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Jan 31, 2013

Union Rep. Castellanos out of negotiation


Jose Castellanos

Back to Friday’s meeting between the Prime Minister and the unions and on the heels of Minister Saldivar’s comments on his proposed meeting with teachers countrywide. There is word tonight that the outspoken and highly respected economist, Jose Castellanos, who is the President of the APSSM, has removed himself from the scheduled meeting with P.M.  Reports are that Castellanos made that decision after he came under attack from U.D.P. propagandists on that Party’s WAVE Radio. Castellanos has allegedly also come under attack from the government, which is questioning his absences while he has been conducting union activities. Castellanos was unavailable for comment this evening about his departure from the negotiations, but those close to him say that he has given notice of his withdrawal. If it is so, it is a significant blow to the unions because, by and large, he is highly regarded for his economic wherewithal. 

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8 Responses for “Union Rep. Castellanos out of negotiation”

  1. sickntired says:

    I feel sorry for the brethren castellanos but he should have known they would tighthen the screws on him – it is the sad history of all prominent public officer who speaks out against gob. The only way to fight gob is to become even more vocal and jump into the media to expose gob. Once he gives up gob know they castrate him.

  2. Abi says:

    In my village, the teachers always miss classes. Many at times they come with gomma for a little while and den they go home. This happens all the time.

    From my side, i think the chamber of commerce has a point to at least push for our children and community to get something out of all this. While i support the raise for teachers, we really want to see some grading on these teachers be posted to the parents at the end of the year because we are well aware of there absences but NEVER get to know if they are punishced or not.!!!!


  3. MJ says:

    Whether he stays on the team or not, we have our figures. If government pushed him out we will still go forward in this negotiation and if it resort to worst, let it be! Solidarity forever

  4. melinda says:

    That is so true @Abi. On tuesday so many teachers took the day off and did not even go to the rally. Some are so lazy and complascent. We should reward only those that deserve it. As to Castellanos, please excuse me, but is he well repsected by WHOM? First time we ever hear of him. And if he was so good, how come he is not CEO? or Something? Come on C5, someone throws out some figures at us from a laptop and suddenly he is like Bill Lindo who claims to be “Belize’s foremost economist” LOL! I have to admit, that is so funny!

  5. James says:

    Some of these professionals know a lot more than the dodo birds making decisions that call themselves CEO. I would lay my trust on him more than these dodo birds. Because you don’t hear about someone does not mean he/she is not good. Some of the best citizens of this country are quiet low profile people who only want to serve their country and stay out of trouble…and of course who are not willing to be puppets to their bosses, the ministers. “Yes minista”, “yes minista”.. That is all that these dodo birds know to do…and they are part of the reason why the country is where it is….which, if you cannot read between the lines: In a big mess leading to a failed state!

  6. Storm says:

    I’m no supporter of unions generally, but I feel a little sorry for the good teachers, because their negotiating team seems so unprepared and unprofessional.

    I also think the real stakeholders should be in these negotiations, because more than salary advances should be on the table. The parents of schoolchildren and taxpayers should be there, too.

    Too many teachers fail at their jobs, and even if you increase the salaries 300% they will still fail. What is the good in that equation?

  7. John says:

    @ Melinda, Before judging anybody you should atleast know some few facts..
    This whole work he was doing for the unions was voluntarily, (no pay, time from his free time) So no, he wasn’t earning any credits for this.

    I remember going to St. Johns with Castellanos and even some former and ex ministers; but unlike the rest, he was actually coming from a small primary school in Benque, which made it challenging for him to catch up to our level, But do you know who came out valedictorian and went abroad to Canada and Us to achieve all his rest of diplomas, IN ECONOMY? JOSE CASTELLANOS DID! He obviously could be a politician if he wanted too but his just not that type of person.

    So yes I do believe that he deserves major respect, because his brains and humanity accounts to much greater value than that, that peal headed barrows one and many CEO’s own, who only buy their diplomas and can be therefore in high government positions because they well know how to speak false promises to the innocent nation of Belize. However I won’t say it’s all politicians but most of them, no matter what party they are.

  8. Steve says:

    @ Abi: Don’t you know that these teachers are the UDP pet boys. They are above Education laws just like Ministers. As a UDP you are tolerating these teachers. It’s only conveniently that now you are generalizing about this situation as if it involves ALL teachers. Be clear and give us more detail as whether: 1) they work in gov’t school 2) they sympathize with the UDP; 3) they are politically appointed.
    If the teachers that you are referring to would work in a denominational school, I’m sure that they would have been disciplined accordingly. Second, if these teachers would be PUP sympathizers, would they have a teaching job today?
    It is sad to see, to hear that some generalize a situation and they highlight the few bad eggs in the teaching profession. There are many good things that most teachers do without being recognize. Before a teacher stands before his/her class the first day of classes, the teacher is well prepared having spent the majority of the weekend preparing teaching plans and teaching aids. Teachers walk the extra mile to ensure students’ success. Make a survey to find out how many teachers give extra classes as intervention to help slow learners. Make a survey to find out the students that teachers encounter in the class–many are psychologically affected coming from single parents, broken families, dysfunctional families. Teachers work under deplorable working conditions, dilapidated classroom; overcrowded classrooms with 40 to 50 students in one class; poor furniture that teachers has to even be a carpenter, plumber, mason, etc
    I challenge those that enjoy criticizing teachers to spend at least ONE school day with a class.

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