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Feb 6, 2013

Mayor to withhold license renewal for hard pay

The Belize City Council is deferring from legal advice provided by the Ministry of Labour and Local Government in respect of renewal of licenses. Mayor Darrell Bradley intends to improve collection by implementing an action that would withhold essential services until residents can agree to a payment plan on outstanding taxes. The advice from Minister Godwin Hulse is that the Transport Act does not permit the council to prevent the renewal of driver’s license if an individual owes the council. But as Mayor Bradley pointed out today, while city hall respects the Ministry of Local Government, the council is an autonomous body that intends to execute its plans. 


Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor

“First of all, we have very good relations with the ministry of local government, the ministerial level; the minister is very supportive of many of the things that we are doing, and at the technical level, the director of local government, the local government officers so we have very good relationships. Everything that we do they are our supervising ministry, so we have to communicate with them, we have to dialogue with them. It doesn’t mean that they get to tell us what to do. There is a municipality, the municipality has autonomy, and they are officials of the municipality including the mayor is elected. So we run Belize City; if there is a dispute, we try to work it out but if there is a conflict about what I think and what the Minister thinks then the autonomy of the municipality prevails that is why you have a municipality or else you would have local government.”


Marleni Cuellar

Darrell Bradley

“But it does provide a bit of confusion to the individual if my driver’s license is withheld and I hear my minister saying that can’t happen. I mean you would understand why people would come into your office and become very upset over a situation like that because you are not sure who to believe.”


Darrell Bradley

“Oh no, we are telling people, you have to believe the mayor because I am the person who has charge over the city; that is how the structure is created. And the minister—and I have spoken to the minister about this—and of course reasonable people in certain context can disagree, there is no problem with that. We encourage criticism and we encourage disagreement but we have a job to do in Belize City and we want to do the best job that we can in the shortest possible time and that requires getting the money that is owed to the city.”


While there is no provision in the Transport Act, the Trade Licensing Act permits the council to withhold service from businesses that owe for property taxes.

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19 Responses for “Mayor to withhold license renewal for hard pay”

  1. Eye in the Sky says:

    Charge this man for contraband. Or is he untouchable like Mark King?

  2. Ricky Malthus says:

    The Mayor is full of crap ! How can the Belize City Council be autonomous when it depends on Central Government finance/subvention to operate ? Also if indeed the Council were autonomous, why does it need the people’s taxes to operate and function? The City Council is a creature of the people’s will and financing. So Bradley decides to withhold essential services to Belizeans thereby endangering the health and safety of the public at large. This man should be in jail to espouse such nonsense but he passes this off as wisdom. What stupendous nonsense!! My fellow Belizeans , we have to rid the land of this excrement and tyrant and bring back sanity and prosperity. And he is not the exception, he is the what we have as wise politicians to govern us.

  3. Mano says:

    This Mayor is acting above the law. Now, will we accept this as good citizens of the city?….We are too soft!!!

  4. poor Belize says:

    Keep it up Bradley.!! I really and truly believe youre on the right track

  5. oscar965 says:

    I worked at a town council for years…and it was surprising that the people who owed more property taxes was not the poor belizeans…it was those weathly ones….the ones with big houses..with big business…i would print out the names of all of those who owe taxes..if it is legal to do so..just the names..not the amount…to shame them into paying…or at least to approach the council to come up with a payment plan…but mr. Bradley…this action u are trying to take is the wrong one..someone gave u bad advice….i get what u r trying to do…but search for other ways….

  6. busha says:

    good move… too many people get away without paying thier due’s in Belize…

  7. tina says:

    If everyone just paid their taxes he wouldn’t have to be taking this measure and if it is the rich who are the most guilty then heck yes force the issue by withholding something they need.

  8. Louisville,Ky says:

    Di Hag weh feel di lick, da di one weh di bawl…… Right on, Mr. Mayor! Abosuletly nothing is wrong for you to deprive services to any individual who owe taxes and yes, you have the Right to collect those revenues by any means necessary.
    I know of places where when you are delinquent, not only are you thrown into prison and your driver’s license revoked, you have to surender all travel documents which prevents you from leaving the country. And if you think going to prison pays off your debt, you had better think again. In fact upon release, you find out you owe even more, as interest was added on.
    So if you all think the Mayor’s tactics are draconian, consider yourselves fortunate.
    Can’t you all SEE, what the Man is doing with the money, anyhow?

  9. bcy1951 says:

    So you Belizean who are critizing the Mayor for doing his job would prefer the days of pot holes swallowing your cars and garbage left uncollected. Give the man a chance and let him raise the funds by any means necessary. If you owe taxes pay up and you won’t lose your previledge to drive on the newly paved streets. Thank you Mr Mayor….

  10. Wisdom speaks: says:

    to Ricky Malthus would you prefer Zanida who did nothing in all the years she was in power. I am very proud of this new Mayor at least you can see where the money is going not just in his Mansion by the sea.

  11. Wisdom speaks says:

    Keep up the good job. If you pay your taxes you have nothing to worrry about.

  12. Peoplescourt says:

    Remember, When someone owes you money, don’t take the law into your own hands, you take them to court.

  13. NIRO says:

    Ricky Malthus. MEN SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!!! U Write as if you were educated, But he more education u have the more P.EN DEJO u are!!!! serious. i have seen your comments and to tell u the truth u no di cut it!!! even a primary school kid would understand that we need to pay taxes to fix streets. WHen the mayor say that they are Autonomous he mean that people ELECTED them to RUN The city. and No POLICE, MINISTER COuld OVERRIDE the MAYOR in DECISION MAKING!!!! THEY ELECTD HIM so HE IS the MAXIMUM POWER OF ThE CITY!!!

  14. Retired CEO says:

    Sounds like this Mayor has good intentions, its about time for us to have a real leader in offfice who is willing to call the shots and take full responsibility for what he is doing. Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes. We need to show repect for leadership and abide by his bidings. Keep up the great work Mr. Mayor, you are the CEO of the City not Minister Hulse.

  15. Bear says:

    The Mayor and all officials swear an oath to uphold the constitution and laws of Belize. You can’t have mayors of all the cities ignore national law and impose some local law whenever they want. I hope Bradley is taken to court and schooled on this.

    For those of you who cheer Bradley’s wild spending, let’s wait until the dust settles and we see the finance books in full sunlight. Some city services are underfunded, paving is over funded — any legitimate reason?

  16. Equal Justice says:

    how come the lawyers all have the lowest trade liscense and property tax, look it up on the City Council website.

  17. HOT180 says:

    i was going to smash ricky for being a total fool with his bull crap analysis. i think he is just a person that may have took 3 hours to put that comment up trying to sound intellectual but clearly we all can see he is not. But more importantly, it has been a while since we have seen such a leader as this current mayor. the work that he has execute in such a short period of time should not go un-noticed. he has done a great deal already and we as a nation need to embrace such and encourage the others to act as followers to a man such as Mr. Bradley. The number is few, from both of the major politcal parties that can truly say they have been so committed to their country as this mayor. Furthermore, in the light of the taxes; come on Belizeans are we saying that we have become so far from reality that we dont realize that it is taxes are a must, so those that owe any should be sanction; because by all means they are breaking the law. Keep up Mayor you are doing one heck of a Job. I say you should run for Prime Minister soon and straighten up the whole country. Belizeans Need a discipline Leader. one that does not comprimise one that makes decisions for the betterment of all Belizeans and not only for his family and friends

  18. sickntired says:

    Thank goodness it no zenaida who come up with the idea so she could thief more. At least this one paving all the streets.

  19. EZ Deh. says:

    sell the house and lots quicker too mayor. cut out their water too. cut their light and tek whe phone and cable and internet too. deh wah hurry pay up. pay your damn taxes. render to ceaser what is ceaser’s. and pay unu gst to. shame!!

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