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Feb 14, 2013

Moses Sulph charged for rape

Activist Moses Sulph is in the news, and this time it has nothing to do with the Belize/Guatemala dispute, offshore drilling or the dozens of other issues he’s taken a stance on. This morning, he was arraigned at the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court on a single count of rape. A woman claims that she went to Sulph’s house in Belmopan on Tuesday night and that he had intercourse with her against her will. She visited the Belmopan Police Station and made a formal report, after which the incident was investigated and Sulph was picked up. Unconfirmed reports are that Sulph admits to having sex with the woman but claims that it was consensual. In court he was read the formal charge of rape but no plea was taken since the matter is indictable. He was granted bail in the sum of five thousand dollars and two sureties in the amount of two thousand five hundred dollars each. As he left the court, Sulph told the media that he would not speak on the matter, but he will issue a press release.

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20 Responses for “Moses Sulph charged for rape”

  1. Stacy says:

    I could only wonder about this accusation, because if you went to someone’s house … not being forced I can’t see how you will be forced to have sex. Don’t go to a man’s house alone, these foolish women, they liad … she is blackmailing him for something. Moses got lotta picni and like …. but I don’t think he have rape potential or want to rape because a lot of women are giving aways free …..

  2. RedBwai says:

    This seems suspicious…to me the the young brother is being set up…someone wants to discredit him…scandal him…put him to shame…ruin his reputation…where is the accuser?? lets see her come forward..put her name in the news…Belize’s laws are so messed up and has so many loop holes…any female can go to the police and say this one and dat one rape me…and without physical evidence…that male person would be locked down an charged..have is image an reputation smeard over a false acusation by some female who wanted to get back at him for something…its really unfair the way the law handles males when it comes to rape or any sexual misconduct of a female…the male is always guilty until proven innocent and not the other way around…and even if he is found not guilty he is still labelled a rapist in the eyes of the public…sad sad..

  3. Storm says:

    Let justice be done. If guilty, he should be castrated like all sexual assailants.

  4. GSU commanding officer says:

    Weh happen to the man hairline, geez and rice

  5. melinda says:

    I for one am not sorry to hear the silence from this man.

  6. macal rivera says:



  7. Activist whisperer says:

    If u only know the young lady making the accusation then u know that this man is being set up.
    Watch out Giovanni, Hope amaud and anybody else who dare speak out against this Gov’t. GSU might just “discover” guns or drugs in your house.

  8. ProudBelize says:

    Stacy, simply because you go to someone’s home does not mean that you are willing to have sexual relations with that person. That is a ridiculous assumption with no basis. Also just because a person has children does not mean he is not a potential rapist. Let justice be served through the court system. Its this mentality of the woman automatically being at fault that results in an abismal failure of the system to win rape cases and also discourages women from reporting such cases. RedBwai wants the accuser’s name in the news and has already made up his mind that she is the guilty party so she must be humiliated. There is a judicial system for a reason so that the allegations against someone can be proven or disproven in court. Let the evidence speak for itself in court.

  9. Steel says:

    this is sick! some women are just the devil. dnt worry moses, the truth will come out one day.

  10. melinda says:

    @Proudbelize really makes so much sense. the woman is already deemed guilty by some. i have in the past visited many male friends at their homes not to have sex, but to socialize with friends. if a man touches a woman without her consent, its against the law. you men want make them touch you bottom? see how you wen like it.

  11. gisela says:

    it is a disgrace that someone can just make an accusation against a man and his reputation is ruined. I dont believe that sulph is guilty at all and the police should not act automatically upon these accusations. U go to man house and u knock about the place is definately very suspicious and should carry the least weight with the police. The man is being set up and this woman need to be pulicized. lets know her name and her history im sure u will find a lot of unsavory stuff in her background some of which i know about first hand.

  12. Steel says:

    Damn whoever believes this mess. An innocent man’s reputation is ruined, EVEN THO HE’S INNOCENT! Curse the 1**!@ who did this to him..

  13. toth says:

    Welcome to the (devils messiah’s program). The government and their trolls, versus the free
    thinker. They will do any and everything to hold on to their democratic illusions. They will accused
    you of everything they themselves are guilty of, don’t worry about the evidence, you are guilty until proven innocent.

  14. toth says:

    When i first saw this young man in the media a while back. I said to my
    self it’s just a matter of time before the government set him up. All government
    around the world are built on lies,thievery, and murder, thats their root; and that will
    be the fruits that they bare. Anyone that try to wake people up are a treat to them. Its
    so sad that majority of the people knows this, but they are afraid to speak up,because of examples
    like this.

  15. Natty Dread says:

    Smells of another UDP black ops setup. Beware, these people are deadly serious….

  16. FEDUP says:

    It is unfortunate that situation like this occurs. Mr. Sulph is only human and I strongly believe he was lead on. I am happy to know that he is not accused of doing wrong to a minor. We ladies need to be extremely careful when we make ourselves vulnerable because it does reflect poorly on our part as well. I am not certain what transpired but I hold the same position that I had for Mr. Sulph. He is an extremely respectable and decent man and until I have credible reason to believe otherwise I will hold my ground. Tribulations exist to make one stronger and all you need to do is to give praise to the Almighty and ask him to guide you through your most trouble times Mr. Sulph. You will get over soon and do not allow any one to make you feel that your contribution to Belize’s democracy was a waste. We love you and we believe in you and appreciate your commitment to the VOICELESS. The world can say the worst but only God can give you a fair trial. To the sister, hold up your head and learn to do what is morally right, you know what I mean.

  17. Tashybze says:

    Why this can’t be true. I not saying it is or it’s not, but why can’t it be true. Just because he is doing a lot of good things. If you can’t even trust a family member. Why trust him , just saying. I was molested by my brother in law and I told on him and no one believe me. So I left with that !@#$ in my mind for the rest of my life and he got away with it. I know lots of other people that been through the same thing I did some even worse. Tell me what it is about rape or molestation that is to be kept hidden. Like most of you said let the law prove it.

  18. Joe says:

    He should have no fear, if his mind is clean,
    Those allegations are serious,
    “PERJURY” is a serious crime.

    Politics didn’t have sexual intercourse
    No PUP nor UDP, but a man and a Woman

  19. Moses Sulph says:

    Some one share this with me: No matter how successful we are, we all face challenges, struggles, and time when things don’t go our way. When calamities occur, some people immediately think they have done something wrong, that God must surely be punishing them. they don’t understand that god has a divine purpose for every challenge that comes into our lives. he doesn’t send problems, but sometimes he allows us to go through them.
    Why is that? the Bible says temptations, trials,difficulties must come, because if we are to strengthen our spiritual muscles and grow stronger, we must have adversities to overcome and attacks to resist. Moreover, it’s in the tough times of life that we find out what we are really made of. The pressure exposes things that we need to deal with-things such as wrong attitudes, wrong motives, areas where we’re compromising. as odd as this may seem, the trials can be beneficial.
    The scripture says, “dont be amazed at the fiery ordeal that’s taking place to test your quality as thought something strange was happening.” Notice, trials is intended to test your quality, to test your character, to test your faith. In other words, “dont think its a big deal when you go through these tough times”. All through life, you will face various tests, and even through you may not enjoy them, God will use those trials to refine you. He’s trying to shape you into the person He wants you to be. if you will learn to cooperate with God and be quick to change and correct the areas that he brings to light, then you’ll pass that test and you will be promoted to a new level.

  20. tim says:

    i knw moses sulph is not guilty, they just want to bring him down cause he stand for what is right! girl do that to man all the time cause they want something…this is a lie!!!!!!!!!god is not sleeping et the woman come forward and stop trying to ruin people life. stay strong and dont let them bring u down!!!this is what activist go through… look what great man went through, look at amandela , martin luther king! most of all look at jesus

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