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Jan 21, 2013

School fees could increase with salaries

With the impending national demonstration and possible strike action at government’s front door, Patrick Faber, who leads a ministerial committee on collective bargaining agreement with the unions, said last Friday that government does not have the finances to support the adjustment. This morning, Faber likened the adjustment to an increase and further warned that it could potentially translate into an increase in school fees.


Patrick Faber, Minister of Education

Patrick Faber

“I hasten to point out that, this is not an issue between the Ministry of Education and the teachers or even the teachers and the government of Belize. This is an issue between the unions, the N.T.U.C.B., the umbrella organization and the wider government and the people of Belize if you will and there’s a reason why I’m saying people as opposed to government as well. If you check it for instance, the teachers are asking for a salary increase, adjustment as they term it, we call it, I say adjustment/increase. But if we are to look at how we aid granted aid schools for instance, where the formula has recently been changed but by and large it takes care of seventy percent of the salaries, the other thirty percent comes from the fees that these school charge you know, and if there is going to be a raise, that thirty percent will have to be raised in other words the school fees and so on would have to be raised. The schools would have to find some way to get this. It is something that parents and those who pay for student fees at school need to  be aware of as well because that could potentially be an increase in a time when we are saying to the schools, let’s look at how we finance this education, this portion of our education.”

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10 Responses for “School fees could increase with salaries”

  1. Storm says:

    Now seems like a good time to put the entire national budget and our priorities on the table, and see if we can develop a BALANCED BUDGET that does not drive us further into debt, but that also enables GOB to do what is actually needed of a government.

    I suggest there are very few things that the government actually should spend taxpayer money on:

    1. Security, including BDF and police;
    2. Education at least through age 16 [and I like the idea of a national student loan program for college students, not a free ride at taxpayer expense, but a way students can borrow and REPAY the basic costs of college education];
    3. Basic emergency healthcare;
    4. Common infrastructure, like roads, bridges, airports;
    5. Minimum administrative overhead to accomplish the first 4 activities.

    Retirement savings should be mandatory, but into funds that are regulated for security but NOT controlled by the government — let private banks and investment funds compete for retirement dollars based on their track records of success [or lack thereof].

    My bet is that the current government revenue would be more than adequate to cover those activities without increasing any taxes. With working Belizeans keeping more money under their own control, national morale would soar, and the economy would grow significantly.

  2. Rod says:

    Teachers you need to bring down this useless incompetent pm and gov. You do not deserve a raise because you have been mute on the state the country is in so stop cry and do unu job instead of you all marching to right all the wrongs going on in the country you have been mute all the monies have gone to the gangs and the ministers bank accounts their is no money left for you unu deserve it.

  3. Belizean Pride says:

    oh now he’s threatening us with and school fee increase to hell with you faber. mein you’re just taking your last days in place cause coming next election surely you’ll be the first to be out, we’re tired of you’re crap.

  4. StannCreeK says:

    students should get a better education! with or without a raise in salary— hence if teachers get the raise that they want- then all students should get 100% on the PSE. let them get paid base on the amount of passes from the PSE results.

  5. Me says:

    Weren’t people complaining, whne the budget was read late this year, that defense got one of the smallest budgets????
    which ministry had gotten the largest??? oh, yes, EDUCATION.

    c’mon faber, whe d money deh?

    umu mo realise how people d suffer out ya? people who barely have high school education haftu work for $125 a week. and gat two kids to send to school, plus light bill, plus groceries, plus house rent. i know you couldn’t live on that kinda $$$$.

    But i guess if you keep poor people poor they wa always haftu depend on you noh?

  6. Storm says:

    @Me, your bottomline is right. Keep the majority poor and hungry, and you can control them with crumbs that drop from your plate.

  7. cayo gyal says:

    I’m with the teachers. Teachers need to make a stand and voice their opinion because every month they have to spend money from their pocket to buy things that the government of the day wants in the classroom. The GOB does not provide the teachers with this requirement. GOB be realistic teachers need to be heard because at the end of the day they are the sole of this country. GOB u need to treat the teachers with respect imagine where will the other PM, doctors, police etc will come if the teachers are out of class. Teachers are the foundation of this country so treat them with dignity, respect and have some moral respect for trs. WHERE U GET THE MONEY FOR THE GANG LEADERS, CHRISTMAS CHERISH FOR UR AFFILIATES PM???????? FIND THE MONEY FOR THE TRS. COST OF LIVING IS GOING UP AND WHAT ABOUT THE SALARIES OF THE PEOPLE. U THINK WE ARE STILL IN THE SLAVERY TIME??????

  8. Tashy says:

    Faber lost his mind, why do you take some of your pay and put it towards the teachers pay or towards some taxes. Instead of giving your to pay for your brother kids or that’s what he tell you he pay for, cause I know for sure you are full of $#!%. Sitting there getting fat off the city money. Get lose with your $#!%.

  9. Raise d Sin Tax says:

    Perhaps it’s high time the GOB start thinking about increasing the Sin Tax on alcohol, tobacco and gambling, in order to get more revenue. A gradual increase over the next 5 years will yield a lot of revenue that not only can be used for salaries, but also for the treatment of conditions and consequences stemming from abuse or such consumption, e.g. drunk driving accidents, lung disease caused by cigarette smoking, heart diseases strokes, diabetes and liver disease stemming from alcohol abuse, etc.

  10. Nimbo says:

    Is this some sort of intimidation Mr Minister of education? Are the teachers to back off now because you are implying this increase?

    Garbage you are spewing- c’mn we deserve a better reason than that…

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