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Feb 11, 2013

Foreign Affairs confident in a yes for the referendum

Wilfred Elrington

The Referendum is set for October sixth and government has announced that its official position in support of going to the International Court of Justice to resolve the dispute once and for all. At least to the sixty percent of the voting public h is required to validate the referendum and patriotic sentiment is already running strong and free. But Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, is confident that the vote for the referendum will be yes. He acknowledges, however; that there are still scenarios in which Belize stands to lose ground, or in his worst case scenario, maritime area.


Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs

“I honestly don’t get any negative sense or feeling coming from the government of Guatemala. I get the impression that they really want to have this matter resolved at the International Court of Justice, the ICJ. I think they have come to that conclusion now. I think what worries both the Guatemalans and us really si the fact that their people are moving eastward. There is lot of poverty, there is lot of hunger, there is lot of violence, there is lot of crime taking place in Guatemala right now because of the hardship that exists there and the people are migrating towards Belize because the grass is greener over this side. Now when those people come across into our country, the potential exists for conflict with our security forces. And then if we have conflict with them, it can escalate and then we have problem between our security forces and theirs—that is the greatest fear that I have. Because of the law; the law is that once a boundary has been established, it cannot be changed—no matter what happens, the boundary will remain the boundary. So I am very convinced that our western boundary is going to remain the same; same coordinates. The southern boundary is going to remain the same, alright. There is very clear principles dealing with the demarcation of our maritime boundaries, so that I feel very confident too that we are going to be treated with respect to our maritime boundaries in accordance with the international law dealing with the law o the sea. So I really don’t think we will have any negative consequence but if there is a negative it would have to be in relation to those areas that are not yet affirmly demarcated and defined. But because the land border is already defined and the southern border is already defined, I am confident that nothing untoward can happen with respect to those two. The only place I think there is room for some surprise would have to be in the sea area or perhaps in the insular area because those are not yet defined.”


Currently, the Referendum Unit in charge of the awareness campaign is targeting schools and institutions across the country with presentations on the pros, cons and risks of taking the insular, land and maritime claim to be resolved by the International Court of Justice.    

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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8 Responses for “Foreign Affairs confident in a yes for the referendum”

  1. NO TOICJ says:

    I don’t get it… where does his confidence come from? VOTE NO to ICJ

  2. Bear says:

    That eastward migration of the Guats — their silent invasion of Belize — will continue no matter what happens with ICJ, until we are absorbed through steady migration or we elect a GOB with the b—s to SECURE THE BORDER AND KEEP THE GUATS OUT!

    For me, no, a thousand times no on the ICJ.

  3. Lucas says:

    I agree with the ARTIFICIAL that it is extremely probably that our land boundry from the mouth of The Sarstoon to Gracias a Dios straight to Garbutts then straight to the Mexican Border will remain intact. Why them am I against the referendum? For two reasons: If the court rules in our favor, Guatemala will not honor that decission. Why?; because no country will force Guatemala to do so and, we do not have the military force to act unilateraly. So, the Guatemalan claim will not go away. Second, because these politicians are not truthful. They know the risks but are hiding it from us. They want us to make an uninformed decission. They say: Oh,we may have to make adjustment on our southern waters to give Guatemala access to the sea and now even the insular area is mentioned. See why I do not trust estos hijos the !@#$?. Why not come clear and say what is at risk: Is it part of our economic zone, our territorial waters or even our internal waters?. Is the Sappodilla Range in danger? The 1856 boundry treaty states that ALL LAND TO THE EAST AND NORTH OF THE BOUNDRY LINE BELONGS TO THE BRITISH SETTLEMENT OF BELIZE. That means all the islands too. If I understand correctly, the maritime area’s act was passed precisely to give Guatemala impeded access to the high seas through it’s own territorial waters. that is why we claim only three nautical miles as territorial waters down South. How we wish you dirty politicians would tell us truthfully and honestly how much is at risk and let us decide how much risk we can tolerate. As long as you dirty politicians continue acting in bad faith, I will promote a NO VOTE.

  4. hard woking Belizean says:

    To all Belizeans, check up on a video the Guatemalans are using as propaganda to convince their people why Belize “belongs” to Guatemala….you can find it on Youtube. These people are working tirelessly to get this case to the ICJ!! Contrary to our Government who seems without a care in this world of whatever happens!! Have you ever stopped to think that if Guatemala is granted their claim on our beloved jewel what will become of us “BELIZEANS”?!!! What will happen to properties and any other assets we now own and can call OURS?? From my view, Guatemala has more points to their favour than us, Belize & our captains steering this boat are fast asleep without any hint of being prepared or working on winning this long ongoing claim!! They don’t give a DAMN about us Belizeans & we must stand up & defend our stance… to the ICJ unless these useless representatives we have can come up with a strong defense and a win win situation for all Belizeans!!!!

  5. Storm says:

    Great analysis, Lucas. Maybe that’s all that needs to be said — the Guat claim will never go away. We can lose at ICJ, but we CANNOT WIN.

    Here’s a practical concern I haven’t seen mentioned. Our Honorable PM has selected crack lawyers [mostly related to him by blood or divorce] to represent the nation in countless legal matters, and it seems they invariably LOSE. With that track record, I have NO CONFIDENCE that we will make a good showing if we go to ICJ. We have an unbroken record of failure in recent legal battles, what would change when our very existence is at stake?

    Guatemala has an Achilles heal, and that is the large and perpetually oppressed Mayan population there. We have Mayans, too, who are treated much better in the Jewel than their kin in Guatemala. To keep Guatemala too busy with its own problems so it cannot look with lust at our lands, I think we should find a way to help a Mayan liberation movement inside Guatemala. If the Mayans can revolutionize the government there, maybe we will finally have peace in the west.

  6. Paco Smith says:

    Absolutely, Belizeans must understand that these grubby politicians can NOT be trusted. There is a financial incentive in this entire matter for them and their minions.

    It is extremely important that Belizeans recognise the matter for what it truly is…in simple terms, we need not go to the ICJ because we do NOT question our territorial integrity, nor our sovereignty. For that matter, only Guatemala does and as far as I am concerned, only Belize stands to lose by going to the ICJ, where we no business in the first place!

    It is illogical to go to court in order to prove what we and roughly 99.98% of the world population already know. The ICJ is both fool’s gold for Belize, as well as a potential windfall for these unscrupulous politicians and diplomats who would apparently sell-out Belize in order to satisfy their lust for financial gain and (infamous) notoriety.

    Let’s continue to get the word out to the Belizean massive, that in order to safeguard our patrimony (what we already have), it is imperative that we bring forth a definitive “NO” vote to the ICJ.

    Belize, Sovereign and Free – NO ICJ!

  7. Belizean says:


  8. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    Wilfred Elrington , how much money you getting for this?
    Why you TRYING HAAAARD to sell Belize?

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