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Feb 11, 2013

Youth says Berry drove vehicle over his back

On Sunday night, a seventeen year old was injured when he was hit by a private vehicle in the west.  The seventeen year old was injured and released from the hospital but his family has been making allegations that the incident was politically motivated. News Five’s Duane Moody reports.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Seventeen year old Michael Valdez, a resident of Santa Elena Town was socializing at a wedding at Log Cab Inns Resort on the George Price Highway. Sometime around one a.m. on February tenth, he was leaving the reception when he was followed by a pickup truck, allegedly driven at the time by one Desmond Berry. Valdez says he took to the bushes to evade the vehicle, but fell and moments later, the vehicle ran over him.


Michael Valdez

Michael Valdez, Injured in Accident

“There was a fight; my auntie bring me out to the walk way so that I could go home. I done deh outside di try catch wah ride with a friend or somebody weh di pass. Some bwai pass weh mi wah fight so I took a walk into the orchard. The same time I look back, I see wah pickup drive behind me. this pickup di come di drive into me so I take and I run more into the orchard, to the bush because ih di follow me. When I realize I di run into this bush, I just drop off ah lee hill, straight on my face and get knocked out wah lee while. Then I just feel wah car run over my back; the front wheel and I just get knock out.”


Augustina Molina, Aunt of Accident Victim

“I just run down and I start holler for him. I holler ih name; I holler Michael and he noh answer me. So I continue run and I gone pan the highway. I holler and he still noh answer, but I stay there for wah lee while and I listen. When I listen, I hear like dehn di question he in there. So I holler again and dah then he respond back. ih say Kim, I deh yah under wah vehicle. When I hear that, all I do dah rush in there back. I noh know how I reach in there, but I reach in there.”


With assistance from his aunt, Augustina Molina, and other relatives, Valdez was pulled from under the vehicle. But what could have triggered as the family allege, a blatant attack on Valdez’s life? They believe it was politically motivated.


Michael Valdez

“This person wake me up and the ask me personal questions weh I noh even know. He ask me if dah Rene Montero or the government send me fi be wah spy? Weh part my friend deh, if we got wah gun? If we come fi kill him? Why we deh dah this place? Why we deh dah the resort.”


Augustina Molina, Aunt of Accident Victim

“When I reach there, two persons mi deh deh: Mahmud and Desmond Berry. When I reach, the two ah dehn di stand up right there weh my nephew deh under the wheel. And the two of them stand up deh and I ask them please help me move di vehicle. Desmond Berry said no, this dah private property; leave him right there. So I start cuss up the two of them. When my brother in law dehn reach, we just lift up the vehicle and Pandy haul he out by ih foot.”


Augustina Molina

While the abrasions on his body are telltale signs that Valdez was injured, he did not suffer any fractured bones. He however, complains of pains.


Augustina Molina

“God mi deh with he because the way how he mi deh underneath that tire; he coulda mi dead.”


Michael Valdez

“The wheel was on half of this body right here; my hand is swelling, my inside there is just a pain from since that night o right now. If I lay down, I feel this pain and I get up. Sometimes my head like it hurt, it blink. I noh really know dah what. We just gone dah Belize just now to try and do something.”


Police are currently looking for Desmond Berry who was initially detained and released. Valdez says that he will travel to Guatemala to get a medical checkup to ensure that all is well. Duane Moody for News Five.


This afternoon, the area representative for Cayo North, issued a statement on the incident. Joseph Mahmud says that contrary to reports, he was not even behind the wheel of the vehicle or even in the vehicle at the time when the incident occurred. He characterizes the reports that appeared on the social media as false and completely ludicrous

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Youth says Berry drove vehicle over his back”

  1. Bear says:

    When police finish with a thorough investigation of Mark King’s one man riot, they can investigate this one.

    Whoever was driving, it’s at least aggravated assault, if not attempted murder. Let’s see charges brought.

  2. Louisville,Ky says:

    Needless to say, that is a very serious allegation the Minister is accused of. If what these people are saying is true, we are looking at charges of attempted murder on both of them.
    This most recent incident would make the other Minister’s charge of assault pale in comparison.
    The power these Servants got from the people seemingly went straight to their heads.

  3. Buju says:

    Typical pup….

    Do the crime now he is angry that they reported it!!!

    Should he be suspended from the pup for three months without pay or should nothing happen?????????????

  4. miss speller says:

    da dem do it yes desmond and mahmudd da two good good friens u do the math now….

  5. poor Belize says:

    Well who was in the vehicle? Somebody must have been behind the wheel? Or is Belize sophisticated in operating these vehicles like the U.S. does with drones?

  6. Liston says:

    I think it’s time to activate Operation ‘Shining Path’ to make an example of above-the-law politicians and to wipe off crimes from the root. No exceptions.

  7. Gary says:

    But how could they even say the allegations are completely false when a video is actually shown…What is going on in our country….the saddest part is that I know nothing will come out of this…

  8. Mose says:

    That’s what happens to party crashers. get the f out if not invited.

  9. not again says:


  10. questioned says:

    as picture shows boy under vehicle is without shoes. if he says he was coming from a wedding would not he at least be wearing shoes and long pants? As to the minister involved if he was let him pay just as other citizens do. ministers should not be above the law.

  11. Andres says:

    Dayum! so the scum still living? When he was fighting and threatening to kill he didnt seem so meek. Cry me a river!

  12. Bze gial says:

    this young man is a party crasher. wasnt invited to function. look how he is dressed. no shoes. he was caught trying to steal a truck. the men rush to chase him because of that. check police if nobody believe. young man take bush and driver couldnt see him. but why driver refuse to move vehicle. thats a different story. but thats why the man chase after him. he is a thief…. need to whole story. this have nothing to do with politics. get all the facts before anybody make accusations.

  13. Storm says:

    I’m suspicious. Why would Mahmoud think it is so important to KILL a boy who supposedly trespassed on his land? IS THERE SOME ILLEGAL ACTIVITY THERE HE WANTS TO KEEP HIDDEN? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Maybe he is looking over his shoulder because of the Arab & Lebanese murders we have had recently, including the shooting at Hon. Musa’s house. Is Hezbollah getting frisky?

  14. NY says:

    The owner of this vehicle should be charged w/ attepted murder, anything less, will indicate how weak and phony the Belizean Judicial System is. They have concrete evidence of the victim being crushed under the truck; the plate numbers. What else would the DPP need to secure a coviction in the court of law, my guess is incompetence.

  15. Belizean Queen says:

    It is time to make a change people! When ever some political person is involve they always wa do cover ups! Like them seh…If da no so da nayley so!!! Mahmud ha fu man up and no pay somebody else fu tek blame fu he!!! Desmond da his puppet and do anything he tell he fu do!!!! Common people da time fu send dem one da jail and mek them feel weh dem deserve.. if u do the crime you must do the time da jail!!! But like them seh…typical P.U.P…dem always full a lies!!!!

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