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Feb 5, 2013

Gang Minister Mark King suspended for Casino Royale Attack

Mark King

Self-named Minister of Gangs Mark King is in the political and public seat of shame today after he was allegedly involved in a drunken brawl with Corozal Police. The incident occurred in the early hours of this morning as Minister King and friends partied at the Princess Casino located just outside the Corozal Commercial Free Zone. They were celebrating the tenth anniversary of that establishment, but what started out as a celebration ended up with King being suspended from Cabinet without pay and facing criminal charges. Our news team travelled north today and freelance reporter Mike Rudon has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

This morning, the Princess Casino and its surrounds were calm and quiet. There was no indication of the brawl after midnight which allegedly involved Minister of State, Mark King, his companions, security at the Princess and the Corozal Police.


First, the unofficial story which was verified by two sources inside the casino – Minister Mark King was inside with friends when one in his party was escorted out of the casino by security for disorderly conduct. King allegedly objected to that action and brought his friend back into the casino.


King was then approached by security and that’s when things got testy. Apparently, so testy that an allegedly intoxicated King was himself escorted out of the casino by security. Things didn’t calm down at that point, and we were told that Corozal Police got involved in an attempt to keep the peace.


That’s when one of the persons with King punched a Police Officer and was restrained. That part of the action allegedly happened in front of this small Police booth next to the casino, and unofficially, at that point guns were also pulled by both sides before the situation was brought under control and Minister King and his friends were detained.


That’s the unofficial story.


As to the official story – we do know that King was detained along with one other person, but while that person was locked behind bars until his court appearance this afternoon, King was nowhere to be seen. Other than that, there was absolutely no official word from the Police today, and the officer commanding the Corozal Police Station refused to offer any comment at all on the incident because it was under investigation.


Diego Witz Jr.

He did promise that as soon as he watches video footage of the incident and finishes his preliminary report, we would be advised. Mike Rudon for News Five.


The management of the casino would not acknowledge the incident and nobody at the Corozal Police Department would comment on the incident, on Mark King or on criminal charges levied against King. So while there were no shortages of unofficial accounts, official accounts are a different matter. In fact, one of the only things we could verify today is that old adage that there are two sides to every story, three to every scandal and when the scandal involves politics, that’s when things really get confusing.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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19 Responses for “Gang Minister Mark King suspended for Casino Royale Attack”

  1. Storm says:

    King’s true colors came out. If he used a firearm in a crime, let him do his time.

  2. bzn_who cares says:

    this is so embarrassing to see that this is the person we put in charge of reforming gangs. what message is being sent too by the PM with a punishment that equates to a slap on the wrist?

  3. Mr. Concern says:


  4. Joseph Blank says:

    Well, Well. It’s been obvious for a long time that the inner core of this government comes from the bowels of the ghetto. This one, however, seems to come from the lower end of that bowel. It’s typical of the uncivil, crass, crude, and just thuggish behaviour exhibited by many members of this party. It’s just a punctuation mark of what we already know. Again, where is civil society? I am patiently waiting to hear from the NGOs, the Unions, the Chamber, and the Church. I guess I will not be surprised by the usual sound of silence. God help us, Perhaps it’s too late.

  5. Disgusted says:

    Anyone willing to take me on this bet? I am willing to bet a million dollars that:

    The “criminal charges” will disappear because the “case file” has been lost. King will not be required to appear in court and will be absolved of all charges and will be free to continue his “work” with his constituents, the “gangs.”

  6. nationview says:

    As always here in Belize, the police continue with its corruption in covering for Ministers and people in high ranks, reason this country cannnot move forward. If the police are not comenting on Minister King situation, its because they are coward or possible they are being intimidated by their Commissioner, and hence things will just continue with the same corruption and deterioration of the country. Belizeans wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and demand a response from the Police Department.
    In regards to Casinos, has anyone woke-up and see how they are affecting the welfare of this country, people prefer to spend their recreation money in pure Casino gambling and what more irregratable is that the casinos are not returning a penny to any social cause in Belize. Hey there has to be a documentary on Casinos to open Belizean eyes and the effects these are having.

  7. Reallyyy says:

    UDP Cabinet is full of thugs, thats the prevailing personality, Boots, Finnegan, King,Faber, Saldivar, Castro. all pitbulls that the PM utilizes to intimidate the people. Mark King will publicly be slapped on the wrist but behind Cabinet doors he wil be applauded, he will infact be rewarded and gain more credibilty in the GANG.Cabinet.

  8. John Smith says:

    this man is a child and should be treated as such, he is one of the leaders of this nation any should by all means behave in that manner, how can any Belizean or anyone for that matter respect the leaders of this nation when they parade around the country with thugs and low lives on their $100, 000 vehicles and then have the audacity to behave as thou they are above the law. I guess that is way we will never ever move forward as a nation if we continue to elect drug users, thugs and the rest of the pond scum to office.

  9. roska says:

    will there be a “purely coincidental” transfer to some remote location of the officers involved in this incident……???

    that is usually the modus operandis of ALL politicinas in power…. red or blue… the same thing

    Poor guy the police officer…. tooo late he found out that he was dealing with the “Minister of Gangs”……. the name says it all…… born to be a thug …

  10. Close Case says:

    Birds of a feather flock together???? please read

    May 2010: from channel 5 “When one of the cars was intercepted, forty-eight year-old Diego Witz, a businessman originally of Corozal Town but now a resident of Punta Gorda, was detained. Inside his white car police say they found parcels of suspected cocaine amounting to close to five kilos. This morning in the court of Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer, Witz was charged with one count of drug trafficking and remanded. The charge read that Witz was in possession of cocaine for the purpose of supplying it to another person. “

    Then in October 201- “The court prosecutor Sergeant Hector Rodriguez, armed with a memo from the DPP’s office, informed the court that the alleged drug had tested negative for cocaine and heroin. “

    Sooooooooo….we beg the question…how connected are the Witz with this government????

  11. concern blzean says:

    Immoral and Incompetence Minister. Defiantly he will walk free of charges…… Belizeans WAKE UP OPEN UR EYES!!!!! lets put an end to this political fanaticism. Lets demand more from the Gov’t. If he is wrong let him be charged.

  12. James says:

    That is not fair to our Honourable Minister. We don’t know the truth. Let him have his day in court and let him defend himself. I am convinced that our ministers are so honorable that they do not do these things. Come on..give me a break.

  13. TANYA says:

    i voted for udp but have to agree that the minister of gang does act like a gang himsellf.. how can they have vision if he behavesand believsthe same way as a gang and feel they are victims and defend theem to the point of no justice since its the same gang constituencies that putthem in power.. all our udp ministers negotiate more wwith gangs than with hardworking canefarmers and teachers. the country of belize is bigger than belize city and there should be democracy, justice and rule of law for ALL..we are becoming an ingobernable country…

  14. not again says:

    @ reallyyy. They are NOT pitbulls they are POTLICKERS with power.

  15. A Jew says:

    @ James, give him a break?? Come on James, you and I both know NO MATTA WHO U! you will get arrested if you break the law! No becuz he is a Minister he can do what he feels like.

  16. Bear says:

    Take up your pitchforks and torches, brothers and sisters! To the barricades!

    Seriously it’s time for responsible civic organizations and churches to join in a national general strike to bring down the GOB. I’d like to see a new constitutional convention, so we can start over with a better document that protects liberty and the people, and that limits government and punishes crooked leaders. I could live with BDF running the country for a year or so while we do that. The USA had to take a second try at writing its constitution after 11 or 12 years, and did much better the second time around, what’s good for them is good for the Jewel. What we have doesn’t work, so why prolong the bad situation one day more?

  17. righteous says:

    @ james. I bet james is a dog on leash of “Supposingly, Honorable Minister king”. with what do those politicians feed you on james? Puppy chow of $1 a pound or pedigree meat of $2.65? Wait, james, i forgot, government caused that a $1 now is only worth 68 cents. so ur puppy chow will be 68 cents for the pound.

  18. Steve says:

    Oh, the union leaders, NGOs, civil society are part of the game. Barrow just needs to call them in the Cabinet Room to sing them Happy Birthday and everything returns to normal. BNTU, PSU and NTUCB are just “The Crow and the Cheese” version of civil society. Mark King is a good disciple of the teaching of his Master of civil unrest!

  19. Just in Thyme says:

    Everyone must realize that the Law is suppose to preside over everyone Ministers included if everyone realizes this is the way its suppose to be the Police Department would be able to do their job more efficiently. The law is the law guys and the quicker Mr This and Mr. That accepts this there will be real criminals going to jail.

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