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Feb 11, 2013

2 Belizeans in Mexico drug bust

Two well-known Belizean businessmen from the north are in lockdown in Mexico City after what is considered the biggest drug raid in Chetumal on Thursday evening involving one of Mexico’s most notorious drug cartels. Both men were caught in an alleged drug transaction at the house of a reputed Mexican drug lord when a surprise raid by the Mexican Navy and other federal authorities netted forty-five kilos of crystal methamphetamine which is said to have shipped from Belize. The men, who are being described by Mexican media as suspected members of organized crime, were immediately flown to Mexico City along with six Mexican nationals, four men and two women who were inside the house. Freelance reporter Mike Rudon has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Tonight well-known northern businessmen, Melin Vasquez and Hugo Casanova are locked up in Mexico City after a late evening raid on a home in Chetumal on Thursday. The home is the property of Carlos Cabanas Catzin, who Mexican authorities say is a drug lord and head of Los Pelones, an enforcer arm of one of the biggest drug trafficking gangs, the Sinaloa Cartel.


On Thursday at just before six p.m., Mexican naval officers rappelled down from this helicopter while support troops closed off Avenida Benito Juarez and raided the home of Cabanas. It was a precise operation conducted by navy, marines and federal bodies without any Police participation. Here you can see the Chief of Police Carlos Castillo being turned back by armed soldiers following the raid.


Official reports are that when they entered the home authorities found eight persons along with forty-five kilos of the synthetic drug crystal meth valued at one million US dollars. The drugs were already packaged in fifty-thousand doses ready for distribution.


Aside from Belizeans Vasquez and Casanova, in the home were Carlos Cabañas Catzin, known as “The Monster”, his brother Nestor Alberto Catzin Cabañas, Luis Juarez Lopez, Alejandro Lugo Courtenay, Fabiola Juarez Lopez and Rosa Patricia Morales Olan – all Mexicans.


Vasquez has been linked to large scale drug movement before, and in 1996 was arrested and charged when a drug plane was confiscated along with three hundred and eighty-six kilos of cocaine. According to a report from the US State Department, there was no conviction in the case because of a mismanaged investigation and disappearing evidence.


Tonight both Vasquez and Hugo Casanova, a high-profile resident of Calcutta in the Corozal District are detained in Mexico City, and up to news time there are no reports on charges which will be levied against them. Mike Rudon for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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27 Responses for “2 Belizeans in Mexico drug bust”

  1. Bear says:

    It couldn’t have happened to nicer “gentlemen.”

    I hope the federales have better success prosecuting them than our law enforcement has, such as with drug planes full of cocaine. Mexican prisons are a little harsher than Kolbe

    The report says they had 45 kilos of methampetamine FROM BELIZE. I hope our police or the DEA will quickly find where it was manufactured in the Jewel and take appropriate action.

  2. roska says:

    If it were in Belize…

    1) the vehicle of the Marina de Mexico would have mysteriuosly and spontaneously caught fire with the case file inside so no way to convict them in court…. (like what previously happened with melin’s case when the minister of police was his father in law)

    2) The suspected crystal meth woulld have turned up weeks after to be anti-diarrhoea pills

    3) a “bright” lawyer would have made a Nolle Prosequi submission due to the Marina Officers enterring illegally the adjacent houses and rapelling down a helicopter without permision from the civil aviation authority… making the arrest and all evidence inadmissible in court….

    4) Melin and Hugo would have received a hero’s welcome at the airport, after their ordeal (………..)

    5) …. And after a few days everybody would have forgotten….. and perhaps one of them would have run for political office a few years after…..

  3. poor Belize says:

    Pretty smart people on both sides, well, maybe not

  4. Cat says:

    Loved it Roska!

  5. Stygian says:

    Let’s see they get off this one.

  6. Dre says:

    Could not have said it any better roska. Too funny!!

  7. BMNJ says:

    Thinking about meths reminded me of Vernon Cutkelvin, a big time UDP supporter and the cousin of well-known Delroy Cutkelvin. I’m now wondering if the scandal last year regarding the several containers of meths brought in by Vernon Cutkelvin was linked to these two so call ‘businessmen’.

  8. Kissmejavi says:

    Shame on Belize….imagine that Mexicans had to do the work because our incompetent police easily get sold out with a monthly cut from the drug people. Imagine what all goes across our Belizean borders?????????????? This big amount went thru and thru our gates (both immigration an customs) an no where that our authorities had a clue. but still when you are crossing 2 soursap they rough you up like they no have sense….

    look at what happen with the man up north… really just because the man knock their truck tail… they are not gods but they think they are untouchable but every dog has their day

    Roska…you said it right!!!!!

  9. Belizean Pride says:

    well said, hope the compadres en Mexico deal with them according to their laws not like ours where starting from top to bottom is corrupted (Police, investigators and politicians,lawyers). so many cases have been null due to lack of evidence or lost of materials for evidence in court(files) they say every dog has his day, to them it came when they least expected and the good thing it wasn’t here in Belize.

  10. Hughie says:

    too bad the ring leader and our very own … wasn’t there.


    what can i say! t4ati4ani!!

  12. Corozal Reporter says:

    These 2 Belizean drug dealers had lots of money and the greed for a bit more cost them their freedom for many years. They must have thought they had the same government protection as they have in Belize.
    Do you think the drugs crossed the border in Casanovas Casino Vans that cross the border many times a day without being checked ? Quite possible. He has a bodyshop for his auto rental business.
    After the big Mexican raid did the GSU search the homes of the Belizean drug dealers to find evidence left behind? Probably not.
    Well they will now not enjoy a long ugly poor vacation in Mexico.
    Just say no to drugs in the long run you will Get Caught.

  13. Pb says:

    If these men were killed. Bzeans would have heard how they are such upstanding citizens not known to have any enemies or to have association with illegal activities. If we didnt know wats happening in Belize We know now.

  14. nigga moment says:

    business men???? everyone know the type of business they do…….. fo sure the police department is sad because they wont get their monthly check anymore lol………. hope mexico keep them their for some years(like 65 years lol)

  15. not again says:

    @roska very well said. These two are very well known drugdealers. Hugo was driving for a soft drink company a few years ago. Now he owns a big house horeses a car rental mechanic shop (only for his cars) you never see no one else there. They do body shop. I guess to fix the cars to go cross the border. Lots of maids and money. Do they have drug lab there also? I think the Americans will have to come and investigate here in Belize drug dealers like them are protected. Too much temptation.

  16. Storm says:

    Bravo to the Mexican military and whoever tipped them off! I hope this is the end for the Calcutta cartel.

    I also hope the Mexicans and DEA interrogate them relentlessly, to find out exactly who is paid off in Belize, and where the evidence is. If the Zetas don’t kill them in prison first, this is a good chance to get at crooked politicians and police here.

  17. Seletar says:

    Why are they called “businessmen”? They don’t deserve the dignity and honor of that label, which applies to thousands of Belizeans who work hard and don’t make a living off blood money and poison.

    Hopefully the wheels will start to come off their organizations here, and they can spend their final decades in Mexican prison cells. You know what they say, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

  18. areli says:

    hmmm is a shame on we belizeans what are the customs doing they are helping this drug to pass through their faces,

  19. too sad!!! says:

    I get all your comments, i understand all the corrupted people we have in government , but what i cannot understand is that we eat them up the way we do! These men even if they were the drug lords that they are said to be, they are human and they have a family like me and you, they should not be treated in humanely no matter what the situation may be, even tough since they were flown to the city, then that will be off anybodies hands but the well trained torturing machines that lay low as the cartels do. These men are brave men, the only thing is that they were in a better standard living than most of us but they too worked very hard and forth went many shame , freedom , and as what we do everyday , get up into their life. I believe that .business men is a well earned title ,they had to go thru many bribes, many money investments and many lots before they got what they had achieved. Looking at the situation, it is a really bad business deal, and it didn’t go thru because again there was some very greedy person at the other end that was going to be involved but wasn’t going to be paid until after the business deal, or just a red eye individual who just don’t like see blue eyes on any one else. These business men do like all of us do, but in bigger quantity and risk as we now see, who is free of sin the lord said ..throw the first stone!!! I am not for sure, and you are not.!! We work and we sit a few hours and still be paid…we try to smart the program in whatever way we can. It is true that these men had money , i guess based on the opinions, that they had big houses and all the assets, however I bet that they were harassed daily by law enforcement officers…and other support parties involved in the constant dealing to take so long in the reality being seen now clearly. Many many many am sure are involved and many will be falling like fishes in a contaminated water. I just hope that they would need to be treacherously tortured , I hope they talk because on even note cartels work in very sneaky ways. I hope that those that are involved start tightening their belts because the bigger cartel has taken charge and the fees will be paid!!!

  20. His Majesty says:

    That is a lot of meth usually busts like these blood to be layed on the streets of the jewel because of some tell la tale. Whatever happens in the coming days will not be a surprise cause just like a gold chain or a sausage it has links…nuff said

  21. Eye in the Sky says:

    Love the stupid look on their face now that they have been busted out of their territory. No more smug smirks while driving around in the fancy suv’s.
    No Dickie, no politicians, no corrupt cops to help.
    Busted ! ! !
    The wives will now have to back to get their old jobs in the bars.

  22. well done says:

    A round of aplause for the mexican police!! and what a shame for the police of belize that the only thing they know how to do is let their self be bribed… in orange walk everybody knows melin as a drug dealer!! however he use to take away people’s property with all the money that he i guess dum buay wedding is over lol no big wedding?melin vasquez brother was suppose to get married this year lol.poor thing i guess he will have to ask for donations.

  23. Greg says:

    I am happy for you all above for your comments, I am sure you are all belizeans and dont want our country to head that way. I hope the mexican authorities can get them to say who all are involved. @Roska, comment is funny but very true, good one

  24. Greg says:

    I am happy for you all above for your comments, I am sure you are all belizeans and dont want our country to head that way. I hope the mexican authorities can get them to say who all are involved. @Roska, comment is funny but very true, good one

  25. bombio says:

    you guys want to kno where the real crooks and thieves are??? they are all sitting in Belmopan

  26. WEB says:

    I am not Belizean, but because of John McAfee have spent a lot of time reading about the atrocities occurring there……much like the ones you all allude to in your comments. If you are interested in a forum open to discussion, without censorship (except hateful comments), then please join us. Thanks.

  27. Nagolbud says:

    Just imagine if drugs were legal. And the USA didn’t have its puppet regime in every country. You all fail to realize who is actually responsible. The UK and the USA own latina america and belize. They are the ones using your stupid governments as mere pawns.

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