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Feb 12, 2013

Mahmud blames U.D.P. for vehicle crashing into youth

Joseph Mahmud

A vehicle ran over a Cayo youth following a wedding celebration over the weekend. At one a.m. on Sunday, a photo was taken of a boy pinned under a vehicle in an overgrown area off a dirt road on Log Cab Inns Resort. The vehicle was alleged driven by one Desmond Berry and the owner of that vehicle is P.U.P. Cayo North Representative, Joseph Mahmud. The aunt of seventeen year old Michael Valdez claimed that when she went to the scene, she saw Mahmud and Berry and alleged that the incident was politically motivated. Joseph Mahmud issued a statement on Monday denying any involvement in the incident. Today, News Five caught up with Mahmud as he entered the House Meeting in the Capital and he told us that the incident is indeed politically motivated, but not on his part. Mahmud squarely put the accusations of the youth and his aunt as being politically motivated by the U.D.P.’s Rene Montero and Alberto August. August, who was also at the House, said Mahmud’s comments are the most ridiculous that he has ever heard.


Joseph Mahmud, P.U.P. Cayo North

“At no point in time, I was in or near the vehicle during the time of the incident; I was not involved. The vehicle belongs to me yes.”


Jose Sanchez

“Your press release acknowledges the incident but it does not express any regret for the injuries the young man received whatever the circumstances.”


Joseph Mahmud

“Well the real issue is and I am, we are concerned and the real concern should be the health and the welfare for the boy, for the person involved. But at no point I was never involved or in the incident Jules.”


Jules Vasquez, Channel 7

“Sir, but both the aunt and young man say u were there. Someone is dealing in untruth here—I am not saying you are—but either you are or they are; someone is.”


Joseph Mahmud

“Exactly Jules and this is politically motivated and the real culprits here should be Rene Montero and Alberto August and one of them is a minister and the other is the vying for the chairmanship of the U.D.P. party right now.”


Jules Vasquez

“Are you saying they have orchestrated these events to implicate you?”


Joseph Mahmud

“Exactly. Exactly. Not that the incident did not occurred but it is politically motivated. But I made the press release and I gave a police report and it stated quite clearly and it is under investigation.”


Jose Sanchez

“Did you or the driver of the vehicle question the young man about being there on behalf of Mr. Montero or any U.D.P. personnel?”


Joseph Mahmud

“At no point in time, at no point in time. We already made a police report and I have nothing else to say Jules.”


Jules Vasquez

Rene Montero

“But the aunt swears that in her police report, she names you, she implicates you. Are you concerned about this?”


Joseph Mahmud

“It is under investigation and I wouldn’t want to comment further on it.”


Alberto August, Vying to be Chairman of U.D.P.  

“All I was doing was following up the information that was there. In fact on your newscast last night, you will see the aunt of victim saying that she was there present and she placed Mahmud on the spot there. I was reading Mahmud’s press release also and he was saying that he was not on the spot. First of all, he acknowledged the vehicle belonged to him and secondly now he was saying that he was not on the scene. And here you have the aunt who assisted with taking that child from under his vehicle telling all your viewers that Mahmud was on the scene. So either the aunt or Mahmud is lying. So how do you settle a situation like that? I am saying you take it to the court and let the court decide. Mahmud will be given his natural justice where he will face his accuser and then the court will decide. But one part is saying he was there and Mahmud is saying he was not there. let the court decide.”


Jose Sanchez

“Why would he implicate you and say you are the person who is responsible?”


Alberto August

Alberto August

“I did not create that situation; that was a situation of allegedly Mahmud’s creating. I did not create this situation. All we were doing was following up the information that was coming to us.”


Jules Vasquez

“Yes but you are also a well known political operator, a U.D.P. The implication, the insinuation is that you paid these people to make a false accusation against Mahmud. That is the implication.”


Alberto August

“Man nothing could be further from the truth. Who said anything about me paying those people? Probably your reporters out there might have seen that I took some financial assistance to the child. These people are poor people you know. And here you had these people had a child under a vehicle; obviously there must have been some kind of damage to that child. All I did as an ordinary citizen was go out there and provided some financial assistance to get that child some x-ray. I did not use that to get the child to say anything about Mahmud. The allegations against Mahmud happened even before I got there. All I did was went out as a concerned citizen for the welfare of that child to go out there and give that poor family some financial assistance for that child to receive medical attention.”


Jules Vasquez

“I have to ask. Did you at any point urged them or lead them to make a false accusation against Mahmud?”


Alberto August

“Man why should I do something like that? I have no intention; why should I do something like that? That is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.”


After all the allegations and counter-allegations, Valdez told News Five this morning that he will not proceed to press charges.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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11 Responses for “Mahmud blames U.D.P. for vehicle crashing into youth”

  1. monterHO says:

    rene montero da wah bad man!! he wah get wat he due. him and his play play squad.

  2. Bear says:

    Am I the only person in Belize who is sick of politicians who lie, lie, lie? If you live right, you don’t have to lie about everything you do.

    I’d love to find one honest man in elected office here.

  3. woody says:

    previous reports say that Pandy was on the scene taking photos, there’s the proof to who was or was not there at the time, now the boy has dropped all charges? hmm wonder how much that cost .

  4. macarivera says:

    this is the most stupid words i ever hear from a politician, MAHMUD is a dodo bird crowing, but dah no dodo birds the listen, the people are not stupid, MAHMUD know excactly weh happen, its his vehicle and who the heck don’t know DESMOND BERRY who is a PUP die hard.
    Blaming others for the what happen is the most DUMMEST thing a politician ever say.

    Obviously they wanted to intentionlly hurt that young man, but i guess the young family soo poor that the lee money MAHMUD drop for them can feed them for the next two days.

  5. Buju says:

    Let me see it i understand it correctly!

    Mahmud is saying that the udp infiltrated and came up with the elaborate scheme to frame him???

    They took his motor vehicle without him knowing and paid his known associate Mr Berry to drive it and also paid this young man to run from the vehicle playing hide and seek and then they udp took a picture of this boy under his vehicle and wanted to play politics wit hit???????


    And my conclusion is Mahmud is the brother of Reggae Superstar singer Capleton
    but Mahmud is better known by his stage name “SIMPLETON”

  6. keepindemhonest says:

    Montero is one crooked and corrupt individual. Ask him who owns the company printing the driver’s license for san ignacio town council, ask him about the cut the mayor is getting from the $60 they are charging. This man has a history of corruption, he belongs no way near politics, politics is for people wanting to make a change for the good of EVERYONE, not just the udp who voted for him, I wouldnt be surprised if they orchestrated this scenario to place the DRIVER’S LICENSE SCAM in the shadows. Dont be fooled my fellow Belizeans,

  7. ceo says:

    Every dam thing in Belize has a political overtone!

    Is there ever anything that is just strickly a Belizean issue?

  8. Seletar says:

    It would be a very funny comedy of tiefs trying to tief each other, except the tiefs are in government and a little boy almost got killed by one of them.


  9. polices says:

    Keepindemhonest comment on the famous mahmud cases dnt stray away from the topic mein if wat u r saying is tru wel jus rememder wat the pup did while in power

  10. NY says:

    This case needs to proceed with or without the victim’s input, and the victim needs to be charged with obstruction of justice if he choose not to testify. The DPP needs to file charges against those responsible for this blatant attack, it is called crime and justice.

  11. keepindemhonest says:

    u miss d point POLICES, its d individual, read my comment properly. an eye for an eye will only lead u blind my brother. by highlighting these cases is how ur gonna be KEEINGDEMHONEST!

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