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Jan 25, 2013

Father of two girls murdered in home

Steven Valencia

There were two murders on Thursday night, one in Belize City and the other in the Cayo District. The first horrific murder occurred in Santa Elena, where a well known resident was shot at least three times in the presence of his two young daughters.  Steven Valencia was hit on his foot, back and then his neck by two men who forcibly entered his house. It is believed that the murder was triggered by robbery but the police have been unable to ascertain what may be missing from Valencia’s house. The violent incident has shattered the community because of strong community policing efforts. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports.


Patricio Molina, Neighbor

Patricio Molina

“I was watching TV inside and the neighbor called me and said, “I hear a lot of noise in Steve’s.  I told him maybe it could be Steve doing something there.  So I said I’m going out so I took my flashlight and came out and flashed it to the house.  There I saw two little girls were coming out and somebody behind them, but I flashed so they went back and the two little girls ran to the neighbor’s house.”


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

Forty year old Steven Valencia, a father of two, was brutally murdered in the presence of his daughters inside their home on Thursday night.  The fatal shooting happened sometime after eight o’clock here on La Loma Luz Boulevard in Santa Elena Town.  Earlier in the day, Valencia, whose residence is located in front of the Peter August Stadium, was busy preparing for an upcoming horserace.  Alejandro Rodriguez, a longtime family friend, is the president of a local jockey club.


Alejandro Rodriguez, Family Friend

“He went to my house and left some letters that he had for sponsors but I wasn’t there so he gave it to my wife and asked about me and then my wife told him that I went to buy something.  So last night about 8:30 [or minutes] to 9:00, but I think it was after 9:00 Mr. August went there to me and then he told me that they killed Steve.”


Valencia was mortally wounded in what appears to have been an aggravated burglary.  His assailants gained access to the residence by breaching the backdoor.  The Officer Commanding San Ignacio & Santa Elena is Superintendent Ralph Moody.


Supt. Ralph Moody, Officer Commanding San Ignacio Formation

Ralph Moody

“From our investigation, it is revealing that it is a shotgun and he had a wound to the right foot and to the back, very close to the neck.  He has also had a wound to the thigh, the right thigh.”


While investigators have stopped short of a motive, Rodriguez believes that his employer was killed because his assailants may have thought that he was in possession of a large sum of money.


Alejandro Rodriguez

“I think that they thought that he had a lot of money because, according to what I understand, they asked him where is the money.”


Collet Montejo

Regardless of their motive, Valencia, a well-known member of the People’s United Party, was killed in cold blood.  The tragedy, says Cayo Central Area Representative Collet Montejo, is one that hits close to home.  Valencia was his former campaign manager.


Collet Montejo, Area Representative, Cayo Central

“We had the recent hit on Said Musa’s home and now we have another P.U.P. soldier, you know, this is, I hope [they are] spontaneous events mein.  I’m praying to God [they are] spontaneous events and it’s not the new trend in this country.”


The attack on Valencia may have been random and unrelated but home invasions, as they are known colloquially, are on the rise across the country.


Patricio Molina

“I asked the little girl afterwards what she saw.  She said, “they were killing my dad.”  So I [asked] her, “[did] you see who?”  She said, “Yes.  I saw a tall guy and a short guy.”  She said one [was] wearing a cap and the next one had a cloth on his face.”


Superintendent Moody debunks allegations that this community, which falls under the Aguada Neighborhood Watch, has seen a recent increase in this trend.


Ralph Moody

“I can show you my statistics which showed December and the other months [that] the crime rate in the San Ignacio/Santa Elena [area] is very low.  I must say that yes we do get burglaries as such but most of them come from outside of the town.  We just discussed that yesterday that we need to step up and do something now due to the fact that we have the town under control and we need to spread out in the villages.”


Valencia’s body now awaits a post mortem examination.  Meanwhile police are looking for two men of dark complexion, whom they believe fled into the area of the horse track following the shooting. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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6 Responses for “Father of two girls murdered in home”

  1. Genotu Rembiuos says:

    I pray for his Soul, may God bless his Soul and he be kept in a place that only God can give.
    Also, may the Almighty give the gift to his kids to see the murderer in hands of the law, God be it so, I beg in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ .

  2. Jeffrey green says:

    How many murders sonfarnthis yearb?

  3. Storm says:

    First, condolences to the family, and especially prayers for the little children. No child should have to witness the murder of a parent — what sickness possessed these killers? I assume they would have killed these girls next, if their plan hadn’t been somehow upset.

    Second, I hope the police and the community solve this case, and the killers die in their turn. Whether it was robbery or political, murderers must die — no mercy, no exceptions.

    Third, the people of Cayo have already stepped up to help the police, and I think they — and every other community in the Jewel — should go to the next step, and start ARMED volunteer citizen patrols against the criminals. Many communities in Mexico are doing that now, with hundreds of volunteers, and they are winning peace for their families that the government there can’t provide. GOOD IDEA!

  4. Al says:

    I don’t care about a report about the low crime rate. I care about the loss of human lives. I know people will kill, no matter what, but can we please make the penalty for murder fit the crime, like a life for a life especially if it was not aggravated circumstances. A man should be safe in his house wither he has a million dollars or one dollar in it. This is a death penalty case, these two children will live with this trauma all their lives.
    Please law makers do something right by the law abiding citizens. Belizean Americans who can come home and retire there are afraid to do so, because some idiot may think they have too much, and out of greed for a few dollars that will only last a few hours, kill them. We have become our own worse enemy. Something needs to be done and quickly.

  5. Seletar says:

    I heard elsewhere that these scum took his life for a lousy $6!

    GOB must use the death penalty, and quit letting murderers appeal out of the country. Murderers must die!

  6. James says:

    RIP STEVE. Innocence lost. The poor children are becoming Belize’s most innocent victims. These people have no heart. They buy guns with tax payer’s money. What a shame.

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