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Feb 18, 2013

U.D.P. convention winners, Gapi Vega and Alberto August

A red tidal wave swept through Corozal Town where the national convention of the United Democratic Party took place on Sunday. The headliner was the fight for the post of deputy party leader; Patrick Faber took the unprecedented decision to challenge the incumbent, Gaspar Vega who is also the sitting deputy prime minister. The Prime Minister threw his support behind Vega while past leaders favored Faber. But it all boiled down to the five hundred and sixty delegates who cast their vote. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports. 


“This is the unity team; this dah weh part yo wah get love. I am telling the camera that we wah vote fi Patrick Faber. Love and unity. The country, everybody rise up today to make history. We are voting for Patrick Faber; Patrick Faber will win.”


Jose Sanchez

“Thousands have turned up to the Andres Campos Stadium here in Corozal Town for what is definitely going to be an exciting day.  People are going to vote at the U.D.P. Convention for who will be the next deputy party leader and the next chairman of the party.”


Jose Sanchez

“Mister Vega, how many number you think you’re looking at today for your team?”


Gaspar Vega

Gaspar Vega, Candidate, Deputy Party Leader

“I’m looking for more than three hundred votes.”


Jose Sanchez

“You are very confident that you and Mister August. You felt that you’ve brought out your delegates. It is all about the delegates and not necessarily just the show right?”


Gaspar Vega

“I am certain that the unity team will be successful today. That is myself, Albert August and Fern Gutierrez.”


Jose Sanchez

“You’re supporting Minister of Education, Patrick Faber. How many votes do you think he has secured at this point?”


Jose Sanchez

Manuel Esquivel, Former Prime Minister

“Well I have no idea; I’m not part of the campaign so I can’t tell you.”


Jose Sanchez

“But do you feel your support for him has given him some strength; two former leaders of the party supporting him?”


Manuel Esquivel

“Well I don’t know.”


Jose Sanchez

“So what’s your general feeling for today?”


Manuel Esquivel

“Well as you can see, it is going to be a grand day. Whoever wins, the party wins.”


Hilberto Campus

Hilberto Campus, Mayor, Corozal Town

“I am supporting the honorable Gaspar Vega for deputy prime minister.”


Jose Sanchez

“And in terms of the chairman?”


Hilberto Campus

“Mr. August.”


Jose Sanchez

“Do you feel that their campaign has done enough to pull in the delegates?”


Hilberto Campus

“Most definite; they have the best distribution geographically as has been mentioned by the Prime Minister and that is more than enough to elect those people.”


Jose Sanchez

“And as a person from Corozal, did you talk to the delegates also?”


Hilberto Campus

“Of course. Corozal, the entire district, is supporting the deputy. He’s a nortenos and we have to stick together with the north.”


Dean Barrow

It was a day of hugs and kisses, and a larger than life posters of candidates towered the estimated eight thousand supporters who attended the event.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“I’m sure all delegates will be here. the exact number I don’t recollect—five hundred and odd—but I am sure everybody will be here.”


Jose Sanchez

“And you feel Mister Vega will definitely pull in…”


Dean Barrow

“I am not going to make any predictions. I imagine and hope that people are mature enough to take the point that it is one party; so there really is a need to come together afterwards. I am confident that we will do so.”


Jose Sanchez

Roosevelt Blades

“How does it look so far in terms of the turnout for your team?”


Roosevelt Blades, Candidate, U.D.P. Chairman

“Well the turnout is very good. I believe that the support that we have been looking forward to is going to come through for us today. I am pretty sure of that.”


Alberto August

Alberto August, Candidate, U.D.P. Chairman

“What you are seeing out here is a tremendous outpouring of U.D.P. supporters. It’s U.D.P. supporters coming together and we are happy to see so many U.D.P. people together. In terms of support, I think the people came out here with their minds made up already. We had done like five months of campaigning. So they are out here now with their minds made up and they are ready to vote. The prime minister was the person who came out publically and supported what we called the unity team and we have been campaigning along that line ever since.”


The guest speakers from across the country added their personal flair to the event.


Juan Moguel

Juan Moguel, Orange Walk South Caretaker

“I stood up against the giant because I believe in my party; I believe because the U.D.P. is the only party that hosts, caters and looks and cares for the youth of this country.”


Shary Medina

Shary Medina, Santa Elena Town Councilor

“Dwight Eisenhower said, the qualities of a great man are vision, integrity, courage, understanding, the power of articulation and profundity of character. Ladies and gentlemen, Dwight Eisenhower must have had a premonition about our party leader, the honorable Dean Barrow, for he embodies these qualities.”


Jose Sanchez

“It’s after twelve, the amendments to the U.D.P. constitution have been made and now the election process is on its way. The five hundred and sixty-seven delegates are making their way into the auditorium, but as you can see in the background, some of the candidates are still making last minute efforts to ask people for their support right before they enter into the stadium.”


Patrick Faber, Candidate, Deputy Party Leader

Patrick Faber

“I am confident that at the end of the count today that Patrick Faber Roosevelt Blades and Roger Espejo will be victorious.”


Jose Sanchez

“Chairman, do you have an estimate of the numbers today?”


Patrick Faber

“Well, regardless of the outcome of this election.  If I win, I will help to build the party’s whatever little division that’s happen. And if I lose, I will be a major playing in making sure that that comes together too.”


While the crowd waited, the Garifuna drummers spiked up the atmosphere…


…eventually the candidates joined the anxious and celebratory mood.


The counting finished after four pm and Vega, with the support of the PM, emerged victorious.


Ruben Campos, Party Organizer

Ruben Campos

“The first; deputy party leader, there were five hundred and sixty-six votes cast. The honorable Patrick Faber received two hundred and thirty-three votes. The honorable Gaspar Vega received three hundred and thirty-one votes. There were two spoiled votes. Reelected as first deputy party leader is the honorable Gaspar Vega. For the post as chairman, there were five hundred and sixty-six votes cast. Roosevelt Blades received one hundred and eighty-three votes; Albert August received three hundred and seventy-nine votes. There were four spoiled votes. The United Democratic Party new party chairman, Alberto August.”

Dean Barrow

“To the Minister of Education, you sir continue to distinguish yourself and if there was ever any doubt that you are the total package; that doubt has been stilled this afternoon.”


Gaspar Vega

“The honorable Dean Oliver Barrow, to all the supporters of the United Democratic Party for making this party what it is. I want to give special thanks to my colleague, the Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, for making the United Democratic Party prove to the people that we believe in democracy.”


Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.


There was also a race for the vice-chair of the party. Of the five hundred and sixty six votes cast, Belize City Councilor Roger Espejo received one hundred and eighty votes and Fern Gutierrez received three hundred and seventy eight votes, the widest margin at the convention.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “U.D.P. convention winners, Gapi Vega and Alberto August”

  1. Joseph Blank says:

    The Village Idiot prevails over the Educated @$$. And the loser is: Belize. It was corruption and mediocrity vs arrogance and incompetence. Yes, incompetence!! Irrespective of Faber blowing his own trumpet, the state of Belize’s education system is nothing but a mess. So, we are stuck with these two clowns along with the rest till the electorate sends them home and brings in the other clowns! The only winners are these idiots and the banks with their fat accounts. Let us pray, for ourselves.

  2. Rod says:

    All three thief and murderers the pm vega and faber all thieves this country is truly in a lot of trouble when these are the people being elected.

  3. sickntired says:

    Well i cant say that i am surprised at the result. The pm know he need vega to win the spanish votes. While he usually only support creole people that will not get him enough votes to win elections so they force to keep vega. Another sad part of all this is probably to massage faber ego they will let him run rampant so UB people better watch out.

  4. aldo says:

    You see Rod that is the fundamental problem with the Belizeans as a whole. Now I am assuming u are apup and as such can make such a claim and u are right to a degree. theives yes but murderers is just being ignorant. Your problem is u cannot see past the harness. The blame falls on all politicians and the pup are no saints and just as corrupt and thiefing. U blame only the udp shame on you .

  5. mark pech says:

    Roger Espejo Should Retire from Politics……

  6. Storm says:

    Aldo is right, the two major parties are no different than street gangs. They only exist to serve their own members, not the average Belizean, and they consider the other gang — oops, I mean “party” — like a deadly enemy. The nation is torn like a carcass being fought over by two jackals.

    I believe and pray a revolution is coming to the Jewel in the near future, when honest people will topple both these corrupt gangs — parties — and start over with a new constitution that has working checks and balances, and that the thieves of today will be held fully accountable for the harm they have done to our nation, our people, and our future.

    Power to the people!

  7. Buju says:


    If the Prime Minister only supports creole and black people why did he loose the entire Stann Creek and Toledo Districts in the last general elections?

  8. pimp from here says:

    u nohhh shammmeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Think-About-It says:

    Aldo and Storm, perhaps Rod is only being sensible: when fighting a hold-up you focus your attack on the one with gun. The UDP got the gun right now b’cuz they got the power. Lashing the PUP right now might make u feel good but wont’ do squat for Belize. UDP just laugh and hold on to power while Belizeans cry about “PUDP” foolishness, because be real, no third party will win anytime soon and don’t kid yourself, Belizeans won’t start no revolution as long as politicians give them a blue note for their vote every 5 years.

    To stop the madness voters have to take their responsibility seriously, and the politicians will eventually get the message. Until then, its “tek yoh money and shut up and lef mi mek a teif.”

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