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Jan 25, 2013

Chamber: salary increases, zero growth equals higher taxes

A peaceful demonstration is going to be staged by teachers and public servants on Tuesday in Belmopan, following a recent breakdown in negotiations with the Barrow Administration over long-delayed salary adjustments, It has prompted a position by the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  The Chamber, in a release issued today, urges government, as well as the trade unions, to come to a mutual understanding since honoring a salary increase without any growth in the private sector can inevitably prove costly.  A decision to grant the respective adjustments, according to the Chamber, can lead to an even higher cost of living through subsequent increases in taxes.  The release goes on to say, “The Chamber supports the notion that any increase in public sector wages should be done in an objective and reasonable manner based on evaluated and measurable performance and productivity.”  Furthermore, it suggests that any properly evaluated wage increases should only favor hardworking, deserving public servants.  Finally, the release states that emphasis should instead be placed on private sector job creation since the business community shoulders the burden of government activities and its existing wage bill.

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6 Responses for “Chamber: salary increases, zero growth equals higher taxes”

  1. Ricky Malthus says:

    This is the first concrete evaluation this Belize Chamber of Commerce has proffered since its existence. I hope this trend continues. I know the Chamber doesn’t have the home grown experts with the economic and financial light bending knowledge to fuse our resources and management to help to produce the kind of real efficient productivity in our economy. But the Chamber is on the right track. Another task the Chamber might want to take up is the nonsensical Caricom concept. Belize spends badly needed hard cash reserves and other human and natural resources to belong to a non productive, inefficient organization . The opportunity cost is devastating!!!!!!!!

  2. howa says:

    “since honoring a salary increase without any growth in the private sector can inevitably prove costly”

    ohhhh yes , the Dog Dean Thug Barrow, let his dogs to kill innocent business people, and the stupid chamber wants growth.

    What a joke

  3. Storm says:

    The Chamber got it right on this issue. Big raises for government employees will devastate the treasury, and higher taxes will further wreck the economy.

  4. mick says:

    The Camber of Commerce should stick to promoting and marketing Belizean produce at home and abroad and leave public policy alone. The Chamber sits comfortable as they are able to exact exorbitant salaries in the private sector. They should walk in the shoes of the public servant and they would sing a different tune. But this is the way it is with those who “have”, they often have no empathy for those who are hard working and are still struggling to get by. They do not have the cushy jobs that those in the Chamber have!
    Note to the Chamber, it is called” collective bargaining” and not “selective bargaining”! How do you go and negotiate for those who are “hard working”? The majority of the public servants are diligent and hard working. What criteria do you use to decide as to who is “deserving”? I could go on and on but will not as I would be giving credence to the uninformed statement issued by the Chamber. To the Chamber, get a new spokesperson or really review what you put out there!

  5. Ricky Malthus says:

    The Belize Chamber of Commerce must challenge the lies on the economy that Barrow is churning out. First, Barrow and Statistical Institute of Belize are lying when they claim the Belize economy has increased 4.2%. Let us do the math !! We have an increase in unemployment from 33% to 35%. They say from 13% to 16%. Show us the increase in the productivity of the various industries to equal 4.2%. If we had increase in productivity (GDP), we would have had decrease in the unemployment rate not an increase. The economy is in a free fall as only the Chinese, the Mennonites, the Arabs and Indians are benefitting from the current business set up in Belize. The Black man, the Maya, and the Mestizo work for the non productive Government of Belize which taxes to pay for this labor. Look around Belize City , Belmopan, San Ignatio and any other concentrated population center, all Belizean businesses consist of panades and rice and beans kitchens, hardly enough to produce 4.2% increase in GDP. So stop trying to continue to fool Belizeans , Barrow. We have been on to your game plan. Barrow is the bigger fool because we don’t believe his lies.

  6. Steve says:

    Is Ricky Malthus and Storm singing a la tune of Dean O. Barrow? Not honoring the bargaining agreement will keep us sharing the same fate as teachers in neighboring countries who are underpaid. Moreover, higher cost of living and higher is on the horizon with or without salary adjustment. It is the high rate of corruption in government ministries and departments that is resulting in negative economic growth that the chamber of commerce has been silent to denounce.

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