemy with one shot sounds like they are better shots that the police and the BDF.

  15. Sandy says:


  16. gone fishing says: it is actually horrible, sad, and many lost opportunities to make things better.

    I barely recognize the country over the last five years.

    It is not just the gangs and cartels destroying the country.
    Average people having nothing to do with them are sometimes more out of control, destroying the country in some pretty sick ways. It just undermines one’s faith in the basic decency of people.

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