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Feb 4, 2013

Early morning murder on Partridge Street

Gary Bowen

The first murder for the month of February took place this morning in the height of the rush hour. Hundreds of school children were heading to school around eight o’clock; others were going to work, when shots rang out on Partridge Street leaving residents traumatized. A Mahogany Street resident, Gary Bowen who turned thirty-three just a few days ago, was shot and killed by a lone gun man riding a bicycle. The Bowen family is grappling with the execution of one of their own. Duane Moody was at the scene immediately after the city’s latest homicide.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Just after eight this morning, as students were heading to schools in the area of Partridge Street, shots rang out. On the pavement between this pickup and the sidewalk lay the lifeless body of thirty-three year old Gary Bowen. Bowen was riding towards the George Price Highway when a lone gunman, also on bicycle, approached him and fired at least three consecutive shots. Bowen was hit to the head and foot. His father, Demus Bowen, says that when he was alerted of the murder, he was in shock since Gary had left his house minutes before he was gunned down.


Demus Bowen, Father of Murder Victim

“A young lady came to my house and told me that my son got shot. She didn’t say if he was dead or not. I told her it is not possible because he just left from here. He brought me some cigarettes and gave my wife some money, but it was true. It did happen. But I don’t know my son to be in any gang-relations or anything like that.”


Demus is a father of six girls and three boys; Gary is described as the trouble-free son in the family. The killing has stunned the family.


Demus Bowen

Demus Bowen

“When I heard that, they said that he was shot. I said that that is impossible. I could never believe that had happened because not Gary—maybe any one of my other sons that give trouble or like that, but Gary? Gary is kind –hearted, quiet and living. He is not the type of person like that. So it hurt me a lot because he is not the type of person like that. People said that some people swear for their kids right, but I have a son in prison right now and he is a rough-neck. If something like this would have happened to him, I would have said I understand, but not to Gary. Everybody could tell you, everybody.  I don’t know what caused this to happen because he is not the type of person like that. Gary is a kind person, a nice person and he always looks out for people.”


The family says they want justice for the murder of the father of an eight year old son, whose second born is expected in April.


Demus Bowen

“Most people remember Gary for his ways; always jovial, laughing. He was a nice person. Gary turn thirty-three Friday gone, the first of February, and three days now, he is dead.”


Duane Moody for News Five.


After a relatively quiet weekend, police are looking for the gun man who pulled the trigger on Gary Bowen.

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11 Responses for “Early morning murder on Partridge Street”

  1. Marie says:

    Poor dad-but it must be now known that no matter how innocent he was-if you can’t control ALL your kids-the bad ones put you and the good ones in danger-look at mr. rommel palacio also. You see “bad son in jail”-this is because of you-your bro is dead and your pa is hurt.

  2. Bear says:

    I don’t know how John Saldivar has time to stick his nose into the teacher negotiations when he has NOT secured the streets, and that is what he is paid to do. I won’t respect him until he solves this crime and the killer is dead himself, or in prison. Until then, Saldivar has failed.

    Besides this murder, he has more than a hundred others waiting to be solved and have killers convicted.

  3. Al says:

    I have a hart time understanding these random killings. Someone is riding down the street and they are just shot to death for no reason. This young generation is committing genocide on each other, please Mr PM do something to bring hope and civility back to the country.

  4. straate taak says:

    Saldivar needs to give us update on the George street murders, on the McAfee case, Gregory Fault Murder, on the Espat boy murder in San Pedro, on the murder in Cayo, on the container of rosewood who will be charged, who owned the rose wood in BTALCO compound, so many things Saldibvar needs to explain before intimidating teachers,

  5. Retired CEO says:

    I have never met John Saldivar, however, his innapropiate behavior and speech reflects incompetncy coupled with poor self esteem, condescension and self centerdness, etc. In short, this individual has several major psychological issues/disorders.

    Nowthen, for anyone to be as screwed up in the head as this individual, how can he be considered a respectful/rightful leader of the jewel? How did anyone appointed/named him to such a position as Minister of National Security?

    My beloved Belizean brothers & sisters, accept it or reject it, believe it or not, in the jewel we are currently expeirincing the most horrific, and debilitating leadership crisis any country on the globe has ever endured.

    Now is the time to demand a change, stand up for your rights, call for a bi-election.

  6. coral black says:

    Belize is experiencing an Ethnic Cleaning. It sad,black on black crimes
    is accepted in or community. Can’t not understand why we hate ourselves so much.
    We need to preserve ourselves and our generation that is the first law of creation. These
    killing thats going on are bigger that people can imaging. Ethnic Cleansing going on,Ethnic Cleansing going on. Wake people!

  7. Storm says:

    Well said, straate taak. Hon. Saldivar has some ‘splainin’ to do!

  8. Rod says:

    You can all blame this one and that one but ultimately the blame lies with this corrupt inompetent Impotent pm barrow and his useless gov. The rose in belizean history guan judas resign resign to many people have been and keep getting murdered on your watch how can you sleep at night with so many dead citizens we pay you to protect the people of this country but you are a total failure resign guan judas barrow guan.

  9. NY says:

    The media needs to do a better job in holding these wanna be leaders feet to the fire; it’s their job to do follow ups on these stories. These reporters are failing the general public by not asking the ministers tough questions. Belize is going down the $#!% hole right in front of our very own eyes, and the sad part is that people seems to be accepting the status quo. Bzean needs elect someone who is going to amend the laws and get tough on crimes, because the present administration seems clueless as to what to do. This b s has been happening since 1999 and it appears there is no end in sight.

  10. Tom Page says:

    If there are 1000 gangstas registered for hate then at this rate we have less than 7 years for the problem to go away. A quicker way would be to offer weapons to any pair who would like to shoot each other in a dual. We could set it up at the stadium and let the PM preside over the sordid event.

  11. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    Ethnic Cleansing?
    If seen as steered by the GOV yes.
    But the majority of Ministers are creoles, so why they doing this to our own people???????????
    We cannot say as the slangs that black man hate black man, no, because in Mexico they kill each other also.
    They don`t say in Mexico that Spanish hate Spanish, none at all, it is the drugs war going on.
    Same thing here, fighting for GREED !!!
    One gang want to sell more drugs than the other gang, just as in Mexico !!!

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