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Feb 15, 2013

2 B.D.F. and 1 police brawl in Ladyville

Police are investigating an incident in Ladyville in which it is alleged that two soldiers of the Belize Defence Force assaulted an off-duty police officer attached to the Special Patrol Branch of the department. The incident happened just after one a.m. on Thursday when the bar was forced to close by Ladyville police. Police officer Orcilio Cho was socializing at the Blue Club Bar in Ladyville where the soldiers, also alleged to be off-duty and in a B.D.F. truck, were gathered. As they left, one of the soldiers reportedly pushed Cho off his bicycle. The special patrol officer got back on his bicycle and rode away. But he was again met by the officers at the junction of the Phillip Goldson Highway and the Old Airport Camp Road. A fight then broke out between the soldiers and Cho, who allegedly pursued the officers towards the B.T.L. substation. Cho allegedly pulled out a firearm registered to the Special Patrol Branch and fired a single shot at the soldiers. In response, the soldiers pulled out their firearms and reportedly hit Cho multiples times with it. Cho received injuries to the face, eyes, head and under the chin; rendering him unconscious. He was later picked up by Ladyville police who took him to the nearby medical facility at Price Barracks. And as we said, the matter is under investigation. 

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12 Responses for “2 B.D.F. and 1 police brawl in Ladyville”

  1. Al says:

    Belize has become the wild wild west. All these officers should be fired. How can government employees use vehicles belonging to the B.D.F to socialize, drinking and driving and getting into fights. When will these government employee be made to pay the price for their behavior unbecoming an employee in such position of trust.

  2. Storm says:

    Glaring question for our new General of the BDF: why are off-duty soldiers driving a BDF truck to get drunk?

    Let’s make an example of them, and kick them out of BDF as an example to warn the others not to misuse military property. What’s next, taking their weapons out for a little gangbanging on the Southside?

    Past that, I’d like to know what really happened, because some or all of these “defenders of the people” are thugs who should be fired, maybe prosecuted. How can people respect and support our defenders when incidents like these occur too often? Bad apples must be removed from the barrel so they don’t spoil the others.

    Finally, a good rule: alcohol and guns don’t mix. Alcohol makes people stupid, and stupid people shouldn’t carry guns.

  3. peacemaker says:

    Storm if u u knw dat sh** comes out of ur mouth u shudn’t talk..what d hell do u knw about the Force

  4. freddy says:

    first of all I agree with storm why are off duty bdf soilders socializing getting drunk an driving a government vehicle.the ministry should look into this bdf is there to protect the people an the country shame at them.

  5. FEDUP says:

    Before we jump to hasty conclusion lets sit back and make sense of this situation. I have not gathered any credible information as yet so I will not cast any blame. I must agree that if a situation did transpired between the two Forces, it will certainly be an embarrassment. I am confident that if something had happen the BDF will take the necessary measures to hold its soldiers accountable.

  6. Al says:

    Peacemaker, are you living with your head in the sand? How many more news reports do you need to hear about government employees wrecking government owned vehicles after hours and in a drunk state. Just look to San Pedro where drunk cops beat people bloody even killing some. People like you who condone bad behavior. We need order in the country, and it is no good pretending all is well. Clean up the garbage in the country, make examples and fire these people and all who bring shame to the office they hold.

  7. Gone fishing says:

    More the same out-of-control government leading us.
    Drunk GOB officials driving around with guns, lucky no one killed.

    What bar were their commanding officers getting smashed at?
    How is that Faber GOB car wreck investigation going? Swept under most likely.
    Reminds me of the area rep having his campaign manager arrested, whose wife was a senator.
    Belize, the international joke that keeps giving.

  8. Bear says:

    Al’s right, so are storm and Freddy. The first question isn’t about the fight, investigation will have to determine who was right and who was wrong — maybe they were all drunk and equally guilty. But I don’t think there can be any legitimate reason for off-duty soldier to drive an on-duty BDF vehicle to a bar and get drunk. So drum them out of the Force as an example to the rest.

  9. John Smith says:

    I have to agree with the Al; it is a blatant disregard of government equipment, i have witnessed this so many times. Government employees of no significant ranks driving (what is a waste of money) $100,000 vehicles for their personal business on the weekends when we have heard that they have outlawed this used of vehicles. this is a waste of the peoples money. they never pay for the fuel let along the parts and servicing. then the drink in the government vehicle, driving drunk, crash the vehicle and then the government pays for the repairs.

  10. gone fishing says:

    peacemaker>> ain’t a peacemaker.

    sounds like a crazy preacher or someone running for political office, or maybe he is a sitting Belizean judge or cabinet member.

    >>u u knw dat sh** comes out of ur mouth u shudn’t talk..what d hell do u knw about the Force<<

    But he could be an English teacher or a Belizean Lawyer representing the soldiers or Cho.
    Whatever he is, give peacemaker a gun, he needs it to make his point stick.

  11. One-Love says:

    Sometimes the media doesn’t have all their facts together. This is the police version of the incident and and he will say anything to cover himself. First of all in order to get a firearm you have to sign it out of the armoury and no off duty soldiers can sign one and carry it home. Only on official duties you are allowed to sign for one. Secondly about the vehicle it has to sign out, the person in charge signs it and to prove my theory soldiers are not allowed to drive in civilian clothing. We half strict rules when it comes to GOB property

  12. joe says:

    i strongly agree with the above these guards wich i believe are not off duty cas no weapons are issued to any off guard. these police are that too advantage if yo cud recall the last soldier was taken advantage here in belize city. cme onn pple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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